Causes of herpes on the body and its treatment

Hello my dear readers! I am often approached by people with shingles rash in various places, and always ask the same question: what are the causes of herpes on the body?

If you are faced with this infection, then probably also want to know the answer. So I suggest you to read the article, which will tell you about all the causes of herpes infections.

The main the first reason is the causative agent

Of the agent depends on almost everything from the location of the symptoms to the nature of the pathology.

When I get a people with herpes in the first place, they are directed to an ELISA that looks for antibodies to various herpes viruses in the body. Let’s examine different cases of such infections and their causative agents:

  • Infection on the lips – triggered by the first type of herpes viruses. May spread to the eyes or oral cavity and other areas of the face.
  • Genital infection is herpes rashes on sexual organs, the causative agent is herpes virus of the second type. Sometimes the same problem occurs on the buttocks, and inner thighs. It is believed that the symptoms appear exactly where got virus-provocateur.
  • Shingles herpes zoster is a complication of chickenpox, which happens predominantly in the elderly and in individuals with immunodeficiency. Like chickenpox, shingles is triggered by a third type of herpes viruses.
  • Infectious mononucleosis, Burkitt’s lymphoma, CNS lesions of different severity, nasopharyngeal carcinoma – all of these syndromes happen because of the herpetic virus of the fourth type, but rather of the virus Epstein-Barr.
  • Again mononucleosis infectious nature, swelling of the organs of the peritoneum, inflammation of lymph nodes and salivary glands cytomegalovirus or the fifth type herpes pathogens is a provocateur.
  • Roseola – called children, as it affects mainly children, the reason for its occurrence acts of the sixth herpesvirus.
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome – it is also herpes pathology (surprised?), which provoked the seventh herpes virus.
  • Kaposi’s sarcoma in people immunocompromised (mainly HIV-positive) – is called herpes agent of the eighth type.
  • Причины герпеса на теле и его лечениеWhy is it important to know what triggered the disease? The fact is that without this pick really effective and quick treatment possible.

    Therefore, if your doctor will refer you for tests to identify the causative agent, do not resist and necessarily their give.

    By the way, numerous studies have shown that the most common are the first three types of herpes. Among my patients, more than 60% faced with cold on the lips.

    According to who, simple or parvatipuram herpes infected almost the entire population of the planet (90% sure).

    The second cause of herpes infections – infection

    What do you think the above way is transmitted disease? Most likely, you will answer that only by direct contact, such as kissing, or in the course of operation of common kitchen utensils and things.

    And here and there, ways to transfer girisindeki much more. Let them take a look.

    Contracting herpes can be as follows:

    • during kissing and close contact such as sex, with anyone;
    • in the course of communication, since herpes viruses are airborne;
    • blood transfusions and organ transplants;
    • during the course, contact sport (so very often there is an infection in men-athletes);
    • in utero – therefore, the disease is transmitted from mother to child before birth (by the way, this herpes in children is considered the most dangerous);
    • through shared personal items and linen.
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    Absolutely all biological fluids of humans (blood, saliva, semen, vaginal secret, etc.) contain a virus, so you can become infected through contact with all human biological fluids.

    Well, I was recently contacted by a woman with a child 8 years old, which herpes on the face (on the lip). She could not understand how her child got sore.

    In fact, it’s very simple: playing with peers, the child easily catches herpes because all the kids are very sociable and neglect the rules of personal hygiene.

    Причины герпеса на теле и его лечениеIn addition, to infect the child, the parents or close relatives, neglecting the security in the period of exacerbation of herpes they have.

    Once, walking in the Park, I noticed this scene: a mother with an obvious cold sore on the lip up a fallen pacifier of the child, stuffed it in his mouth and then put it in his mouth.

    What do you think happened? I think her child just contracted herpes from her at that moment. See how easy that was?

    If herpes is so easily transmitted, then why he does not appear at all? The fact is that to activate the virus needs certain favorable conditions.

    The third reason is the existence of favourable conditions in the human body

    Not all types of girisindeki necessarily produce symptoms. Symptoms always develop only the first three types: infection on the face, in the intimate area and the chicken pox.

    Others may be present in the body for years without symptoms and absolutely no way to disturb the media.

    Even symptomatic herpes infection do not develop just like that. For development they need special conditions, namely, reducing the protective properties of the immune system.

    The human body is equipped with reliable natural protection – immunity able to suppress pathogenic viruses and bacteria. But if the immune system is weakened, to fight the virus will be simply no one.

    Thus, the cause of the symptoms of herpes and recurrences is the weakening of the immune system that occurs due to:

    • hypothermia or overheating of the body;
    • ARVI and exacerbation of chronic infections;
    • additional infection by various infections.
    • poor lifestyle and bad habits;
    • stress;
    • hormonal disruptions, including pregnancy in women;
    • complicated surgeries and treatment, for example, organ transplantation or Oncology;
    • hidden diseases that suppress the activity of the immune system, e.g. HIV infection.

