Can herpes be transmitted through kissing?

Good day, dear readers! What do you think, is it possible to get herpes through kissing? Don’t know how to answer this question? Let’s see.

Article will tell you about how the infection occurs, the infection carrier is particularly dangerous and what kissing can cause infection.

Why I wanted to create this article and to answer the above question?

Может ли герпес передаваться через поцелуй?Recently, standing in a shop queue, watching the scene: mommy Lisp of the child, kisses and hugs.

Like normal standard picture, it is not unusual, but it should be noted that while mommy was on my lips herpes rash!

This situation often and I notice I always want to approach these moms and ask: do you know how to pass erisipela? You are not afraid to infect the child?

Unfortunately, many people do not know about how this illness is spreading. More to say, some even think it is contagious, that personally shocks me!

This infection is actually a very contagious, rapidly spreading infection and inventive, which will always find a way to get into your body.

So you do not doubt the veracity of my words, here’s the official stats: 95% of our planet’s inhabitants are infected with erisipela and more than half of them – it is a disease of the lips.

So let’s find out the answer to the question whether herpes is transmitted through kissing? How would you have answered? Not dispatched or dispatched but not always? Now read the correct answer.

There are no such contacts with a sick person?

Of course, dangerous! Why, you ask? But because:

  • the herpes virus contains in all biological liquids of the person in saliva, urine, blood, etc.;
  • its maximum concentration in the organism is observed in the period of exacerbation (when symptoms appear on the lips);
  • through mucous membranes the virus is generally unimpeded;
  • especially infectious is the content of the herpetic rash infested with viruses.
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Let’s say you’re sick, you have noticeable symptoms and you kiss someone (child, husband, wife, etc.). At this point, you’re giving the man thousands of viral particles.

They will find a way to get inside the body, however, then most of them will die (the immune system starts to fight), but some of it settles in the skin cells and begin to multiply.

The period from infection to first symptoms is called the incubation. Read the separate article on this website about the duration of the incubation period, the different types of herpes viruses.

Which contacts threat?

Может ли герпес передаваться через поцелуй?Through all whether kissing transmitted disease? Maybe if kiss on the cheek, then nothing will happen?

We have already mentioned that the virus enters through the mucous freely. What about the skin?

Through the skin to penetrate more difficult, as it is less conductive. But even if the virus gets on the skin, infection can still occur, but this requires special conditions.

To the virus penetrates through the skin, it should be:

  • scratches;
  • abrasion;
  • pimples;
  • any other wound.

If you do not see the wound, it does not mean that they are not there. Even a hairline fracture can miss an infection inside of the body.

But if no symptoms, then the infection will happen?

I hope you understand what happens when kissing, if the symptoms of girisindeki is, and if not, then what happens? In this case, infection can also occur with only minimal probability.

In the period of exacerbation, the number of viruses in the body increases significantly. Then our immune system begins to fight them and destroying a large part of infected cells.

At the time of recovery, the concentration of virus in the body is minimal, but the virus still remains there (it’s an incurable disease), so, theoretically, be infected through kissing if there is no symptoms, you can.

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The probability of infection increases if to kiss «grown-up». But if on the cheek, then the skin will get only the saliva, where the concentration of virus was insufficient for infection.

Once again, the lack of it will only be in remission, when symptoms of infection.

What other contacts can cause contamination?

With the usual kisses, we understood, now let’s move on to more unusual ones like to perform oral sex. Can erisipela to spread this way?

It turns out that you can! More to say, therefore, apply not only lipstick, but also genital. That’s the standard cases:

  • People with a sore on the lips engaged in oral sex with a healthy person, and then have a healthy there is a similar problem, but only on the genitals or on the lips.
  • On the contrary, a healthy man engaged in oral sex with the patient. After that will appear healthy either lip or genital infection.
  • As you know, lipstick shape provokes virus type 1 (generally the number of herpes viruses is equal to 8), and genital is type 2. These types are called simple because they are very similar and have long been known.

    The first may behave as the second, and the second as the first. That’s why in the beginning of the article I said that the infection is characterized by ingenuity.

    Preventive rules

    After reading the article you can understand what should be the prevention of herpes. Listed below are the main preventive rules:

    • do not kiss a sick person, if I see that he has the symptoms;
    • don’t kiss people if they are sick (in the period of exacerbation);
    • use protection during sex, even during oral.
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    I also advise you to monitor their immunity, since the disease can only develop in a weakened body! Not SuperCool, time to heal, take care of yourself.

    Try not to worry, as stress weakens the immune system even stronger than any illness.

    That’s all, thank you for your attention. Subscribe to our updates and share articles with their friends on social networks. All the best to you! All the while!

    The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)