Candidal dermatitis: medications that will help to quickly get rid of the disease

Кандидозный дерматит: медикаменты, которые помогут быстро избавиться от болезниGood day dear readers! Probably, already nobody will remember, whether there were problems with the skin of the baby in the days when there were no disposable diapers.

But nevertheless, diaper rash is common in babies, and when the ordinary redness becomes wet and starts to peel off – time to sound the alarm.

In this section we will explain what is Candida dermatitis, and what measures should be taken to your child’s skin regained its normal, healthy shape.

The causes of the disease

The skin of very young children is very gentle and is designed so that any stimulus leaves its trace on it. Most often diaper rash cause by the following factors:

  • moist environment;
  • evaporation of urine and feces;
  • harmful microorganisms.

Candidal dermatitis is one kind of diaper, because it occurs on the skin affected by the rash under the influence of pathogenic microflora of the fungus.


Кандидозный дерматит: медикаменты, которые помогут быстро избавиться от болезниAs fungal dermatitis begins with a mild rash, and later, if not treating skin, in infants occur soak and ulcers.

As a rule, all occurs in the groin area because this place has poor ventilation and a moist environment.

If it so happens that the diaper rash your baby has acquired purulent lesions that are from the groin area and gradually spread upwards, the treatment should start immediately.

Skin disease caused by fungus is very dangerous for kids! You can look just above the photo that looks like a disease.


Кандидозный дерматит: медикаменты, которые помогут быстро избавиться от болезниIf diaper rash, a small rash and irritation in children can be cured at home without medicines and doctors, when at the scene of the fungus, you need to make an appointment with the pediatrician.

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The fact that the doctor with the highest precision will be able to put a diagnosis and prescribe a treatment that will suit your baby.

Therapy of Candida dermatitis consists of protivogribkovi ointment. There are quite a wide range:

  • Pimafucin;
  • Nystatin;
  • Travogen;
  • Nizoral and others.

The pimafutsin and Nistatinum is not contraindicated since the first days of a child’s life and are valid only for the causative agent of the disease.

Perianal dermatitis may cause severe itching, making the baby uncomfortable, so his treatment of additionally prescribe a soothing cream.

Prescribed ointment applied to the affected skin several times a day. It is very important in the days of recovery to let the baby be without diapers so your skin can breathe.

As we already know that fungal diseases do not tolerate dryness and light. So after washing leave the baby for a while just on the diaper. Please note that you need to wash the groin area baby soap several times a day.

With proper selection of anti-fungal cream and proper skin care on the second day you will notice an improvement.

A week will pass ulcers and epidermis completely restored after ten-fourteen days.


Кандидозный дерматит: медикаменты, которые помогут быстро избавиться от болезниOf course, it’s easier never to bring. And it is clear that dermatitis with purulent complications and fungal microflora is primarily a health code violation.

To prevent such developments it is important to wash the baby at every diaper change, while soap can be used one to two times a day.

Also soap to wash off the remains of feces to aggressive environment did not impact negatively on the groin area.

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Dry with a soft towel only from natural fabrics, and after — to leave these places for a while for airing.

Diapers should be changed every three hours, regardless of its content, and give preference to high-quality diapers with a protective layer is arranged in such a way that does not pass the remaining moisture ago.

Don’t forget to dress your child for the weather, otherwise when too warm clothing, sweat can also create preconditions for the development of various skin problems.

The pathology of the disease in adults

Кандидозный дерматит: медикаменты, которые помогут быстро избавиться от болезниAs a rule, the disease is inherent in a recumbent patient and the cause here may lie in the same diaper and bedsores.

Any skin lesion has the risk of infection by the fungus. Also older people have reduced function regeneration, therefore, treatment can be long and the healing will have to use not only external products. So here, too, it is important to observe preventive measures.

To sum up it should be noted that diaper rash, candidal dermatitis prior to safely pass with proper care and perhaps through the use of a drying ointment.

If you run the problem, it can pose a serious danger to the baby. The younger the child, the danger is greater, and the time of treatment less.

Within 72 hours the fungus from a skin condition can go into the internal. Inadequate care and incorrect hygiene can also play a negative role.

However, if this occurred, fungal dermatitis cures only a doctor and you need to show him the child for diagnosis.

The scheme of treatment usually consists of antifungal ointments such, the use of which is permitted from birth, and apply it several times a day after diaper changes and subsequent washing of the groin area.

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Healing occurs within two weeks. Preventive measures consist of proper hygiene, timely change diapers and frequent airing.

In conclusion, the article put video where the dermatologist tells in detail about the disease:

Take care of your children, may they grow healthy! While!

The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)