Bocklin with the chicken pox: patient feedback and effectiveness

Поксклин при ветрянке: отзывы пациентов и эффективностьHello, dear readers! In this article I will talk about an affordable and highly effective drug, which does not stain the skin and quickly cures watery pimples. Bocklin, when the chickenpox is assigned often, due to the fact that it has a lot of advantages.

Chickenpox is an extremely unpleasant disease, which it is better to be had in childhood. Previously, she was treated exclusively with green paint, which to distinguish the sick from the healthy was easy.

Fortunately, in modern times persistent green spots, which are not derived from skin, can be avoided. Read the article and learn why Bocklin popular.

Balanced composition — the key to high performance

For the treatment of chickenpox is often assigned gel Bocklin. Why? Because it has a unique composition of substances in which eliminate the main symptoms of the aforementioned viral illness. In medicine present:

  • reticulated copolymer galactosamine and polyglycerol acid;
  • extracts of aloe, chamomile, lavender;
  • allantoin;
  • betaine;
  • panthenol.

Most notably, in the no alcohol and other substances that dry and irritate the epidermis. Because of this drug can be used to treat young children and people with extremely sensitive skin.

Indications for use

In the instructions for use States that the gel should be used for:

  • accelerate healing watery rashes from chicken pox;
  • prevent the appearance of scars on the site of the pimples;
  • soothe the skin;
  • reduce the unpleasant sensations of itching and pain.

Поксклин при ветрянке: отзывы пациентов и эффективностьThe gel has wound-healing, analgesic and soothing action. Natural ingredients have a positive effect on the condition of the skin and accelerate the regeneration process (update).

Due to this pimples no longer so much itching, heals faster, and peel after they disappear without a trace.

The drug Bocklin has high security, but I do not recommend to assign it to themselves.

Before applying you should consult with your doctor to be sure there are no contraindications.

By the way, what is contraindications to the use of Packline?

Are there any prohibitions and restrictions in the gel, Bocklin?

This medicine is well tolerated by adults and children. Reviews about it mostly positive. They are almost never referred to side effects, but they are available. Side effects appear in case if:

  • are allergic to natural ingredients present in the composition;
  • there is an individual intolerance to other components of the gel.

If cases are prone to allergic reactions, to treat him with Packliner I don’t recommend. In this case, it is better to give preference to its analogs.

Analogues Of Packline

  • Calamine Lotion;
  • Tindal;
  • Fukortsin;
  • The Spray-Drier.
  • Detailed information on the use of certain drugs to treat the symptoms of chickenpox you can find on the pages of this website. In this article, I will describe ways to use Backline.

    Apply the gel varicella correctly

    To apply this tool need to correct. Only then the effect will be maximum. The medicine is applied on the affected watery pimples areas of skin.

    Do it better with the help of cotton or a bandage, as chickenpox can be transmitted through the contents of the pimples. Apply the gel several times a day as needed when pimples begin to itch severely.

    The instructions say that to use the drug more than thirty days in a row is impossible. Yes, and it will not work, as the shelf life of the gel after opening the bottle is equal to 1 month. If you continue to apply it after the expiry date, you can earn irritation.

    The use of expired medicines is strictly contraindicated for the treatment of chickenpox not only in children but also in adults.

    As Bocklin acts on the human body?

    Поксклин при ветрянке: отзывы пациентов и эффективностьFrom the principle of action on the body directly affects the safety of the drug. The advantage of the above medications is that it does not penetrate into the systemic circulation.

    It acts only locally, therefore not able to harm internal organs.

    An additional property of the drug — a cooling that is very helpful in chicken pox. Due to this property disappears itching and other discomfort.

    Ill feel relief immediately after applying the gel.

    Cost Packline

    To buy it in modern times in almost every pharmacy. The price is relatively affordable, and often does not exceed 900 rubles. Of course, this is several times higher than the cost of green fodder. But, considering all the advantages of gel, it is safe to say that it justifies its price completely.

    The reviews about the drug

    I’ve seen various reviews, not only positive but also negative. In the past often talked about the high price of drugs. I suggest you read the most useful reviews.

    Elizabeth writes:

    Поксклин при ветрянке: отзывы пациентов и эффективностьThe child contracted chickenpox during the summer holidays. Heat and sweat exacerbate the itching of the pimples, because of what he suffered. The suffering lasted as long as I do not advise, Rocklin.


    After applying medication positive effects came instantly — the rash was much less itchy. Pimples heal without complications, and peel after they fell away completely unnoticed. Very happy with the product and the result of treatment!

    Victoria writes:

    Поксклин при ветрянке: отзывы пациентов и эффективностьAt first I was hesitant to buy such an expensive medicine. But after consultation with your doctor doubts have disappeared. Ill with chicken pox at the age of 20 is very unpleasant. So I was ready to pay any money just to get rid of the itching and minimize the pimples.


    After applying the gel, I immediately felt a pleasant chill and a relief. Pimples have become less bothered, I never touched them and probably because of this they heal faster.

    Daniel writes:

    Поксклин при ветрянке: отзывы пациентов и эффективностьTreated a child this drug. Was pleased with everything, especially a minor, who were very much afraid of the green stuff because of the spots. Therefore, the opinion about it is making me extremely positive.

    Now let’s see how does chicken pox in adults and how to treat it.

    I hope after reading this article, you have seen the effectiveness of Packline with the chicken pox. Please share this information with your friends in the social. networks and dont forget to sign up for site updates. I wish you good health! Up to new meetings!

    Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)

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