Can genital warts disappear by themselves?

Могут ли кондиломы исчезнуть сами?Hello dear visitor of our website. In this article we will look at whether there is a likelihood that genital warts are without the use of any treatment.

Condylomata is a fairly common disease, many are faced with its clinical manifestations several times in my life, so first of all, patients are interested in treatment and the possibility of self-disappearance of the warts.

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Warts are small growths around the genitals, anus, and also on the mucous membrane of the internal genital organs and rectum. Anogenital warts caused by certain types of human papillomavirus, most are 6 and 11.

More than half of the cases the person is infected sexually, other options have on the household way of infection, transmission of the pathogen from mother to child.

In recent years, the number of people who suffer from this disease has increased more than 10 times. You should know that not every person after contact with a sick infected with virus, moreover, genital warts can disappear by themselves, if you establish a way of life, strengthen the immune system.

What determines the development of the disease?

The beginning of clinical manifestations is directly dependent on the «relationship» of the pathogen and microorganism. The virus may not manifest itself for years, or if symptoms are observed, after a time, the warts themselves can go.

Factors that contribute to the appearance of the first symptoms or the worsening of existing:

  • Long flowing diseases of the reproductive organs, and whole organism;
  • Prima medicines for a long time;
  • Any impact on the body, which leads to reduced immunity (radiation, disease with chronic, acute infectious diseases);
  • Stress, overwork, physical uncontrolled load;
  • Pregnancy;
  • Senile age;
  • Early sexual debut;
  • Frequent change of sexual partners;
  • If the patient had partners, had connections with individuals, patients with anogenital warts;
  • Young age (more common signs of HPV in individuals 20 to 24 years).
  • Condylomatosis patients are obvious carriers of the infection, while infected people at risk in 65% of cases after 90 days to see the first manifestations.

    The development of the clinical picture

    After penetration into the body, the virus enters the skin layers and mucous membranes. Then begins its incubation period, which lasts from several months to several years. While the exciter is located in the deep layers of the skin, it is not transmitted to others.

    Могут ли кондиломы исчезнуть сами?


    As soon as the dead skin cells exfoliated, virus along with them getting closer to the surface of the skin, so after a while he will begin to be transmitted even through the handshake.

    If you have a deficiency in the immune system, chronic diseases, among which a special danger is posed by STDs (chlamydia, candidiasis, trichomoniasis), risk of first clinical manifestations the maximum.

    Genital first appear small growths that may be confused with pearly papules. At the same time the patient may experience itching, burning during intercourse, after.

    If no action is taken, warts only grow in size, become visible cosmetic defect, a rare condylomatous goes away.

    Large education cause pain through friction (during sexual intercourse, about the clothes), they bleed and become inflamed. Friction only aggravate the disease, causing the growth of warts.

    Further, the pattern totally depends on the condition of the body, appropriate treatment. Sometimes papillomas of course fall off themselves without the use of serious drugs. For example, the known positive results when using only cycloferon, resorcinol powder, candles with antiviral components.

    Cases, when warts reach a considerable size, are growing steadily, require surgical intervention. In addition, antiviral drugs (Cidofovir, Interferon, Imiquimod) have many serious side effects, therefore their widespread use is limited.

    None of the currently available drugs are unable to ensure that HPV to be held after the treatment itself.

    Given that warts can disappear by themselves, in recent times in the world being developed, which focused mainly on the development of vaccines, and not for the treatment of HPV.

    The causative agent of condylomatosis studied enough, established its role in the development of tumor diseases, especially cervical cancer, while men penis.

    Могут ли кондиломы исчезнуть сами?The virus to completely withdraw from the body will fail, but by following the rules of rational nutrition, lifestyle, strengthen the immune system, it is possible to ensure the absence of recurrence for a long time.

    Warts can sometimes disappear in women after birth, if they first appeared during pregnancy. Therefore, during pregnancy, doctors normally do not resort to drastic to remove them, waiting for the birth of the child.

    At this time, the woman can prescribe safe medications, e.g., solcoseryl, which is also zarekomendoval in pediatric practice. After a few weeks of use warts usually fall off themselves.

    Exceptional cases with large warts require removal, to be able to birth naturally.

    In any case, do not delay with the visit to the doctor. Recall that the warts resolve themselves in exceptional cases, usually early in the disease with all the doctor’s appointments.

    The delay could trigger the growth of tumors and the spread of infection to other parts of the body. At this time you are an active carrier. After treatment to prevent relapse is recommended to improve health, working out, following proper nutrition.

    You should pay attention to the way of life, the rational allocation of time for work and rest, do not overload yourself with work, both mental and physical, avoid stress, negative emotions.

    The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)

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