Boric acid from the nail fungus: what are the advantages and how to use it?

Борная кислота от грибка ногтей: в чем преимущества и как ей пользоваться?Good day to you, dear readers. Today we will talk about how to apply boric acid from the nail fungus.

Nail fungus is one of the most common types of mycosis. Fungal spores, getting on the nail plate penetrate deep into its layers and begin to actively proliferate, especially in people with weakened immune systems.

The risk of infection is increased in the presence of wounds or cracks near the nail or on the plates. If the infection is treated promptly, then get rid of it will be possible in a couple of months.

If any symptoms of nail fungal infection used boric acid?

If you have at least one of the following symptoms, be sure to consult a mycologist — a doctor who deals with the treatment of fungus. Symptoms of fungal infection are:

  • the nail plate begin to deform;
  • nail exfoliate;
  • on the surface appear strange spots of different color;
  • gradually, the nails are changing color;
  • appear growths;
  • plates begin to crumble (running form of the fungus).

What causes fungal infection on the nails?

The disease often develops on the legs but can appear on hands. The main reason for the survival of fungi is weakened immune system.

Also the development of the fungus associated with vascular diseases, poor blood circulation, diabetes, trauma, wearing poor quality, uncomfortable and tight shoes.

Why for fungus treatment it is advisable to use boric acid?

Борная кислота от грибка ногтей: в чем преимущества и как ей пользоваться?Boric acid called powdery substance with a colorless, shiny flakes. The powder can be fine and then the cereal it will not be observed. It has no smell, is composed of sulphuric acid and of borax solution.

The basic properties of the preparation: disinfecting and antipedikuleznoe.

Treatment of this drug is contraindicated in children as it penetrates into the bloodstream and is deposited in the walls of certain organs. Antifungal therapy should be brief and very careful.

The advantages of boric acid

  • it has a reasonable price;
  • early effective against fungus;
  • stops the reproduction of fungi;
  • perfectly cleanses the skin from coarse.

The use of boric acid in antifungal for nails

There are many ways of applying the aforementioned substances against nail fungal infection. Below are some of the most popular and effective:

In a large bowl, pour hot (60 degrees approx.) water. Dissolve in the water 30 g of acid powder. Mix well.

Борная кислота от грибка ногтей: в чем преимущества и как ей пользоваться?Soak feet or hands in the solution and poparte for fifteen minutes. Then wipe the limbs with a towel until dry. The procedure can be repeated every four days.

Sprinkle dry powder on the affected fungus nail plate and put on clean socks. Repeat the procedure daily for 5 days.

Instead of the powdered drug, if you are afraid to hurt yourself, you can use boric ointment, which is sold in pharmacies. Lubricate the legs or hands ointment twice a day for weeks.

Instead of ointment, many people use alcoholic solution. It is used in the same way as the ointment — twice a day with a solution processed infected areas.

Борная кислота от грибка ногтей: в чем преимущества и как ей пользоваться?To quickly destroy the fungus of the nail plate, soak a cotton wool in alcohol acid solution and apply to the affected surface for a few minutes.

After the treatment of nails it is recommended to apply essential oil. The oil will saturate nails in vitamins and minerals, making they start to vigorously grow. I don’t know what essential oil to use?

Fortunately, there are no restrictions. You can take any that you like. If you want to treat the skin around the nails, then take the tea tree oil.

Features fungus treatment with boric acid

As mentioned above, this substance may be hazardous to your health if used in excessive quantities, or too often wrong. So as not to harm itself in this treatment, follow the simple rules of work with the drug:

  • to apply antifungal agents on the basis of boric acid only after careful steaming the affected limbs;
  • the safest method of treatment is steaming limbs in an aqueous solution;
  • after treatment, wear socks, not to carry the drug all the surfaces in the house;
  • not treated boric acid for more than a week;
  • if the treatment does not help, then change it.

Contraindications — the main disadvantage

Antifungal prescriptions on the basis of the above drug is prohibited to used by pregnant, lactating and children. Acid is toxic, can accumulate in the body.

Therefore, to be treated with boric acid against the nail fungus in the presence of diseases of internal organs is undesirable.


The recipes given in the article, tested by many people already managed to get rid of a fungal infection. To understand how effective they are, read the most useful reviews.

Review Of Eugenia:

Борная кислота от грибка ногтей: в чем преимущества и как ей пользоваться?Trays for steaming feet. Thanks to this recipe I managed to win the nail fungal infection at the initial stage only for a month.


Used the baths every four days, as written in the instructions. To use the acid powder in another not tried.

Review Of Victoria:

Борная кислота от грибка ногтей: в чем преимущества и как ей пользоваться?Anointed nails boric ointment for weeks. Mild discomfort was felt, especially when the ointment got on the skin. But it’s all tolerable.


A week later started to use a special varnish, and after three months completely got rid of the fungal infection. Nails fast the industry and become healthy.

Review Of Dmitry:

Борная кислота от грибка ногтей: в чем преимущества и как ей пользоваться?Sprinkled dry powder on the nail and wrapped in foil overnight. Used this method 5 times. On the fifth time, the nails look much better and prettier. Combined this treatment with steaming and tablets. Overall, I enjoyed it.

Now you know all about the use of boric acid in order for the antifungal treatment of nails. Tell us about the article to your friends on social networks. If you want, subscribe to site updates. Up to new meetings!

The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)

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