Castor oil warts: review of tools and reviews of people after applying

Касторовое масло от бородавок: обзор средства и отзывы людей после примененияHello dear readers!

In today’s post I want to tell you about the healing properties of castor oil.

This drug familiar to many, its not exactly a pleasant taste and smell.

But, it is worth noting that using this drug can be rid of such skin problems as warts, which bring a lot of inconvenience and defect.

What is castor oil and where is it used?

Касторовое масло от бородавок: обзор средства и отзывы людей после примененияCastor oil is a totally natural product that is made from castor beans, plants belonging to the family Euphorbiaceae.

It is worth to note that herbalists have noted this plant as one of the most poisonous. In addition rezinovaja oil in the seeds of plants includes two toxic substances ricin and ricinin.

The production of castor oil is in this way that the toxic substances remain in the cake, and the oily substance is not only safe, but also beneficial to the human body. The active ingredient of castor oil is ricinoleic acid.

On the exterior, this medicine like all vegetable oils, has a viscous structure, yellowish color and little odor.

Those who once tried to take inside this tool, know that it has no pronounced taste, but the aftertaste is so frustrating that sometimes causes a gag reflex.

A bit of historical facts

Касторовое масло от бородавок: обзор средства и отзывы людей после примененияThe healing properties of castor oil were known to ancient Egyptians, who called him «Kiki» and used not only at home but also for cooking.

In China still use it for cooking of dishes of national cuisine. In the absence of electricity, castor oil is used for lighting of houses and temples.

To produce it’s natural oil, castor seed roasted, boiled, triturated with salt. In our time it is pressed using a special press.

Before this material is actively used in medicine, as perorally drug. With it stimulated labor in women, also actively used for dealing with constipation.

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Today pharmacy uses it to treat many skin problems, as the active ingredient of liniments.

The scope of the tools in our time

Касторовое масло от бородавок: обзор средства и отзывы людей после примененияDue to its diverse effects on the human body, the scope of application of castor oil is quite wide. When used correctly, the drug has such a therapeutic effect:

  • anti-inflammatory;
  • emollient;
  • nutrient;
  • regenerating;
  • antispasmodic;
  • resolving;
  • laxative.

Successfully used castor oil, and preparations made on its basis in the treatment of gynecological, gastroenterological, dermatological diseases.

The use of castor oil in modern dermatology

Касторовое масло от бородавок: обзор средства и отзывы людей после примененияMost often, dermatologists use castor oil warts. Moreover, with its help you can quickly and efficiently get rid of many growths on the skin, even against virus, senile and plantar warts.

With a problem like warts on the skin of the body, is familiar to many patients. Modern medicine offers many ways of their removal, including cryotherapy, laser surgery and cauterization with chemicals.

But, most patients prefer natural and safe methods. How to get rid of warts using castor oil, tell our advice.

Herbalists and dermatologists recommend, warty growths on the skin regularly lubricated with castor oil three times a day.

According to feedback from patients, the therapeutic effect comes rather quickly, after only 2-3 days of use, the warts are significantly reduced in size and dry.

Treatment should be continued until, until the skin is purified, and the former site of the warts remain a small speck of pale pink.

Traditional healers suggest applying the product on the wart using a quill pen, as if to enhance the effect. But, regardless of the application method, the medicine is really effective against warts.

How to apply oil for prevention of skin diseases and in cosmetology?

Касторовое масло от бородавок: обзор средства и отзывы людей после примененияTo prevent the formation of new warts on the body, after removing them with castor oil are advised to prepare a preventive remedy based on the same substance.

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Beauticians and dermatologists recommend prophylactic use castor oil in diluted form.

The efficacy and safety of a 10% solution of castor oil makes it a versatile beauty product that can be safely used on the face. This drug must be lubricated places remote warts at least 2-3 times a week.

In addition, this concentration of substance removes cracks, scars m other skin blemishes. Many beauticians use it to care for the delicate skin of the eyelids and eyelashes.

And noted that regular use of castor oil makes eyelashes thicker, well-groomed and healthy.

And recommend you watch this introductory video prepared our website, where detailed information about the tool:

Masks for hair, prepared on the basis of castor bean oil help to quickly and safely cope with dandruff, hair loss and fragility.

To fully restore the hair will help the mask prepared according to this recipe: 1 egg yolk 14 tbsp castor oil, 1 teaspoon lemon juice, 1 teaspoon of melted honey and 1 vial of aloe.

All the ingredients are mixed until homogeneous and applied to the entire length of hair, focusing on roots.

This procedure is recommended to use 1 time a week, for month, 4 weeks to repeat a course of 4 treatments.

Such treatment in the home’s effectiveness is to compare with a professional Spa treatment, the cost of this procedure ten times lower.

Dermatologists quite often face not only the warts, but and hyperpigmentation. How funny would it sounds, but here castor oil is the number one tool.

It is sufficient to lubricate the skin of the face or body divorced castor oil for 1 month, her condition and a healthy glowing appearance will be the pride of the patient, and freckles and pigment Pyatina disappear forever.

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Contraindications and side effects

Касторовое масло от бородавок: обзор средства и отзывы людей после примененияCastor oil is a perfectly safe remedy when used topically. The only contraindication may be individual intolerance to the drug or its components.

Of the side effects you may receive a peeling and burning sensation in areas of application of the concentrated solution.

Usually, this medicine is well tolerated and does not cause negative reactions on the part of the patient.

To clear your skin of warts and other dermatological problems, it is not necessary to resort to expensive procedures simply acquire castor oil in your medicine Cabinet.

But like any sane doctor, I strongly recommend that before you remove warts to consult a dermatologist for a consultation, and only after his permission, and necessary examinations, proceed to such a treatment.

Be beautiful and happy! If the topic is interesting to you or can be summoned any questions, share your thoughts with us in the comments.

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)