Calendula tincture is when the chickenpox: properties and responses of patients

Настойка календулы при ветрянке: свойства и отзывы пациентовHello curious readers! If you have visited this website, I have read many articles could see the information that tincture of calendula when the chickenpox will have a positive impact on the condition of the skin and accelerate the healing process.

Why it is recommended for viral illness? What so special has calendula? I propose to explore a unique infusion based on it in detail. Happy reading!

The beneficial properties of the calendula tincture on it

Let’s first look at the marigold flowers as it will have done tincture. Flowers have many beneficial properties. Rich chemical composition, including essential oils, were the key to the popularity of this plant in medicine. So, calendula flowers have the following properties:

  • are a powerful antiseptic;
  • reduce inflammation, irritation;
  • reduce the activity of viruses;
  • numb and relieve itching.

What else is needed for the treatment of chickenpox? Perhaps the only drying effect, which provides the alcohol that is present in the composition of tincture. Why use such a drug:

  • for healing of ulcers, wounds, acne, vetranary blisters, boils that are inflamed and did not pass;
  • to cleanse the skin from various defects — warts, corns, age spots and freckles;
  • for the inactivation of the herpes and influenza viruses;
  • to prevent suppuration and inflammatory processes.

Calendula is incredibly quickly heals all wounds. She, falling on the epidermis, do not bake and does not sting. So tincture is recommended to treat Valderice when the chickenpox in children.

By the way, for adults tincture will also be useful. Calendula rarely causes side effects and allergic reactions, so widely used in dermatology.

How to apply infusion pharmacy for processing vetrennay rash?

Настойка календулы при ветрянке: свойства и отзывы пациентовAlcohol-containing medications must be used correctly and carefully. In the composition of the pharmacy tincture alcohol is present, so it may hurt overly sensitive or dry skin.

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If you are going to be treated by the above means and have overly sensitive or dry skin, then apply diluted tincture. How to dilute? It’s very simple.

Dilute 5 ml of the drug in 250 milliliters of water. The resulting solution was washed with wolderine the affected areas of the skin. The procedure must be repeated daily. For the treatment of mild type of chickenpox just one washing a day.

Faster to remove Valderice can undiluted tincture on alcohol. It is necessary to gently RUB the affected areas of epidermis once a day every day until complete disappearance of the rash.

Natural calendula tincture to treat vetrennay rash

Настойка календулы при ветрянке: свойства и отзывы пациентовSome for some reason do not trust pharmaceutical drugs. For such people, I have a recipe of natural remedies on the basis of the marigold flower, which you can prepare at home. This drug is not less effective than the pharmacy.

Is it possible to smear their pimples, caused due to chickenpox, and, for example, youth? Of course, you can. This popular recipe is no less effective than the drugstore version.

So, as preparing natural calendula tincture? To create it you need the following ingredients:

  • the flowers of calendula;
  • alcohol or forty-degree vodka.

In modern time, buy pharmacies alcohol difficult without a prescription, so you can use a forty-degree «nature. product.» Pour vodka (100 ml) 10 grams of the crushed flowers. Leave the mixture to infuse for a week. Stir daily and check in.

After a week, strain the natural cure. All homemade tincture is ready! Now you can use it to process vetrennay rash. The preparation is used topically. Processing is conducted in the same manner as pharmacy medication.

Side effects and contraindications

Настойка календулы при ветрянке: свойства и отзывы пациентовSide effects of medications is not available, however there is a caveat: it enhances the effectiveness of choleretic drugs (drugs based on chamomile and tysjacheletija). Therefore, if you decide to use calendula, please do not use other bile.

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The drug is contraindicated in people who have a hypersensitivity to its main ingredient. In some cases it is prescribed to be ingested.

It is important to note that to use it inside not children under twelve years of age, and pregnant and breast-feeding. The reason for that is alcohol, the second major component of the tincture.

Alcohol solution of calendula can be used together with other medicines (stern cholagogue), but before that it is better to consult a doctor.


I have to say, reviews are almost always positive, as a tincture with calendula effectively treated almost all dermatological diseases. However treatment is not as fast as with more serious drugs. But this medication is safe and versatile.

For example, a review of Eugenia:

Настойка календулы при ветрянке: свойства и отзывы пациентовWas treating chickenpox in baby this tool. Anything other than this and the green stuff, not used. I can say one thing: this tool fully cope with their responsibilities. Valderice dry quickly, began to heal, and the crusts after they passed unnoticed.

And here’s another review of Victor:

Настойка календулы при ветрянке: свойства и отзывы пациентовThis medicine is a mandatory component of the home kit in our family. When smallpox used it both diluted and undiluted. We quickly recovered from Valderice, so I recommend a tincture of calendula!

The final will be review by Olga:

Настойка календулы при ветрянке: свойства и отзывы пациентовKupala child, contrary to the prohibitions of the doctor and smeared with tincture of calendula. The chicken pox was easy and standard without any complications. Dear mom, please note this drug. Its price — a penny, and performance is it better than expensive drugs.

Hopefully, the article you have found answers to all questions concerning the tincture of calendula and its use for the treatment of chickenpox.

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Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)