Can I have sex with genital warts?

Можно ли заниматься сексом при кондиломах?Welcome dear visitor to our website. Today we will try to clearly answer the question of whether to have sex with warts?

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Medicine nowadays there are hundreds of infectious diseases, sexually transmitted. Despite the improvement of therapeutic interventions, information, medicine in General, the number of patients is growing steadily.

The reason for this is illiteracy of the population, especially young people. They are little aware about sexually transmitted infections, and few of us try to prevent them.

Such diseases include condylomata, which is considered to be quite a formidable infection, which has a considerable harm, both physical and mental health.

The main issue concerning this infection is considered the way of its distribution. Since ancient times, the warts were described as genital growths, which are sexually transmitted. Localization of warts in the anal area associated most often with anal contact, which once again confirms the transmission of HPV.


Condylomatous is characterized by the presence of the skin or mucous growths. They are often multiple and massive in size. The preferential locations are the genitals and the anus.

The disease carries a certain risk. It is not only a cosmetic defect, which can cause the development of complexes or fear of sexual life, but also a threat to health and even life of the patient.

With the sprouting warts prevent normal sexual life, but, unfortunately, a high percentage of patients drawn only when the growths do not allow them to have sex.

First and foremost, patients are concerned about issues: is it possible to completely get rid of the infection it is allowed to have sex in the presence of warts, what are the risks of the disease?
To completely get rid of the virus is almost impossible that he can persist in an inactive form in the thickness of the healthy tissue.

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It is for this reason the disease is often recurrent in nature, causing the patient to seek medical help.

Sex in the presence of genital warts is possible if they have not reached considerable size.

But there are a number of negative aspects: the patient continues to pose a threat to your sexual partner, the effectiveness of condoms has not been proven (that is, their application does not reduce the risk of infection), during intercourse warts are injured, they bleed, cause pretty intense pain.

To avoid referral to a specialist will not work even with mild skin lesions or mucous membranes, as over time the growths will increase in size and will cause intense pain.

Frequent injury leads to penetration of bacterial infection and suppuration therefore, patients who at the time did not went to the doctor, risk provoking the development of sinus tracts that will periodically become inflamed.

Among the population there is a myth that the virus is transmitted exclusively by vaginal contact, but it is not. Observed that warts in some patients, localized in the mucous membrane of the mouth, indicating oral sex. And anal growths are «companion» of many homosexuals.


Since the virus is transmitted even when using condoms, the best way to prevention is abstinence from sex. If the patient still continues to have sex with genital warts, it is possible to advise to observe the following rules:

  • The use of condoms. The method, unfortunately, does not give an absolute guarantee, but it can significantly reduce the risk of infection. Condoms can’t protect all the skin or mucous membranes of the genitals from contact, so the possibility of infection remains;
  • Before you engage in sexual contact, do not hesitate to talk with your partner about the disease, maybe he did not know about the existence of HPV and the risk of proliferation;
  • Personally if you have the symptoms, limit contact, stop sexual life during the treatment so as not to spread the infection;
  • Do not engage in sexual relationships with obviously ill persons;
  • Don’t change partners because the risk of infection increases in proportion to their number.
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    Condylomatous genital mutilation significantly reduces quality of life. Unfortunately, the sex even after the disappearance or removal of warts, may be painful. This is mainly seen in women.

    The pain is mainly related to two factors: scarring, and the emergence of new (recurrent) warts, or remains after treatment in the form of small formations. In any case, the growths should be removed before the end.

    Scars are formed mainly when using aggressive methods of treatment: radio-wave, laser, Surgitron machine, conventional surgical methods. However, patients frequently complain of re-examination to unbearable pain during intercourse.

    After the process of moxibustion appeared warts, sex after a few weeks. It all depends on the amount of damage, method of treatment, characteristics of the organism. So, if possible, it is better to treat condylomata conservative methods.


    HPV refers to incurable diseases, and very rarely the body to fight off the infection. Treatment it expensive and time-consuming, not always pleasant. In the presence of warts the patient sometimes requires multiple repeated courses of treatment to achieve remission, delay the onset of relapse.
    Можно ли заниматься сексом при кондиломах?Warts do not appear in a single amount, so do not be afraid of deep examination (colposcopy for women, consultation of proctologist), as the disease quickly manifest themselves again, but with a worst prognosis.

    When refusal of treatment the patient has pain, bleeding, recurrent inflammation and possible entry of the virus into the tissues of the urinary tract, bronchi, infection of the child. In addition, some virus strains provoke cancer.

    With an integrated approach to the treatment of its effectiveness is quite high — about 50% of patients reach recovery, «the virus asleep», will be deactivated.

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    The best prevention of condylomata remains a healthy lifestyle, regular screening, support the immune system through a balanced diet, sports, reducing emotional stress, stress.

    Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)