Calamine in chickenpox: application and reviews of patients

Каламин при ветрянке: применение и отзывы пациентовHello, dear visitors of this website. Chicken pox is a nasty disease that is accompanied by a persistent rash all over the body. Fortunately, in modern times the windmill can be quickly and easily treated with pharmacy medicines.

In this article I will acquaint you with one of these drugs. Calamine in chickenpox is prescribed since 1997. To date, the drug was improved and began to be produced in various forms. Reasonable price and high efficiency — that is, perhaps, the main advantages.

Indications for use

In the instructions to the drug (it is almost the same for different forms of Calamine) has a list of cases in which it is administered. In this list, except for chickenpox includes the following ailments:

  • psoriasis;
  • rubella;
  • acne;
  • the trust of various complexities;
  • allergic reaction rashes on the skin;
  • insect bites;
  • sun or other burns;
  • inflamed of stitches.

Based on the above, you can imagine how universal is the Calamine.

The principle of operation when the chickenpox

The medication quickly relieves itching, swelling, inflamed. A slight cooling effect is also very useful, as when the chickenpox damaged skin defects can not only itch, but hurt.

Каламин при ветрянке: применение и отзывы пациентовCalamine is the ideal tool for the treatment of chickenpox in children, which is very hard to restrain myself not to itch.

When the chickenpox Calamine does not develop an inflammatory process. The blisters — skin defects cease to swell and itch. Due to the fact that cases cease to disturb them, they are very quickly and completely.

If you are taking Calamine for the treatment of allergic rash, you can eliminate virtually all oral antihistamines, as it replaces them perfectly.

In the beginning of the article mentioned that the above medicine is available in different forms. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

Features and application of lotion

Calamine lotion is available in glass bottles of 100 ml. Solution has a slightly pinkish color, as it includes ferric oxide. In addition, in the lotion include:

  • distilled water;
  • liquid phenol;
  • sodium citrate;
  • glycerin;
  • bentonite (a specific type of medical clay).

Каламин при ветрянке: применение и отзывы пациентовDue to the fact that all of the above ingredients safe for humans, Calamine lotion has almost no contraindications. This tool is convenient to use. Want to know how to treat with it? Then here’s the recommendation from the user.

Before using the bottle of lotion should be thoroughly shaken, because some of the ingredients of Calamine tend to settle. Then it is necessary to moisten in the solution a cotton pad and thoroughly wipe down all affected areas of the body.

The procedure is repeated several times throughout the day (the more the better).

Lotion Calamine is intended for external use only. If it gets on the mucosa, it must be thoroughly rinsed with water. Then I recommend to consult the doctor, as the ingestion of Calamine can cause poisoning.

Calamine ointment, features and application

In addition to the lotion, there is also a ointment of the same name. For some, the use of colorless ointment is much more convenient than lotion, so the manufacturer decided to create this form of drug. Ointment copes with the symptoms of chicken pox:

  • relieves itching and swelling;
  • dries Valderice.

Patients somehow more like Calamine lotion, so the reviews about the cream is hard to find. But, it should be noted that they are virtually indistinguishable from reviews about the lotion. People’s opinions regarding the Calamine from the chicken pox you can find at the end of the article.

The price of the drug in Moscow and Russia

An additional advantage of Calamine is a relatively low price. The drug can be bought at any pharmacy in Moscow and other Russian cities for 700-1000 rubles. Agree, not too expensive, especially when you consider the effectiveness of the medication.

Similar To CalamineКаламин при ветрянке: применение и отзывы пациентов

If the price of the above medication seemed too high, can benefit from its counterparts.

Analogues of Calamine a bit, but they are all more affordable. List of similar drugs include:

  • Cendol (a separate article about him you can find on this website);
  • Fukortsin;
  • Brilliant green;
  • Bocklin.

And now, as promised, I want to present you with the most common feedback about the Calamine.


Victoria writes:

Каламин при ветрянке: применение и отзывы пациентовI really liked to use the lotion as it is safe and works fast. After applying the itching passes after a couple of minutes. The cooling effect of the drug slightly, but it can be felt.


By the way, keeps this effect for long, but this is enough. For the price the best means of chickenpox.

Andrew writes:

Каламин при ветрянке: применение и отзывы пациентовTreated with baby lotion. It the drug very much, as after it quickly passed a terrible itching. Any discomfort medicine causes. I recommend, if you need to cure the chicken pox!

Here is all information about Calamine is a highly efficient drug, which has a wide list of indications. I hope after reading this article, you have received answers to all questions about the medication.

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The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)

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