Calcium gluconate in urticaria: reviews and drug

Hello, dear readers. It is generally believed that calcium gluconate is one of the most effective drugs against allergies.

Below we will try to understand, whether so it actually. This drug is characterized by minimum price, which is important at the present time.

It can take both adults and children. One of the most common types of Allergy is urticaria. This disease requires a well-designed symptomatic treatment.

If the use of calcium gluconate?

Глюконат кальция при крапивнице: отзывы и применение препаратаThis is a very effective drug that requires intelligent application. Medical research has shown that allergies are often accompanied by a deficiency of calcium in the blood.

Calcium gluconate is able to replenish nutrients to regulate metabolic processes, and this drug is a positive impact on:

  • permeability and strength of the vascular walls;
  • cells of connective tissue.

Feedback on the presented tool is quite different. Some argue that the drug is absolutely useless.

Others are convinced that after his admission immediately noticed a positive result. It should be noted that this medicine, like any-other, not able to remove the hives.

It should be combined with antihistamines. Calcium gluconate in urticaria has a weak diuretic effect that helps to excrete toxins and other harmful substances.

Can I use kids?

Глюконат кальция при крапивнице: отзывы и применение препаратаHives in children appears for various reasons. Calcium gluconate is not just possible, but necessary to give the child in this disease that is connected with the peculiarities of the child’s body to absorb the above stuff.

The fact that children quickly develop physically. Their connective tissue and bones are growing rapidly, as can be seen with the naked eye.

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In the body of the child often there is a deficiency of calcium. Because of this deteriorating exchange reactions, which negatively affects the immune system.

Sometimes the lack of calcium in a child triggered by a deficiency of vitamin D. Therefore, often together with gluconate children are encouraged to give it substance. Gluconate is particularly effective in the treatment of acute urticaria.

Treatment of an illness calcium chloride

This material is more of a minor impact. It reduces Allergy symptoms. It can be used not only in hives, but with hay fever, angioedema, and other allergic reactions.

After taking it increases the amount of adrenaline secreted into the blood. This substance stimulates the sympathetic nervous system, which helps to reduce swelling and eliminating allergic rashes.

Глюконат кальция при крапивнице: отзывы и применение препаратаTo take this type of calcium is recommended after eating at 0.5-1 tbsp. spoon 5 — or 10-percent solution a couple of times a day. For children other recommended dose: 1-2 tsp a couple of times a day.

This medicine is not assigned if:

  • the patient has a thrombosis;
  • heavy forms of atherosclerosis;
  • excessive blood levels of calcium ions.

It should be remembered that the substance is not recommended to be administered intramuscularly, as this may provoke tissue necrosis. After taking the drug the recommended method is sometimes heartburn.

The correct application of calcium gluconate

Глюконат кальция при крапивнице: отзывы и применение препаратаIt is important to understand that this drug may be prescribed only by a physician considering the patient’s condition, contraindications, indications.

The use of this drug is different. Sometimes the drug is recommended in the form of tablets, in other cases — in the form of injections.

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Intravenous or intramuscular injectiona practiced only in hospitals. The fact that the drug is injected by a special technique.

Children under 3 years of pills of calcium gluconate is not prescribed. In the home-the medication is as follows:

  • adults take 9-10 grams of the drug per day, dividing this dose into 2-3 doses;
  • children 3-4 years take 2 grams of the substance per day, 4 to 6 years — 3 grams, up to 9 years — 6 grams, after 10 years — 9 grams;
  • the elderly is not recommended to take more than 2 grams per day. The fact that in old age the active ingredient of the drug is absorbed slowly.

Глюконат кальция при крапивнице: отзывы и применение препаратаAssigned the dosage recommended to drink approximately one hour before a meal. Tablets are more easily absorbed if crushed before use the powder.

The drug need to drink a lot of plain water without gas and sugar. Some doctors say that medication should be pasteurized cow’s milk.

It contributes to a more rapid absorption of the drug.

Before the use of the above medicines it is recommended to check the content in the body of vitamin D. If this vitamin in the body are insufficient, the gluconate is not able to fully assimilate.

The conclusion of the article

We emphasize again that calcium gluconate is a complementary drug that is able to speed up the healing process and strengthen the body after prolonged illness.

The hives — the unpleasant phenomenon that creates a lot of discomfort that requires competent treatment.

In the first place, the sick are advised to contact the doctor who will help determine the seriousness and causes of the situation.

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Competent, timely treatment is able to defeat the disease quickly and safely. Be healthy!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)