Brilliant versicolor: the path to recovery is through the support of the body’s resistance

Блестящий лишай: путь к выздоровлению лежит через поддержку сопротивляемости организмаGood day, readers of our portal about skin! Our discussion today will focus on a rare disease called shiny shingles.

Doctors still have not come to a consensus whether the disease is atypical manifestation of lichen planus or it should be considered as a separate variety of dermatosis.

The second name of the disease – Lychen and they are mostly boys of kindergarten age.

Causes of

Previously it was thought that shiny ringworm — a kind pair of TB dermatosis. This theory of recognition has not received.

Scientists are still conducting research on the emergence of the disease. While that version of the causes of disease is an allergic component, namely reaction to internal and external stimuli.


Блестящий лишай: путь к выздоровлению лежит через поддержку сопротивляемости организмаFor starters, take a look at this collection you can see how differently it manifests itself Lychen.

As you know, the disease mostly appears in children. It begins with symmetrically located lesions.

As a rule, white nodules, flat or spherical shape, the surface of the zit smooth and shiny, and the color is virtually indistinguishable from the healthy skin. In the center of the knot you can see the dimple.

Elements of the rash may be concentrated in different places, often they form in the shape of a circle.

As we all know, the pathology often affect boys, so common are these cases, when pimples are on the member.

However, generalized form of lichen shiny, occurs too often. If the rash covers her entire body, including mucous membranes.

Physicians are divided Lychen in several similar forms:

  • punch;
  • vesicular
  • hemorrhagic;
  • generalized.

Блестящий лишай: путь к выздоровлению лежит через поддержку сопротивляемости организмаThe survey is conducted with the help of skin tests, histological examination and blood count.

It is important to distinguish this form from lichen planus. In this case, the distinguishing feature is the color of the pimples.

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Red lichen they are dark red. About it in more detail you can read in this article.

It should be noted that much discomfort, apart from the aesthetic, this issue does not carry. Usually, the pimples do not itch and do not cause pain.

Although, given the fact that the disease has not been studied thoroughly, the exception happens and on the contrary.


Блестящий лишай: путь к выздоровлению лежит через поддержку сопротивляемости организмаAfter accurate diagnosis, the doctor painted a treatment plan. It totally depends on symptoms, disease duration and localization of the rash.

It is also important to clearly understand what led to this disease.

Often, therapy is aimed at strengthening the immune system. For this prescribed vitamins and encouraged to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Possible receiving immunomodulators that are suitable for the age group.

In the treatment of depriving a brilliant doctor focuses the patient on the methods of physiotherapy. Commonly used ultraviolet irradiation, is also good to spend some time in the sun, morning and evening hours.

Ointments are appointed predominantly with the contents of tar, sulfur, salicylic acid and glucosteroids.

In severe cases when large area is covered with skin or a pronounced cosmetic defect, nodules are removed using cryotherapy, or electrocoagulation.

I enclose an interesting video where a dermatologist talks about microsporia, people call it ringworm:

Here, as with other skin diseases, the need for an integrated approach and strict adherence to instructions of the dermatologist.

If the pimples appeared on the genitals, ointments are selected based on processing capabilities of their mucous membranes.

They should have a more gentle action and low side effects. Also, for these locations a doctor can get special teas for rinsing.

Traditional methods against disease

  • Sea-buckthorn oil. It is used both internally and externally. Every morning, on an empty stomach, you need to take a dessert spoon. The treatment of wounds occurs by an application, which must be kept approximately 40 minutes. Therapy sea buckthorn oil is carried out for about two weeks.
  • Calendula ointment. You can buy in a pharmacy or make at home. Mixed dried flowers medicinal plants with vaseline, baby cream or butter in the proportion of one to five. The product is applied on the affected skin twice a day.
  • Tincture of calendula. It is prepared at home by steeping fresh or dried flowers of calendula on alcohol. Sore spots treated with the remedy several times a day. She also sold over the counter.
  • A decoction of elecampane. A handful of herbs pour boiling water and infused for about an hour. Make means you need five times a day for one tablespoon.
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    Блестящий лишай: путь к выздоровлению лежит через поддержку сопротивляемости организмаAs the doctors are inclined to allergic version of the appearance of the disease, it is important to understand that the prevention of lustrous lichen — primarily prevention of allergic reactions in children.

    To do this, carefully watch the diet of your baby: for some time excluded from the diet products which can respond to the body.

    Also to support the immune system by adhering to a daily regimen, nutrition, sleep, walks and hardening.

    General guidelines

    Any skin disease you need to follow some rules that will facilitate and significantly speed up the recovery:

    • to monitor the hygiene of the child, to prevent excessive sweating;
    • wear cotton clothes and underwear;
    • also clothes should not be tight and RUB the sore spots;
    • for washing you should use products from natural ingredients;
    • the same applies to washing clothes of the baby.

    Блестящий лишай: путь к выздоровлению лежит через поддержку сопротивляемости организмаIt is important to carefully consider the choice of bedding and living conditions. During sleep, the baby should not be hot and wet cleaning of the room should be carried out regularly.

    In General, it is important to observe the purity of the child’s room, clothing and bedding, especially for skin problems.

    Despite the fact that the disease is rare and no particular danger not bear the slightest similar symptoms should visit a doctor.

    Usually shiny ringworm is easy to diagnose. Other forms of the disease distinguished by his white shiny pimples filled with fluid.

    At diagnosis the doctor will conduct a few tests, its main task is to identify a number of symptoms that indicate it in this disease.

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    The reasons for which pathology occurs, most likely allergic in nature. At least this version has a right to exist.

    Therefore, special preparations in the form of tablets almost never assigned. With the exception of the pills, stimulating the immune system.

    As external therapy from the disease will help in a number of ointments. They are selected based on how a long time having first foci and the breadth of their distribution on the body.

    In General, the prognosis is positive. Be healthy and take care of their children!

    Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)