Boil on cheek: its causes, traditional and folk treatment

A boil is called purulent inflammation, the cause of which is inflammation of the hair follicles. Such education looks like a red swollen bump that is quite painful and occurs on any area of the body. If there was a furuncle on the face, need urgent help, it is the location of the boil may have bad consequences.

The content of the article

  • The main reasons
  • Causes in children
  • How to recognize what is a boil
  • To what doctor to address
  • When you need the assistance of a surgeon
  • The choice of methods of treatment
  • Modern treatment
  • Antiseptic
  • Medication
  • Surgery
  • Folk remedies
  • The consequences of the disease
  • Scars
  • Ulcers in most cases accompanied by itching, pain, bother only when touched to the affected area of the skin, but in severe cases, may increase the temperature, feel worse. A lot of anxiety boils bring kids, especially if they are localized on the face.

    The main reasons

    The duration and outcome of treatment depend on the factors in the development of boils and timely examination. The cause of education are almost always becomes Staphylococcus aureus, rarely strep. Most often, a boil appears on the skin, which are amenable to mechanical stress during the day. For example, the ulcer on the cheek in men is often a cause of cuts while shaving. The skin on the face is exposed daily to pollution and poor care for pimples, acne, which can cause a purulent process on the face.

    Causes in children

    Causes of boils on the cheek from children is a high level of physical activity in this age and the constant abrasions or scratches on the body, which penetrates a bacterial infection. Improper care, pollution, clogged pores due to hormonal changes in adolescence also leads to inflammation on the skin. Hypothermia, scrapes the skin, too, leading to the development of purulent process. Children, like adults, squeeze regular pimples, and through dirty hands into the wound gets infected.

    Фурункул на щеке: его причины, традиционное и народное лечение

    The boil on the cheek of the child is accompanied by severe discomfort and less than the age of the children, the harder they carry such a purulent process in the skin. Children often do not suffer pain or itching, comb bump and spread the infection. Independent squeezing and pinching the boil is very dangerous, because when the first symptoms of the development of painful compression in children it is necessary to seek help and begin treatment.

    Фурункул на щеке: его причины, традиционное и народное лечение

    How to recognize what is a boil

    Usually boil immediately recognized by its characteristic features. Ulcer easy to distinguish from ordinary pimple, the inflammation is present bacterial infection. The differences are boils to the following:

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  • the abscess is much denser than normal pimple;
  • the inflammatory process gradually increases in size;
  • the abscess is located deep in the skin;
  • in the centre of education is the head or the pin;
  • a boil can be very painful;
  • in severe stages the abscess causes pain, even when eating, washing, moving.
  • The boil on the face of the cheek threat rapid development and complications if not properly treated. The infectious process may develop so rapidly that the body temperature rises, the patient feels ill, deteriorating eyesight. Further affected the blood vessels, formed thrombophlebitis and sepsis. If you do not seek medical care, may be life-threatening.

    There are several stages of development of a purulent process of the hair bulb and the surrounding tissues, because the symptoms vary greatly.

    1. At the initial stage there is an itch on her cheek.
    2. Further, the skin appears a little swelling, redness, and pain.
    3. In the third stage, in the centre of education is the point or pivot. Inside the boil there is purulent contents.

    Фурункул на щеке: его причины, традиционное и народное лечение

    1. At the last stage, boil fully ripe, dead tissue and pus extends outwardly.

    Often a boil on his cheek accompanied by swelling.

    Фурункул на щеке: его причины, традиционное и народное лечение

    On the cheek may be several boils and sometimes develops even more dangerous carbuncle.

    To what doctor to address

    In most cases, a boil turn to a dermatologist, if you boil one and appeared for the first time, do not bring strong discomfort, you can go to a therapist, who will help to cope with the problem. Often people independently applied to the boil ointments, oils and folk remedies that only worsen the situation and transferred into the hard stage, the furuncle on the cheek. How to treat such education will prompt the surgeon, usually through surgical intervention.

