Calcium chloride if you are allergic: rules application and feedback of patients

Хлористый кальций при аллергии: правила применения и отзывы пациентовGood day to you, dear readers. Medicines based on calcium widely used as part of an integrated therapy against many diseases.

Here, for example, calcium chloride Allergy is often administered by allergists. It has its reasons, which are described in detail in this article. An enjoyable read.

Why is calcium chloride used for the treatment of hypersensitivity?

Use this drug plazmozameschayuschie as a means of eliminating toxicity. As you know, when allergic attacks first suffering the intestines.

Therefore, intoxication is considered a mandatory symptom of lactose intolerance in adults and even in children. Calcium — the basis of medicine that is involved in many processes:

  • blood clotting (increasing);
  • the contraction of skeletal muscles (improves);
  • the bone formation (stimulates);
  • the metabolism and the functioning of the digestive system (regulates);
  • the transmission of nerve impulses (controls).

Allergic attacks lead to the reduction of this substance in the body, which happen to different types of complications. Complications, in turn, can be both temporary and permanent (stay forever).

There are two main product based on calcium chloride:

  • chloride;
  • gluconate.

Indications for use

As described above, the tool neutralizes the rashes and swelling of dermal integuments, it should be used when:

  • angioneurotic swelling;
  • urticaria (often accompanied by allergic hypersensitivity);
  • intolerance to medication;
  • immune adverse reaction after administration of whey proteins with outsiders;
  • hay fever.

Хлористый кальций при аллергии: правила применения и отзывы пациентовThus, by using calcium chloride to treat the most severe consequences of allergies. To use it against the symptoms of hypersensitivity began long ago. The price of the substance is scanty — 20-30 rubles per kilogram.

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Buy it a pharmaceutical company for the preparation of solutions for intravenous injection, as well as for the production of tablets. On this basis, it should be noted that there are two the most common forms of preparations based on calcium chloride:

  • solution;
  • pills.

What to take for allergies and how to make, you ask? The answer read below.

Principles of Allergy treatment in calcium chloride

If hypersensitivity medication with calcium chloride administered in the complex along with anti-allergic and sedative drugs. How to drink these medicines?

If the disease is not complicated, the dosage prescribed in the instructions looks like this: 0,25-1,5 grams a couple times a day inside.

Хлористый кальций при аллергии: правила применения и отзывы пациентовThe medication is in liquid form must be diluted before ingestion thus: tablespoon of solution for injections 50 milliliters of liquid. Medicines in pill or vaccine form is better to drink low fat milk. So they are better and faster absorbed.

If the symptoms of the attack is too bright or heavy, for example, swelling Quincke type, a medication is injected intravenously. Heard about the «hot shots»? So, this is what they are.

During the injection ill can feel a kind of «side effects» in the form of hot flushes and dizziness. Some people even like it.

How long will the course of therapy against hypersensitivity with the participation of calcium chloride? It depends on the state of allergies. The average course lasts from one to two weeks.

Possible side effects and contraindications

Unfortunately, the use of calcium chloride with hypersensitivity are not always possible. From the medication will have to be abandoned if there are the following deviations:

  • predisposition for blood clots;
  • excessive blood clotting;
  • pronounced acute atherosclerosis;
  • excessive levels of calcium in the blood.
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Side effects occur only during the administration of intravenous. These include:

  • hot flashes;
  • feeling like «sucks in the stomach»;
  • heartburn;
  • painful spasms in the stomach;
  • bradycardia.

If you are not sure that you can be treated with calcium chloride, it is better to undergo a medical examination and check it out. Is it possible to give such medication to children, you ask? Fortunately, you can, because the calcium in the growing body is always in shortage.

To verify the effectiveness of the above medicines with allergic attacks, read reviews.

Comments Allergy sufferers

Natalia writes:

Хлористый кальций при аллергии: правила применения и отзывы пациентовMy whole life is just a severe Allergy to the flowering of various plants, especially ragweed. Summer couldn’t go out. Addressed to the allergist and he told me to drink the solution, diluted with water.


Now every year I drink it in a dangerous period, and the Allergy manifests itself much easier. The attacks have become less long. Feel like a complete person!

Paul writes:

Since childhood, drink this medicine and do not suffer from allergies almost never. I think that the more efficient and cheap means just yet. I recommend to all!

Anna writes:

Хлористый кальций при аллергии: правила применения и отзывы пациентовAllergies started two years ago on seafood. If you eat a egg, begin to itch terribly, swelling, skin red, watery eyes, etc. the Condition was such that to live not hunting.


The next attack went to the doctor and he was prescribed antihistamines therapy together with calcium. Did hot shots seven days. After a week of this treatment the disease is defeated and the status was normalized, and sharply and fully.


Very glad I found this tool. Now drink it inside the case if I had to eat seafood. I helps to prevent allergies.

I hope I explained how useful and effective the calcium chloride for Allergy sufferers. Share read with your friends from social networks is necessary. Perhaps this information will help someone from your environment.

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The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)