Birch tar from acne and its good for the body

Birch tar is a natural, oily, dense liquid with a characteristic odor, used in folk and official medicine for the treatment of many skin diseases. Finds application birch tar from acne, is used for skin care, hair, treatment of some infectious and somatic diseases.

The content of the article

  • Pharmacology of tar
  • Tar acts on the skin
  • Birch tar is nothin
  • How to get tar out of birch
  • Where to buy tar
  • What to buy at the pharmacy
  • What to buy in perfumery and cosmetics shops
  • Shampoo tar
  • Tar soap
  • Gels for washing and showering
  • Soap for the bath
  • Birch essential oil
  • Home remedies
  • Application of preparations on the basis of tar
  • External use
  • Internal use
  • Recipes for acne treatment
  • Cauterization of pimples
  • Contraindications
  • Pharmacology of tar

    As natural antiseptic, tar has a wound healing action, accelerates the blood circulation in the skin and rejuvenates the epidermis tissue.

    Tar acts on the skin

    The fly copes with a rash, acne, pimples, settled on the skin. Relieves inflammation, irritation, rejuvenates, regenerates, cleanses, makes the skin velvety and soft healthy glow.

    List of diseases in which the tar is used to treat:

  • skin allergies, baby skin Allergy;
  • psoriasis, eczema, trophic ulcers;
  • ringworm, seborrhea;
  • scabies, pyoderma, gangrene;
  • burns, frostbite;
  • mycoses (fungal skin disease), furunculosis;
  • blisters, ulcers, scrofula;
  • stomatitis, otitis, urethritis, mastitis;
  • tumors, digestive disorders.
  • The list of diseases goes on and continue.

    Birch tar is nothin

    Not once thought about this man, watching as the tar helps to successfully cope with these different diseases. And this is due to its composition. Volatile, Cresols (organic aromatic compounds), phenol included in the composition of tar, show properties:

  • disinfecting;
  • anti-inflammatory;
  • disinfectant;
  • antiseptic.
  • How to get tar out of birch

    Quality tar is obtained from clean, lively bark of the white birch that is growing in Russia and some places in Europe. Birch dead standing, fallen trees, old stumps tar business, having a lower quality. Birch remove the top layer of Corky tissue that protects the tree trunk, trying not to damage the bark, so as not to destroy the birch. Gathering birch bark is mainly from old trees are produced in early summer, when the bark is easy to behind the bark. The removed bark provyalivayut some time, pressed in a special degtiarevich devices. Then without access of air, the method of dry distillation of tar.

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    This is interesting: one ton of bark can produce about 300 kg of tar.

    Березовый деготь от прыщей и его польза для организма

    Where to buy tar

    Buy health and beauty products based on tar in pharmacies or specialized stores. Buy from Dagmara (masters for the production of tar) is undesirable, because it is impossible to determine exactly what buy tar – cleared medical, or technical.

    What to buy at the pharmacy

    The pharmacy can buy:

    1. Pure tar, packaged in bottles of 50 and 100 ml.
    2. Liniment Vishnevsky. Ingredients: tar, xeroform, castor oil (3:3:100).
      Березовый деготь от прыщей и его польза для организма
    3. Ointment Wilkinson. Ointment against mange or fungal infections of the skin, contains on the basis of sulfur, tar, naftalannoy component, calcium carbonate and water.
    4. Ointment against the itch of sudna. Composition: naftalannoy component, medical soap, sulfur, birch tar.
    5. Ointment Kon’kova. Composition: rivanol (antiseptic), fish oil (softens, anti-inflammatory effect), honey, water, birch tar.
    6. Coal-tar soap.

    Tip: When buying pharmacy products, pay attention to the expiration date of the funds.

    What to buy in perfumery and cosmetics shops

    In many stores the shelves are a whole series of products based on tar.

    Березовый деготь от прыщей и его польза для организма

    Shampoo tar

    A natural, hypoallergenic way to wash hair without the use of synthetic fragrances and dyes. Made from medical fly under the unique ancient recipe gently cleanses the skin, eliminates greasiness and dandruff, prevents the appearance of pimples and boils in the scalp. Trichologists (doctors, treating diseases of the hair) suggest to use a tar shampoo is not only for adults but also for children.

