Betadine when the chickenpox: method of application and effectiveness

Бетадин при ветрянке: способ применения и эффективностьHello visitors dermatological website! You’ve probably heard that the chicken pox iodine is contraindicated. This medication in its pure form is corrosive and may make the burn. But Betadine when the chickenpox is assigned often.

In the composition of this drug has iodine in small quantities. Moreover, some doctors call Betadine «diluted safe iodine». Why, then, of the foregoing, the drug used to treat vetrennay rash can and iodine — impossible? Let’s deal.

Form release and price

Betadine comes in several forms:

  • 10 percent ointment;
  • A 10% solution to apply topically;
  • Vaginal capsules.

Suffering from chicken pox are appointed by the first two varieties. The drug is attracted to and availability varies depending on the method of production, and the amount. On average, ointment is 240 rubles, and the solution — 308 rubles (with a small 120 ml).

Pharmacology properties and the ability of the drug

Due to the fact that the composition is dominated by iodine, a drug has the following steps:

  • anti-inflammatory;
  • antiseptic;
  • antiviral;
  • antimycotic (antifungal);
  • antibacterial.

Betadine can be applied not only on skin but also to mucous membranes, for example, in the mouth. When applying it from the released iodine, which interacts with the amino acids. While the viral cells that have these amino acids lose their activity and die gradually.

The drug begins to act super-fast — fifteen-twenty seconds after application. Destruction of most pathogenic microscopic organisms occurs within one minute.

Can I apply Betadine with chicken pox?

Бетадин при ветрянке: способ применения и эффективностьLogical is the question: whether it is possible to smear chickenpox with Betadine? And here is the answer: you can, but only if Valderice festering. Chickenpox in an easy classic shape to handle such a strong tool is not recommended.

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In this case it is better to apply green paint. But if you notice the first signs of suppuration or inflammation, then it is better to use iodine-containing means, such as the above.

Can Betadine to harm the mucous membranes and skin as well as iodine?

Can not, because it includes a blocker of the irritant effect of iodine — polivinilpirrolidon. That’s why the above medicines do not have side effects. You can be sure that after the application of Betadine on the skin with you nothing bad will happen.

The only thing that can be confusing, so characteristic of this yellowish iodine color. If there is such, don’t worry! Once the cure is absorbed, the color will disappear.

Method of application of the ointment

Бетадин при ветрянке: способ применения и эффективностьApplied to the epidermal cover carefully, to avoid damaging the pimples. The ointment is spread over the affected rash area. The procedure is repeated a couple of times a day for fifteen days.

By the way, the ointment can be used to treat chickenpox in children as it is easy to carry — does not sting, does not burn, does not irritate the epidermis.

Using the ointment before bed, put on top a gauze bandage. This will increase the duration of its validity and effect. Bandage it’s better to fix as during sleep it can slide, after which the drug will stain linens.

The method of applying the solution

Бетадин при ветрянке: способ применения и эффективностьThis form is convenient because it is easier and safer to apply. You should be also local. If the skin is suffering from too sensitive, you can dilute the solution with water, only do not use hot water for this purpose.

Undiluted solution can be used for processing of the epidermis and mucous membranes.

To treat the rash from the chicken pox solution to this: soak in a solution of cotton wool, apply on problem areas, leave to dry. The color of the Betadine will gradually disappear. Repeat the procedure can be no more than a couple of times a day.

If you spread the preparation with water, use it immediately. Store the diluted medication longer than an hour is not recommended, as it loses its original properties.

Is it possible to be treated with Betadine pregnant and breastfeeding?

Specialists strongly recommend to use this product during pregnancy. Also, it is unnecessary to use in the lactation period. The iodine in the composition is absorbed and assimilated by the body, causing its level in the body after treatment can increase.

What other contraindications of the drug?

In fact, the contraindication for a bit. Please see my list:

  • disorders of the thyroid;
  • violations of functions of kidneys;
  • the age of twelve months;
  • intolerance to iodine.

Knowing all the features of the Betadine, let’s take a look at the reviews about it. The only way to evaluate the drug fully.


Opinion Of Maria:

Бетадин при ветрянке: способ применения и эффективностьTreated with this drug Valderice the child. In the course of applying it on what did not complain. The medication does not bake and does not sting the skin, so the problems with processing vetrennay rash occurred. I can still say that it dries much. Otherwise, it can be compared with the usual antiseptic.

Review By Igor:

Бетадин при ветрянке: способ применения и эффективностьChickenpox chickenpox in adulthood. Pimples fester, and the disease almost developed into bullous form. Saved me Betadine! Processed Valderice them daily and they started to dry out. Suppuration longer observed, fortunately. In the end, the disease proceeded as standard and without complications.

Review Of Catherine:

Бетадин при ветрянке: способ применения и эффективностьWhen the chickenpox my child was prescribed this ointment. As for me, it is not very convenient because it has a thickish consistency. Apply it on the skin is not as convenient as the solution.


This ointment a couple of times, we replaced it with a solution and was satisfied. The effect of these drugs is the same as the price (almost the same). So if you want a serious and safe antiseptic, Betadine recommend!

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Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)