Cat ringworm: recommended antifungal drugs for the treatment of

Кошачий лишай: рекомендуемые противогрибковые препараты для леченияWelcome to our website! An important question for many parents becomes the treatment of lichen, which exists in animals, often cats and humans.

In today’s article I will talk about the Microsporum, that is ringworm, which is the most contagious disease among animals and among human population.

What is the disease?

Cutting, or feline herpes, is zooantroponoses infection, prevalent worldwide.

Pathogens — the fungi kind, Microsporum, the source of which in 80% of cases are cats, mostly stray. These cats are easily identified, almost always.

Кошачий лишай: рекомендуемые противогрибковые препараты для леченияThey have some of the parts of the body lesions of Microsporum: is a bald muzzle, ears, paws, tail, around the mouth and nose.

The skin is covered with scales, and uneven visible broken hairs. Sometimes the source of infection are people, such as relatives, neighbors or friends.

Infection is promoted by poor personal hygiene and sexual partners when the location of the lesions on the thighs, pubis and abdomen.

Of particular danger are the poor, the homeless, who are not only the source of scabies, pediculosis, but most of the fungal infections.

If the disease is transmitted through objects? Parents should know that the left in the hallways strollers can be a source of infection in children, as they sleep stray cats.

The incidence varies throughout the year, which is associated with the period of reproduction in cats. Peaks of incidence: from may to June and from September to October.

Children, who after a vacation back in the schools, carefully examine on the subject of contact diseases.

On the clinical picture

Кошачий лишай: рекомендуемые противогрибковые препараты для леченияThe incubation period after contact with a sick person or animal is 5 to 7 days.

Then the skin, usually in open areas, there are signs of red scaly patches. The preferential localization of the neck, hands and feet, chest and face.

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Spot range is from 1 to 4 cm, the edge sharp. There are cases of multiple spots, so-called disseminated microsporia.

This happens when the animal take to his bed, under his shirt to warm, and then during water treatment rubbing the infection throughout the body.

The lesions of ringworm also apply in irrational treatment, for example, the use of ointments based on corticosteroids, which reduce the local factors of immune protection.

The defeat of the scalp

Кошачий лишай: рекомендуемые противогрибковые препараты для леченияLooks like ringworm on your head? Typical places of localization of the head and parietal and temporal region. The patient you can see the following symptoms: bald patches up to 5 cm

They have crisp edges and screenings at the periphery. Hair in the affected lesion fade, break down at almost the same distance from the skin (4-6 mm.), trimmed look.

The surface of the skin appears rough and broken hairs surrounded by a white cushion their scales (photo).

Traditionally, ringworm was considered a disease of children, but in recent years, cases of zoster in the adult population.

Obviously, it’s unsustainable ecological situation, growth of immunodeficiency diseases and neuroendocrine disorders.


Кошачий лишай: рекомендуемые противогрибковые препараты для леченияStrategy the treatment of athlete’s foot depends on its localization, prevalence. The disease is contagious, so until complete recovery is not to avoid direct contact with others.

Medical drugs should be used antimycotic, and tools that affect the pathogenesis of the disease.

How do we treat shingles? Basic medicines are antifungal drugs, both local and General action.

In patients with microsporia used high doses of drugs acting on the fungus. Systemic antifungal agents are often prescribed lamisil and Griseofulvin.

High dosages due to increased tolerance of the pathogen to the drug, as the fungus has a shell made of six layers.

Griseofulvin take up to 4 times a day in a teaspoon of vegetable oil, which will increase the time of its action in the body.

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It is known that antifungal drugs have a toxic effect on liver cells, so while the patient is prescribed hepatoprotectors: LIV-52, gepabene, silibor, Kars, and others.

Make a video where a doctor talks in detail about the disease:

Suction antimycotic drugs affected by the presence of worms in the intestine. Therefore, before their appointment is carried out deworming.

Another feature of treatment with griseofulvin is his actions on the immune status. Therefore, in order to maintain the systemic protection of the body, prescribed Levamisole.

The doctor should remember that during therapy with this drug can worsen chronic foci of infection, so their rehabilitation is required.

Кошачий лишай: рекомендуемые противогрибковые препараты для леченияThe course of treatment with Griseofulvin when continuous reception is from 1.5 to 2 months. The doctor must obtain two negative analysis of fungi at intervals of 7 days, then move on to an antibiotic a day (for 2 weeks), and another 2 weeks twice a 7 days.

Widespread also local therapy with antifungal drugs as Orungal, lamisil, drug zistan.

Also the skin is treated with a 2-5% solution of iodine, salicylic ointment at a concentration of 3%.

Therapy will not have the desired effect if you do not observe the rules of hygiene and not to follow a particular diet.

If the patient developed a purulent form of lichen, requires manual hair removal. To eliminate inflammation, clear the skin of dirt, lotions, and of an application with hard potatoes every 2-3 hours.

After the procedure applied sulphur ointment antifungal pharmacy or local funds.

Chronic form of ringworm to be treated long-term with the use of immunomodulators, vitamin therapy (especially b and C).

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Кошачий лишай: рекомендуемые противогрибковые препараты для леченияThe effectiveness of the treatment of ringworm depends on the use of systemic and local preparations of antifungal activity.

Perform daily hair removal, then treatment of iodine 2% (in the morning). In the evening it is recommended to RUB into the spots of mycosis simple domestic ointments: sulphur, sulfur-salicylic, bifosin and sulfur-tar.

Iodine-ointment therapy is rather cheap with simultaneous efficiency.

If the lesions of Microsporum was steady, the skin should be treated once a day 10% solution of Dimexidum salicylic-kinesology. It quickly leads to the solution in the presence of lesions on the scalp.

From external foreign antifungals recommend Lamisil, Travogen and Mikospor. In addition to antifungal activity, the drugs have anti-inflammatory effect.

Lamisil also contributes to the inhibition of the bacterial flora while simultaneously providing the above-described effects.

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)