    Березовый деготь от прыщей и его польза для организма

    Tar soap

    Coal-tar soap is the most effective and popular for skin care. Properties of soap:

  • antiseptic;
  • wound healing;
  • anti-inflammatory;
  • regenerating.
  • Soap helps the skin to cope with pimples, blackheads, acne, boils. Dermatologists say that when using soap twice a day is a quick drying pimples, reducing outbreaks of acne, after a week has improved the condition of the skin. As soap dries the skin after use should be applied to the skin moisturizer.

    Березовый деготь от прыщей и его польза для организма

    Large foci of inflammation, you can apply some soap, and soak for 5-10 minutes, then nutsedge it with warm water. The use of soap for skin treatments sometimes recommended in combination with medication inside. You cannot use some external means on the basis of tar to treat the skin, as this will lead to strong its dryness and deterioration.

    Important: Before applying beauty products and whether the medicines need to consult with your doctor. In some regions of the country pharmaceutical preparations on the basis of tar over the counter or by prescription.

    Gels for washing and showering

    Made based on natural birch tar. Recommended for inflamed, problematic skin, the gel gently cleanses, does not dry the skin, Has anti-inflammatory, regenerating and antiseptic effects. Gels are hypoallergenic.

    Soap for the bath

    The soap foams well, washes out well, gives the hair body and a velvety, pleasant, soft. Available in cosmetic jars.

    Березовый деготь от прыщей и его польза для организма

    Birch essential oil

    Transparent oily liquid of yellowish color with the scent of smoke and leather. The oil blends well with flavors of orange, cinnamon, frankincense, rosemary, tea tree.

    Березовый деготь от прыщей и его польза для организма

    Home remedies

    At home using pharmacy medical tar, you can prepare tar water. For the composition we need one and a half liters of boiled water add 40 ml of pharmaceutical tar, it is good to insist and separating medium, the liquid part, which is tar water. The liquid may be slightly yellowish. It should be kept in the fridge.

    Application of preparations on the basis of tar

    Preparations containing tar, used in folk medicine for external and internal use.

    External use

    1. The connections are of the fly in the ointment for the treatment of various skin diseases:
    2. Dermatitis, herpes, infections of a fungal nature.
    3. Diseases caused by skin parasites (tick-borne dermatitis, itching sudene).
    4. Diseases of a systemic nature (psoriasis, eczema).
    5. Trauma to the skin associated with burns, wounds, appearance of calluses.

    Internal use

    Drugs are prescribed for diseases of specific organ systems:

    1. Mouth infections and inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (stomatitis, gingivitis).
    2. Infections of the genitourinary system (cystitis, urethritis).
    3. Diseases of a catarrhal nature (quinsy, tonsillitis).
    4. Diseases associated with metabolic disorders (gout, kidney stones).
    5. Diseases of the respiratory system (asthma, tuberculosis).
    6. Oncologic pathology.

    Tip: it is said that a spoonful of tar can spoil a barrel of honey. This saying can be applied not only to honey. Any substance can be good and evil. Tar can be a cause of allergies. Before use, be sure to check the sensitivity of the organism to its drugs and consult your doctor.

    Recipes for acne treatment

    Birch tar for a few drops can be added to gels, lotions, and use them for getting rid of pimples, acne, blackheads.

    Cauterization of pimples

    Twice a day for a few seconds to cauterize acne tar deposited on a cotton swab. After burning the cotton swab or tissue to remove the rests of means, as the tar is absorbed into the skin.

    Березовый деготь от прыщей и его польза для организма


    Contraindications are not many, but they are. You cannot use the tar preparations during pregnancy, breastfeeding, hypersensitivity. Modern medicine does not recommend to use tar for internal use, as it contains many carcinogenic substances. Therefore, independent, thoughtless use of it can cause substantial harm. In contact with mucous membranes of the body tar can cause slight itching and burning, but it is not a contraindication for the drug use. If there are no other symptoms, treatment can be continued. For some people an obstacle to the use of tar can be a sharp, unpleasant smell.

    Treatment of birch tar is a great way to cure many diseases, in particular acne on the face and body. Pharmacy and home-made remedies successfully cope with many problems encountered on the skin or affected organs. The only thing to remember, using pure tar, particularly inside, is shown not to all. Cosmetic gels, lotions, shampoos, Soaps are mostly hypoallergenic means, and can be used, with certain breaks, for daily use. And remember that even though tar is black, but the skin is white. Health and clean skin.