    When you need the assistance of a surgeon

    If prescribed treatment is not helping, the swelling persists and boil for a long time is not Mature, the dermatologist may refer to the surgeon. No need to wait until the boil burst, it is better to go to the doctor to prevent complications. If the case started, education on the face accompanied by fever, malaise, swollen cheek, it will take not only a surgeon, but perhaps operation.

    The choice of methods of treatment

    The boil on his cheek is a very dangerous education, because its treatment must be comprehensive and include a variety of methods. If the boil is accompanied by fever, a person begins to show signs of intoxication, his urgent need to be hospitalized. In other cases, the choice of drugs depends on the type and stage of development of the boil.

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    Modern treatment

    Tactics of treatment depends on the stage of a skin disease. To maturity of the rod and release the purulent content out assign some funds, and after the break of boil and in the healing stage you will need a very different wound care.


    Primarily on skin that is slightly swollen and reddened, applied solutions with alcohol. Before the stage of ripening of the boil holds antiseptic procedures. If these steps do not help, and the boil continues to grow in size, human in pain, an urgent need to visit a doctor. For the treatment of skin rubbing alcohol, tincture of calendula. With such means it is possible to prevent the spread of infection.


    To prevent complications of purulent process prescribed antibiotics with wide spectrum of action. Among the drugs used group of penicillins, macrolides, aminoglycosides and others. Sometimes there is recurrent furunculosis, in this case, the prescribed immunomodulators for enhancing the body’s defenses.

    Various ointments, with antibiotic, ointment Vishnevsky and others should be used only on prescription, because they soften the tissue, and if the boil is ripe, the infection can spread. It is strictly forbidden to apply to the affected area dry heat, various gadgets that can be dangerous to your health.


    Internal purulent inflammation on the face is very often in need of an autopsy, because in this way will accelerate the release of content and will not be a threat to the life of the patient. The procedure is carried out as needed under local anesthesia, the boil is cleaned, washed and drained. After removal of dead tissue, and purulent masses the wound ointment is applied in the form of a bandage, for example, will levomekol, erythromycinbuy ointment.

    Ointments will need for the resorption of scars after opening the abscess. With regular and prolonged application of such funds, the scars are markedly reduced.

    Read more about removing ulcers surgeons here.

    Folk remedies

    Boil on cheek and the treatment at home, if you can not visit the doctor used recipes of traditional medicine. One of the most common recipes is the use of roasted onions. The cooled onion cut in two and applied to the affected area of the skin.

    The crushed leaves of the agave also has a therapeutic effect. They are applied in the form of a bandage to the affected area. Not yet ripe boil you can apply a paste of garlic, which will accelerate the maturation of the stem or cut one head in half and apply to the boil.

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    Podrobnee folk remedies can be found here.

    The consequences of the disease

    The localization of boil on the face is very dangerous, because in any case such education is necessary to show the doctor, especially on the delicate skin of children. Because the abscess is located close to the brain, there is a risk of developing meningitis, abscess and other complications. Abrasions may indicate the presence in the body other serious diseases for example diabetes, because it is impossible to ignore his symptoms.

    Фурункул на щеке: его причины, традиционное и народное лечение


    The wound after the exit of purulent content to heal for a few days and can turn into a scar that will remain on the body forever. To prevent scarring in addition to the main treatment, the doctor appoints special creams that prevent the formation of connective tissue. In more severe cases, when scars are deep and old, are turning to modern cosmetic procedures.

    From time to time as children and adults, there is a boil on the cheek. What to do, tell the doctor, because purulent formation in the face in any way better to show specialist. The infection is dangerous to health and life of man, if not to seek help in a timely manner. Children are at risk and need urgent treatment ulcers. It is important to establish the true cause of the skin diseases that a home without a thorough examination is almost impossible. The right treatment, which includes treatment with antiseptic solutions, bandages of ointment on the healing phase will help to avoid the spread of infection and bad scarring.