Can a person become infected with chickenpox a second time?

  • Может ли человек заразиться ветрянкой вторично?Hello, dear visitors of the website on dermatology. Secondary chicken pox is a very rare phenomenon. Because of this, this disease remains poorly understood even in the modern high-tech times.

Often chicken pox happens only once, after which the person creating the immune protection resistant to the virus Varicella Zoster .

But sometimes perevalivaet chicken pox twice. Why is this happening? Whether it is a disease attacking the person again, and is it dangerous it is for life?

Let’s look for the answers to these questions together.

Is it possible to be infected twice?

Secondary chicken pox is a rare phenomenon, as previously mentioned. Therefore, many doctors believe that this disease is confused with something else. How could that happen? It’s very simple.

Может ли человек заразиться ветрянкой вторично?For example, in childhood the child allegedly ill with smallpox (the diagnosis made him), which was uncharacteristic symptoms, but in reality it was not she, but another infectious disease. His medical card put a note that «children’s illness» he had.

And then in adulthood he gets sick of this smallpox. It turns out, is a secondary infection? In medical practice, and so it happened, however, is not always secondary smallpox is diagnosed because of errors of doctors.

Is it possible secondary infection? Above-mentioned ailment, there is an interesting feature. After recovery of virus particles remain in the body in a state resembling sleep.

If I had been ill suddenly will weaken the immune system (and this can happen for various reasons), the virus Varicella Zoster can Wake up and trigger the standard characteristic signs of the disease. While a person appears rash, fever, etc.

But often when the above occurs, suffering develops a complicated form of pox — shingles. This sometimes happens in adults in old age when the body forgets that need to be protected, and fails to produce specific antibodies.

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Может ли человек заразиться ветрянкой вторично?Re-infection may occur in children who had chickenpox in toddlers ‘ age.

If the disease proceeded in the form of light, then the newborn will be hard to notice. The body of the baby is still unfit to defend themselves. Antibodies from smallpox and other illnesses he receives from breast milk.

But if the child is not breast-feeding, it becomes vulnerable and can easily get sick. After illness personal immune protection in infants are not developed, as the immune system is still too weak. Because of this, in older age, for example, at the age of 17, he can carry the pox again.

I want to note again that these situations happen very rarely. Therefore, the secondary chickenpox is still not fully studied. If it occurs, it is necessary to consult a doctor and undergo laboratory tests.

How to understand that you have been infected with smallpox again?

Oddly enough, but in the case of non-standard secondary chicken pox symptoms will be standard:

  • deterioration of the General condition;
  • absence (partial or complete) of appetite;
  • the increase in temperature;
  • the appearance of pimples-folderico filled with clear or cloudy (which is bad) liquid;
  • the maturation of the integrity of the pimples;
  • the occurrence of crusts.

As in the primary infection, the secondary one will be hurt from 14 to 21 days. Symptoms appear after an incubation period together with the first rash. In children with secondary infection may be weighted more symptoms:

  • nausea;
  • dizziness;
  • diarrhea;
  • pain in the abdominal cavity;
  • rash on the internal organs.
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In adults the amount of pimples that you see in the photo, will be more abundant. At the same disease will necessarily occur in a severe form. If smallpox had been ill in childhood in the form of light, the second time in adulthood, she is sure to be heavy.

Symptoms of herpes zoster

Often with secondary activation of the virus in adults herpes zoster starts. Some doctors because of this, it is called secondary chickenpox. But, in fact, this disease is more terrible and dangerous. What are her symptoms? Here is a small list:

  • pain, itching and burning in region of future eruptions (this is a distinctive feature of the disease);
  • the appearance of small localized blisters;
  • the rash only affects one part of the body (side, arm or leg);
  • externally the pimples resemble chain or belt, as are close to each other;
  • the contents of the blisters may be clear liquid, pus or blood;
  • the rash appears during the day, repeated waves does not occur;
  • after maturation of the pimples form a large long not healing ulcers.

This viral infection is very unpleasant, I agree. What do you think, is it possible to get it without prior chickenpox? You can as the shingles is less contagious than smallpox.

Treatment of disease in any manifestation

Unfortunately, to date there is no specific treatment that could defeat the virus. Treated only the symptoms, and therapy will be the same with the chicken pox and shingles. By the way, shingles will leak longer, namely 3-4 weeks.

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In the course of treatment the symptoms are eliminated:

  • reduced temperature;
  • disinfected the elements of the rash;
  • eases itching and pain;
  • accelerates the healing process of pimples and maturation of the peels.

Pimples smeared green paint or fukortsin. To remove the fever using paracetamol. In any case it is impossible to confuse her with aspirin.

To remove itching and discomfort will help special drugs (such as Acyclovir, Suprastin, tincture of calendula, etc.), as well as folk remedies (baths with potassium permanganate, soda, herbal teas).

That’s all the information about the secondary chickenpox. I hope I have fully satisfied your curiosity. Tell us about what you’re reading with your friends on social networks and subscribe to site updates. All the best to you!