Calcium gluconate if you are allergic: rules of admission and patient testimonials

Глюконат кальция при аллергии: правила приема и отзывы пациентовGood day, dear readers. Calcium gluconate if you are allergic, it is recommended to almost everyone. What’s so remarkable there is in this medication? Calcium is a vital component in our body.

It is responsible for bone strength, evenness and colour of the teeth. It knows, perhaps, everyone, but the fact that the substance has a lot of benefits, many do not realize.

What is this drug?

Thus, the calcium:

  • is an essential component of blood clotting;
  • monitors heart activity;
  • reduces the muscles of the skeleton;
  • reduces vascular permeability.

Preparations on the basis of the above substances are assigned in the first place, the lack of it in the body. Want to know why gluconate is effective and can help with allergies?

The beneficial properties of calcium gluconate

Глюконат кальция при аллергии: правила приема и отзывы пациентовWe have already mentioned that due to the main substance-component of the drug reduces vascular permeability. This is the main useful property, effective against allergies.

If you examine in detail the process of development of reactions of intolerance, it is possible to find out what histamine weakens the smallest blood vessels, increasing their permeability.

Wherein the liquid ingredient blood starts to easily leave the space between cells, causing swelling develops. Drug gluconate does not correct the symptoms of allergies and reduces its arboviruses.

Allergy, which applies the above-described drug responses are not as bright and aggressive. The maximum effect can be achieved if you combine it with an antihistamine.

How to take against an allergic intolerance?

Treatment such drug is held for both adults and children. Gluconate is available in tablet form and also in the form of solutions for injections inside muscles and inside the veins. Regardless of the form release, the dosage of the drug specified in the instructions for use, as follows:

  • adult Allergy sufferers — three to five pills twice or three times a day;
  • children three to four years of age — one gram (g) per single dose (the number of tricks per day equal to two);
  • five or six and a half grams two or three times a day;
  • seven — nine — two g three times;
  • ten — fourteen — three g three times;
  • for seniors — no more than two grams per day.
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Daily dose of calcium for children up to years is equivalent to 400-600 mg. to Appoint the above medication to infants can be a doctor.

Rules of admission

I want to present you with simple rules that will enhance the effectiveness of the medication:

  • before you eat a pill, it is better to chop (quickly learned);
  • to use the drug in the pills should an hour before food;
  • gluconate can be alternated with vitamin D which improves the absorption of active substances;
  • independently change the dosage or mode of treatment impossible.

There are certain cases in which the specialist can recommend the calcium in the form of «hot shots». The drug in this form more useful and effective, but despite this, very few people agree to such treatment.

Why? The fact that the introduction of the intravenous injection, the person experiences a fever, and he becomes a bit dizzy. And if you enter the drug intramuscularly is too slow or incorrectly, then the injection site will remain a lump or hematoma.

No matter what, will be treated for allergies (pills or injections), the course should last no less than seven and not more than sixteen days.

Prohibitions and negative effects

Perhaps start with side effects. If they can have such medicine, which is absolutely normal and natural substance for our body? It turns out, can here:

  • symptoms of poisoning;
  • pain in the abdominal region;
  • gastric disorder;
  • vomiting, «diarrhea».

Such negative symptoms can occur due to overdose. To cure them ordinary activated carbon.

Calcium gluconate is prohibited to people with:

  • inflammation of the kidney acute and chronic types;
  • bleeding and poisoning;
  • irritation on the skin that are not the result of Allergy;
  • dysfunction of the parathyroid glands.
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Myths about calcium gluconate and reality

Глюконат кальция при аллергии: правила приема и отзывы пациентовNow you know how to take this medicine correctly. By the way, treated many of them — almost every second at least once in your life made a «hot shot».

How many people, so many opinions, which at the present time about the gluconate attend various rumors, some of which is absolutely untrue.

In order not to err and not to put false opinion about the cure, let’s define what a tale and what is reality.

In recent years, many claim that calcium in this form is useless. The alleged efficiency can only be achieved from the modern expensive «miracle» counterparts.

In fact, such analogues are superior gluconate only cost, but quality and effectiveness are not different from it.

Another myth: eliminate allergies is only one gluconate. This is not true, as medicine can only mitigate symptoms. But if you combine it with an antihistamine, then the effect will indeed be more powerful.


Whether you are interested in feedback about the cure, which became the topic of this article? I suggest to read some of the most common reviews.

Review Of Oksana:

Happened allergic to the sting of a bee. Appointed injections of gluconate. Initially I thought that this medication does nothing special, but then I found out that I could be there without him. As it turned out, thanks to calcium I got off easy.

Review Of Marina:

Very unpleasant procedure — the introduction of «hot shot». Injections I was prescribed by an allergist in order to strengthen the body. Effect I noticed, as with the use of gluconate Allergy I was easier than usual without treatment.

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The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)