Benadryl urticaria: a review of effective means for the treatment of

Hello dear readers. As urticaria is an allergic disease, and treatment should be appropriate.

Therapy prescribed by a doctor, and it involves taking antihistamine medications, local medications in form of ointments or creams, as well as compliance with certain rules (diet, elimination of contact with the allergen, etc.).

Here the question arises: what tablet is best used to relieve symptoms of urticaria? The answer you will get after reading today’s article.

Review effective the pills

Таблетки от крапивницы: обзор эффективных средств для леченияFirst I want to note that there was today the 4th generation of drugs anti-allergic nature.

They are able to relieve the patient from the symptoms of urticaria such as itching, burning, rash, redness, swelling.

Next, we will describe the pros and cons of each generation of drugs and will show some pictures of the packaging of tablets, which are the most effective.

The first generation

The first generation are sedative pills that block H1 receptors. The downside is that they have to drink several times a day.

In addition, after their admission, there is drowsiness, dry mouth, widens the pupil, decreases the tone.

The most common tablets of this generation are: fenkarol, pipolfen, peritol, suprastin, tavegil, diazolin, diphenhydramine, ketotifen.

These medications are rarely prescribed for pregnant women as well as infants and lactation.

They are most often prescribed to those who are prone to edema and difficulty in breathing (patients with asthma), acute urticaria may lead to an exacerbation of the disease.

The second generation

Таблетки от крапивницы: обзор эффективных средств для леченияAntihistamine pills for hives of the second generation do not have such a sedative effect as their predecessors.

They are very popular when severe skin itching, redness and swelling. The most popular drugs are considered; fenistil, side effects of the drug, claritin, semprex, gitalong.

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Of contraindications it is worth noting cardiovascular disease. Medicine «Core» — also available in drops for children and as a cream for topical treatment.

The third generation

This list includes drugs that are active metabolites. They have excellent anti-allergic properties, as well as the minimum set of contraindications.

If you want to find a good tablets vs hives, you need they are: effective, Telfast, zyrtec.

They do not have a cardiotoxic effect, do not cause drowsiness and other side effects. Moreover, they take only once a day, which is very convenient for the treatment of symptoms of urticaria in adults are gone all day at work.

The fourth generation

Таблетки от крапивницы: обзор эффективных средств для леченияRecently, experts have invented the newest medications that are quick impact and longer lasting effect.

After taking these tablets you get rid skin rash, itching, swelling and other manifestations of urticaria after half an hour.

Among such medications are: aerius, bamipine, Fexofenadine, ebastine, desloratadine, levocetirizine, xyzal, cetirizine, fenspiride.

What pills to drink to children?

Now quite often children prescribed drops against allergies. However, they can not be given to infants. Zyrtec and Fenistil be given 5-10 drops after 1 year.

Таблетки от крапивницы: обзор эффективных средств для леченияThere are some drop – alarsin. If this medicine in pill form is permitted for children after 6 years, then drops after 2.

Children from 1 month of life you can give her ¼ tablet, but only with the permission of the doctor. We also advise not to self-medicate, and seek help from a qualified physician.

How else can you cure hives?

As a rule, the disease appears due to a specific exposure or contact with the allergen. All of the above pills are prescribed in any form of the disease and all its symptoms. Special attention should be paid to allergic urticaria.

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For the therapy to be successful, it is necessary to eliminate the allergen from the body. This may come as conventional activated carbon and other sorbents. Note that reviews of any of these methods is quite positive.

However, charcoal tablets does not cure the hives, but only reduces the load on the entire body, resulting in reduced symptoms of the disease.

Take complications disease?

Таблетки от крапивницы: обзор эффективных средств для леченияUsually urticaria takes place without complications, but still there are exceptions. They are expressed in the form of angioedema with anaphylactic shock. On advice from the doctor you must say that are prone to such reactions.

In this case you will be given tablets Dexamethasone is a hormonal medication. This tool is also included in eye drops Maxitrol used to treat rhinitis, which, in turn, is an allergic reaction during hives.

There is another quite effective cure – Prednisolone. This is an analogue of corticosteroids, only synthetic origin. It is taken only as directed by your physician (read more about this drug you can in this article).

If a person is suffering autoimmune urticaria, in addition to the above medicines he will be assigned immunosuppressants.

Is often used a tool such as cyclosporine. To normalize the tonus of the capillaries and reduce the permeability of the vessel walls also prescribed calcium gluconate in conjunction with the reception of salicylates, rutin and iron.

Local remedy for hives

Таблетки от крапивницы: обзор эффективных средств для леченияTo get rid of itching and burning you can buy in a drugstore ointment or cream. As a rule they have anti-inflammatory and cooling effect.

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Among them are ointment Fenistil, Rezulin, zinc ointment, Psili-balm, Sovintel. It’s all non-hormonal remedies that can be applied even to children and pregnant women.

In more acute form of the disease is prescribed local treatment with ointments such as advantan, elokom, prednisolone ointment, loridan, soderm.

Note, they have many contraindications and side effects therefore, before applying on the skin, read the instructions very carefully.

In addition they cannot be applied to the area where there are cracks or pustules.


So as you can see, there are so many different tablets against the symptoms of urticaria. To avoid confusion in this variety, it is better to go to a doctor who can prescribe the necessary and effective means, depending on the indications of the disease and the individual characteristics of your body.

In this case it is not necessary to self-medicate in order not to receive unpleasant consequences. Be healthy!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)