Best treatments for warts under arms

Лучшие методы лечения бородавок под мышкамиHello, dear readers. Often you can find people whose armpits are a little Marostica.

Usually, this warts — a disease which is caused by the activation of the human papillomavirus. Unfortunately, the tumors exposed to people of all ages from young to old.

In today’s article we’d like to tell you about why under my arm be painful nodules and how they occur and what method is better to get rid of, as well as whether it is necessary to do so.


Лучшие методы лечения бородавок под мышкамиWarts under arms according to their appearance differ from other types of warts. In this area they are usually hanging. It’s like, you ask? The knot is on the stem, which can reach the size of several mm.

There is another kind of warts in the underarm area: with a wide base, which in appearance resembles a chicken’s comb.

The color of both species ranges from white to red and dirty brown. In the below photo depicts the axillary growths.

Due to its location under the armpits of education delivered to its owner a lot of inconvenience. The fact that there body temperature is higher than in other parts of the body, whereby it is possible to observe in this area of increased sweating.

Moist environment is the perfect factor for the propagation of the infection. Also in contact with the skin of the trunk, rubbing against clothing, the skin of the wart can give a lot of inconvenience and discomfort.

Moreover, it can tear or damage, which will happen the bleeding, and the affected area will become inflamed.

Some people believe that warts are more apparent in old age. This is not so. As practice shows, these growths occur in people of all ages.

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Especially this skin disease affects people who are overweight, who have strengthened work of sebaceous glands.

Because of this, in the armpits formed a moist environment that causes the spread of warts. The men who lead an active lifestyle, too often appear in this area unpleasant nodules.

The causes of such growths

Лучшие методы лечения бородавок под мышкамиIt is believed that warts under arms arise from the actions of the human papilloma virus. It is transmitted through contact with a carrier of the virus, everyday way, and through skin lesions.

In addition, the disease can be transmitted to the child at birth. Also, the appearance of tumors is influenced by immunosuppression.

In turn, decreased immunity, and after the occurrence of warts is caused by such reasons:

  • Moved trauma;
  • Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • The presence of harmful habits;
  • Excessive use of hormonal contraceptives;
  • Sweating;
  • Migrated infection.

Warts on armpits may not be immediately apparent. The virus, after exposure, can long time does not manifest itself.

The duration of the sleep period can be several years. As soon as the virus will appear the activator, it can manifest itself in the form of a growth on the skin, including the skin of the armpits. There are single and multiple appearance of the nodules.

The main treatment methods

Лучшие методы лечения бородавок под мышкамиHow to get rid of unpleasant warts? To treat nodules in the area better immediately after detection. So you will avoid injury and more severe development of the disease.

For that, you should turn to professional doctors who will give you a correct diagnosis and prescribed an individual operative or conservative treatment.

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Surgical removal of warts can be accomplished using:

  • Burning with liquid nitrogen;
  • Surgery;
  • Laser coagulation;
  • Electric current.

Each method has its positive and negative sides. On consultation the doctor will tell you in detail about how to delete your underarms and which of these methods suits you best.

What doctor to seek help? Any skin problems are dealt with by a dermatologist. If he sees fit he will send you to an oncologist (suspected malignancy).

In beauty salons and private clinics can conduct a professional beautician that will help you solve the problem with warts.

Conservative methods of treatment

Лучшие методы лечения бородавок под мышкамиThese methods involve the use of drugs and traditional medicine. How to withdraw warts underarm ointments?

To do this, the doctors usually prescribe such means as: Cheap, Verrucate, Kriofarma and other. Thanks to these medications for the removal you can at home. However, all of these drugs have contraindications and side effects that you will acquaint your doctor.

Note, if you have tumors during pregnancy, in no case do not self-medicate.

Almost all these drugs are contraindicated during this period. Only a specialist can prescribe the appropriate treatment without harm for your health and the health of the baby.

To achieve a rapid effect, and to avoid a recurrence, in combination with the ointments should be taken immunomodulators to reduce viral activity in the body.

People’s ways of getting rid of warts

Лучшие методы лечения бородавок под мышкамиDo not listen to grandmothers and other advisers – tied not hanging underarm warts thread, as was done in the old days.

If you decided not to go to the doctor and remove the nodule alone (which we highly do not recommend), then for these purposes it is better RUB the affected area with a piece of garlic, potatoes, acetic acid or juice of celandine.

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Of course, there are many effective traditional methods of warts, the above are the most effective.

Despite the large number of positive reviews the treatment of folk remedies may not help you with your problem, since everyone’s body is different, and what helped someone may not help you.

Therefore, the detection of tumors under the armpits — contact the experts who will provide you with professional assistance. Be healthy!

The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)