Can you swim with urticaria or not?

Hello, dear readers. Very often, people appear on the skin different kind of skin, accompanied by burning and itching. Such symptoms has a disease such as urticaria.

It can last a few days or months and many are wondering whether it is possible to swim and bathe in the course of the disease? If this does not cause complications? Let’s try to sort out this problem.

The hives to take a bath to an adult?

Можно ли купаться при крапивнице или нет?Urticaria is an allergic condition, which is expressed in the form of blisters and rash on the surface of the skin and mucous membranes.

The disease is of several types, some of them, as well as acute manifestations of the bathroom can not be accepted.

Often the disease is accompanied by fever, chills, angioedema. During these exacerbations the washing is strictly prohibited.

Can you swim with urticaria without fever? The answer is Yes. This is due to the fact that if you get rid of hygienic procedures at the time of the disease, it will only aggravate the itching and burning due to skin contamination.

By scratching can damage the skin, and because of this, probably getting an infection inside the body.

Note that in some types of urticaria (e.g., cholinergic) from bathing with hot water should be avoided.

If you are unable to abandon such a pleasant procedure, you should follow a few rules.

The water in the bath should not be more than 38 degrees. In this temperature regime, the rash will not spread over the surface of the skin. While the disease will not back down, avoid any contact with hot and cold water.

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Remember, the shower needs to be daily, but better take a bath once a week. While wash is not more than 20 minutes.

Можно ли купаться при крапивнице или нет?Make sure you are not allergic to personal hygiene products (gels, shampoos, soap). First test them on a small area of skin.

The most optimal solution would be pharmaceutical preparations for washing the hair and body, designed for people with allergies (labeled «hypoallergenic»).

In addition, they have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects, along with no dyes and perfumes.

If your body is covered with blisters and rash, do not use washcloths and scrubs. They can damage the skin, which will exacerbate existing problems.

Once finished bathing, do not wipe, and blot the surface of the body with a towel. After that is applied to the skin hypoallergenic cream (preferably purchased at a pharmacy).

Is it allowed to wash and bathe the children?

Можно ли купаться при крапивнице или нет?It’s practically the first question the parents of allergic children. In fact, the contraindications to hygienic water treatment in the period of the disease does not exist, neither for adults nor for children.

You should only thoroughly clean the bath before the procedure to her left, skin irritating household cleaning.

When bathing baby, you can use decoctions of herbs, which will reduce itching and burning of the skin (calendula, chamomile, etc.).

Remember, all dishwashing must be approved by your pediatrician. Now in pharmacy numerous gels and shampoos for kids, antiallergic effect.

As seawater affects the skin rashes?

Можно ли купаться при крапивнице или нет?Is it possible to swim in the sea in case of urticaria? This issue is acute in the summer, because hives can catch the man while on vacation.

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In General, sea water has beneficial effects on all types of diseases, as salt contained in it, removes puffiness, itching and after a swim you can do to completely get rid of the disease. But remember, if you have a fever, then bathing is contraindicated.

The exception is heat, cold, and solar urticaria. When the first and last not to stay long in the sun, as this will only aggravate the situation.

If you have an Allergy to the cold, cool sea water also will not have a positive impact on your condition.

What to do if you have an Allergy to water?

Можно ли купаться при крапивнице или нет?Some people have water hives. In this disease swimming is very problematic.

During contact with water such patients occur rash, mucous swell and redden. In this case, swimming has strict limitations:

  • The wash time is shortened to 2 minutes;
  • Before the procedure, water should be boiled to eliminate from it any metals and harmful substances;
  • Better to use filtered water or taken from the source.
  • The water should be warm, not more than 38 degrees.

Just before taking a bath or shower take antihistamines prescribed by your doctor. Already affected areas of the body oil oily ointment or cream that they do not contact with water. Can also use decoctions of herbs.

When bathing is forbidden?

Можно ли купаться при крапивнице или нет?You should not shower or bathe in the formation on the body pustular formations. First, get rid of them, because the slightest damage, pus may spread along the surface of the skin, causing infection clean skin.

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Do not swim up until you will be confident in the diagnosis of urticaria. There is such a disease as streptoderma with similar symptoms. At this illness swimming is completely prohibited.

As mentioned above, any water treatments throughout at an increased temperature of the body, edema. To reduce her take paracetamol.

It can be as children (in syrup) and adults (tablets, capsules). If the fever goes for 5 days, you should consult a doctor.

During periods of acute urticaria should not swim in open, flowing waters.

So, daily showering if you have no certain contraindications only have a beneficial effect on General health: reduced itching, redness, swelling.

If you do everything correctly, following the above recommendations, you will be able to get rid of the symptoms of urticaria. Be healthy!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)