    If you have frequent cold sores, then you have improperly working immune system. When I get patients with the common cold on the lips or in other places, I will direct them to the immunologist specialist who deals with problems of the immune system.

    As long as the immune system becomes weak that the sore will provide regular relapses very often.

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    Причины герпеса на теле и его лечениеSpecial attention is given the recurrence of smallpox-chickenpox – herpes zoster. In contrast to other herpes infections, it occurs very rarely.

    To face with him can elderly due to natural aging, as well as children and adults with a weakened critical immune system.

    By the way, herpes zoster shingles can appear anywhere, such as on the face, on the ass, lower back and upper body.

    It is a constant pain in the affected location and shape of the lesions – the rash is located on the strip (like a belt that is why the disease is so named).

    Now you know the main causes of girisindeki on the body. What to do if a similar problem appeared?

    Diagnosis and treatment: how to deal with herpes on the body?

    If you had to deal with some erisipela, then don’t sit at home and do not expect miracles, and is best to immediately contact the hospital.

    And then the question arises: to what expert to go? It all depends on your particular situation:

    • with sexual infection you need to go to a gynecologist or urologist;
    • with cold on the lips, visit the dermatologist or physician;
    • if there is chicken pox in a child, then go to the pediatrician.

    Some people prefer the at home self-treatment. In the case of herpes, it is a useless move, since the infection is incurable.

    Of course, you can use folk remedies to accelerate the healing of the rash, but first you need to make sure that the disease you have the virus and that herpes. It will have to pass tests:

    • IFA – finding antibodies in the blood;
    • culture – cultivating culture in a supportive environment;
    • Ptsk – the search for viral DNA.

    Be sure to hand over analyses on the latent infection prior to conception of the child, if you are planning a pregnancy. The first meeting with the infection is dangerous not only for pregnant woman but for the child, and even more.

    Причины герпеса на теле и его лечениеThe first outbreak of herpes in women or girls in the situation can cause different types of congenital defects and abnormalities in her baby.

    Treatment of girisindeki is assigned to is not always and not for everyone. Why, you ask? The fact that medicine, despite its sophistication, has not yet invented a drug against this disease.

    Viruses provocateurs herpes type is not excreted completely. All that is capable of treatment is the weakening of the virus, prevention of frequent recurrence, enhance immunity and prevention of complications.

    Treatment is given only to those who really need it. People with immune deficiency, neonates with intrauterine infection and complications, the owners of the herpes zoster and other herpes complicated.

    To combat viruses now used a special anti-viral drugs, such as:

    • Acyclovir is a time – tested drug acting on the most common types of herpes;
    • Valacyclovir is a modern and effective counterpart, is able to fight with those virus strains provocateurs, which can not cope previous;
    • Famciclovir is an effective agent against certain types of virus-provocateurs.
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    In addition, if the immune system is too weak prescribers based on interferon. Remember, antiviral medications have high toxicity, so do not take them unnecessarily.

    Children under 12 years of age these medications are generally contraindicated, but are sometimes assigned if the benefit is more important than the risks. The same can be said about pregnant women.

    If you’ve in the past had herpes and you don’t want to deal with his relapse, then be sure to observe the preventive recommendations in this article.

    By the way, my patients who observe them, not experienced with herpes for months or even years, thereby almost completely forgot about it.

    Prophylactic rules to prevent frequent recurrences of girisindeki

  • First and foremost, I want to advise you to pay attention to your immune system. If you are sick (even common colds), so, with the immune system you are not all right. Urgently begin to strengthen it by all available means! I, for instance, to increase take vitamins in its natural form and in tablets, and also try to eat healthy.
  • Change your way of life. Get out of life what negatively affects you, namely, bad habits, junk food, stress, poor a daily mode, etc. Try to maintain a healthy lifestyle at least a month. Believe me, the result will surprise you.
  • Increase physical activity. We are not talking about work, and about sports and active rest. Often go out into the fresh air, walk in parks and forests, go on picnics on the nature, run, swim, ride a bike. Find yourself a useful hobby associated with physical activity.
  • Time treated if sick. Any infection weakens our immune system, and chronic do it all the time. If you have a chronic disease, then track your health with increased attentiveness and prevent exacerbations of these diseases. If you picked up a cold or flu, then in any case do not carry disease «on their feet», but rather will only this treatment by all the rules.
  • I hope now you understand why there is a different kind of herpes on different parts of the body.

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    I wish you good health, will never be faced with herpes, and if you have encountered a rare then you relapse!

    Author: Victoria Omelchenko (dermatologist)