Can get a herpes in the ear or is it some other disease?

Hello my dear readers! Appeared erisipela in the ear? Why this happened and what to do now? Article will teach you quickly and effectively treat this infection, as well as talk about the reasons for its occurrence.

I recently met with an ear sore…

Может ли вскочить герпес в ухе или это какая то другая болячка?Recently I had a patient complaining of discomfort and a rash inside the ear. Carefully examining his ears, I noticed the rash, and not just on the lobe, but inside the ear canal.

I immediately became clear – this erisipela of the first type, which is also found on the lips. But how the virus got to the ears?

Patient I assigned standard tests – ELISA and swab for bacterial analysis. The diagnosis was confirmed and we began treatment. Why did this happen? Let’s start with the reasons.

Why the infection can jump to such a strange place?

The main reason – human negligence. Let’s say you are faced with infections of the lips and ignored the treatment. In this case, nothing prevents the virus to spread to other parts of the body.

And you could bring back the virus, if carelessly addressed with a rash, and then climb these same hands to the lugs. By the way, the second reason applies more to children.

So you know, if the child has developed symptoms of the virus in the ear canal or the sink, so he moved there virus.

What types of infection can be?

Может ли вскочить герпес в ухе или это какая то другая болячка?Not only the first one (actually 8) of herpes viruses is able to isnegative in the ear canal. The second (genital) third (virus Zoster, aka chicken pox aka herpes zoster) also can there to settle down.

To be honest, the virus generally don’t care where I isnegative, as long as it was epithelium, because only in the epithelial cells it can multiply.

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In order to find the really effective and quick treatment, it is necessary to determine the exact cause (pathogen) of the disease. But just so you do to the doctor will not go, right? To the hospital we go with certain symptoms. What are the symptoms may indicate ear disease?

Main features:

  • Main – rash as pictured, which can jump anywhere, like on the walls of the shell, on the earlobe, in the ear canal, behind the sink. The rash is itchy and bakes, gradually collapses, and then is covered with a crust. From it constantly oozing infected fluid, dangerous not only for the fact that it has a virus in large numbers, but also because it serves as an excellent medium for pathogenic bacteria. If they get in the wound appears swelling. If shingles rash is not only itchy, but also terribly hurt, and not only she, but also the neighboring parcels, especially those under which passes the trigeminal nerve.
  • An additional symptom of the deterioration of General health. The patient suffer from headaches, fever, nausea, dizziness, fever. Can improve HELL, and if the virus will penetrate deeper, then there’s a problem with balance.
  • More often patients with this form of infection swelling. Swells all the space around the ear, as well as it itself. Swelling can slide on the face and neck.
  • Optional, but a possible sign – inflammation of the regional lymph nodes. To become inflamed and can grow behind the ear, neck, submandibular nodes. This usually occurs only on the side where to focus disease.
  • For example, notice the symptoms. What to do? To stay home sick or to go to the hospital? Is it possible to infect others, or is it safe disease? Of course, you can infect as erisipela is one of the most infectious pathologies.

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    So don’t sit at home and do not engage in daily activities and better go to the hospital to the physician, dermatologist or ENT doctor.

    How to treat?

    The treatment is performed in the standard way with the help of antiviral drugs:

    • Tromantadine;
    • Acyclovir;
    • Of famciclovir;
    • Of valacyclovir and similar.

    If herpes in the ear too deep or spread to other parts of the body, while these drugs are introduced by injection or drip, but if the situation is more or less easy, then accepts the pills. In addition, the rash should be treated with special ointments:

    • Sivaraksa;
    • The zovirax;
    • Gerbercom;
    • With Panavir, etc.

    What kind of ointment to choose decided by the attending specialist. Perhaps in the course of treatment, the drug will have to change, if the previous fail. Standard duration of treatment – 14 days.

    In people with immunodeficiency, the infection can evolve with different complications. People like this need to take further Immunostimulants, such as Leikinferon, Isoprinosine and IFN.

    For pain relief and anti-itch accepted analgesics. To restore the organ of hearing, are assigned to individual drugs Dibazol and Neostigmine and the like, accelerates regeneration. And for treatment it is allowed to use some folk remedies. Want to know what? Then check out the list.

    Folk remedies with protivovirucnam action

  • Essential oils – camphor, fir, sea buckthorn, tea tree. Oils need to smear the rash three times a day until complete disappearance.
  • Ice is a great remedy for emergency assistance if a strong itch. When the rash begins to itch terribly, you need to wipe it down with a cube of pure ice. After this procedure, the discomfort will disappear, but unfortunately, only temporarily.
  • Hydrogen peroxide 3% — suitable for disinfection of wounds. It twice a day to treat the problem, carefully so she did not get inside the ear canal.
  • A solution of baking soda – half a Cup of water a teaspoon of baking soda. In solution wetted cotton wool and then put it into the ear canal for 15 minutes. Treatment of the rash thus can be performed several times a day.
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    Now you know how to treat the above disease. In spite of this, be sure to go to the doctor if symptoms appear. Do not self-medicate, as it is very dangerous!

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    Author: Victoria Omelchenko (dermatologist)