Bronchial Allergy: symptoms and treatments

Бронхиальная аллергия: признаки появления и методы леченияGood day to you, dear readers! Reading the articles on this site, you’ve seen the concept of «allergic bronchial asthma». Are you curious about what is bronchial Allergy?

This is a very serious complication that spared neither the children nor the adults allergies. In this article you will learn what triggers asthma, how it occurs, how to recognize it and what to do if it happened during pregnancy. Happy reading!

What is bronchial Allergy?

This is a chronic inflammation of the upper respiratory ways, accompanied by reversible obstruction of the bronchi. In our time, not less than 6% of Allergy sufferers already have this disorder.

It develops from improper treatment of hypersensitivity, or lack thereof, and also neglect their health. What other reasons provoke the allergic complication?

The main causes of asthma allergic background

Бронхиальная аллергия: признаки появления и методы леченияThe main factor provocateur, leading to the above complication, is IgE-dependent immune response.

Simply put, the body’s response to a stimulus, which can be food, vegetation (pollen, for example), drugs, chemicals, animals (six etc.).

From the moment of receipt of the stimulus to the organism until the development of bronchial allergies can take a few minutes. The complication often occurs after symptoms of hypersensitivity.

Asthma affects people with congenital predisposition.

Complications of hypersensitivity can provoke:

  • frequent infectious disease;
  • unfavorable environment;
  • frequent contact with irritants;
  • occupational hazards;
  • prolonged intake of harmful drugs.

If to speak simply and clearly, bronchial allergic hypersensitive threatens identity in that case, if she neglects prevention and treatment.

For example, a child has intolerance to cat hair, and his parents, instead of to give the cat to continue to keep her in the house with allergies.

Бронхиальная аллергия: признаки появления и методы леченияThus, the contact with the irritant becomes inevitable. The more often it will occur, the greater the probability of development of bronchial Allergy.

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Asthma on the background of allergies often occur in children through adolescence. In order to treat complications, you must correctly diagnose it. The above-mentioned complications, there are certain special symptoms, which will be discussed below.

The signs of bronchial Allergy

Among the main symptoms are:

  • shortness of breath;
  • suffocation;
  • whistles and wheezes in the chest;
  • the cough is paroxysmal character;
  • dry cough;
  • cough with clots bright turbid phlegm;
  • shortness of breath during exercise;
  • fatigue;
  • the sleep disturbance.

The above deterioration will appear periodically in periods of exacerbation. The rest of the time the allergic person may feel perfectly healthy. If the exacerbation the body will respond not only to the main stimulus, but also on the smell, temperature, dust, smoke.

The frequency of exacerbations depends on the severity of allergic and irritant. For example, if a hypersensitive suffering from pollinosis (hypersensitive to pollen), asthma will be felt only in summer-spring period.

If the bronchial hypersensitivity is not treated, there is a «status asthmaticus» — asthma condition with all its inherent consequences. Knowing this, you probably wanted to know, how to treat allergic bronchial asthma.

Asthma therapy for Allergy sufferers

Бронхиальная аллергия: признаки появления и методы леченияDrugs and their dosages are selected individually for each of the allergic-asthmatic. Every three months treatment is reviewed. If it loses effectiveness, increase dosage or change medications.

Bronchial, like any other Allergy, can be treated with antihistamine drugs such as:

  • Suprastin;
  • Tavegil;
  • Zodak;
  • Claritin etc.

In addition, are appointed by the inhalation of bronchodilator drugs (Salbutamol, Berodual and the like).

It is useful to conduct specific immunotherapy, in which a hypersensitive temper small doses of stimuli to which he reacts negative total.

As a result, the body ceases to perceive the stimulus as a threat. Therefore, bronchial deterioration does not occur. This therapy does not give a permanent effect but does help Allergy sufferers to live fully.

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Lifestyle bronchial Allergy

Бронхиальная аллергия: признаки появления и методы леченияPills and other drugs, ill, will help the correct way of life. In the period of exacerbation, he has to sit on a special hypoallergenic diet. Through diet you can clean the intestines and strengthen the immune system.

Also bronchial allergies should avoid contact with the irritant.

If residing in areas with unfavorable environment, it is better to change the place of residence or at least once a year to move to the area with a clean environment.

If the cause of the disorder was harmful job, it is best to change, as the treatment is quite expensive and meaning from such work simply will not.

Pregnant and bronchial Allergy

Бронхиальная аллергия: признаки появления и методы леченияAsthma if an allergic background happen a pregnant, she’ll need special treatment. Most medications (antihistamines and corticosteroids) can be taken in the process of carrying a child and breastfeeding.

Therefore, the main principle of antiallergic therapy becomes an exception of contact with an irritant. Also pregnant are advised to avoid active and passive Smoking.

Is there a cure for bronchial Allergy folk remedies?

Hypersensitive individuals should be extremely wary of folk medicine. Its benefits, of course, indisputable:

  • accessibility;
  • simplicity;
  • the possibility of treatment at home.

But the disadvantages here are: the duration of treatment, in some cases, the inefficiency, the allergenicity.

Remember that with pollinosis treated with folk recipes based on medicinal plants in any case impossible. The dried flowers contain pollen. Thus, it appears that allergies alone provokes an attack intended contact with the irritant.

I hope you found the answers to all your questions. Read what you can share with friends on social networks, if desired. If you do not want to miss the new publication, then be sure to sign up for updates. Up to new meetings!

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Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)