Cauterization of warts: why is there discharge after it?

Прижигание кондилом: почему идут выделения после него?Hello dear friends. Recently in our clinic, the patient is turned to the problem of discharge after cauterization of warts.

So today this will be discussed in this article.

Any method of treatment has both disadvantages and advantages. In the way of getting rid of skin growths you will also have to face certain difficulties.

In particular, the group of methods that have a common mechanism of action, cauterization of warts, is known to frequent complaints from women selection.

The norm is it, and how to prevent such a reaction?

But first, I would like to notice that non-traditional methods of getting rid of the disease are also very effective.

So seizing the moment I want to recommend to you the book «the Treatment of warts folk methods», which describes the effective recipe against disease.

How method safe

Under the action of temperature or chemicals is the destruction of the fabrics of education in a matter of minutes.

Efficiency proved by the large number of patients. If you follow all the rules refers to the procedure responsibly, to take into account contraindications, any method can be called harmless.

From the incidence of papillomas and their location depends largely on the success of moxibustion.

If growths of large size, it may take several visits to the doctor. Hard to reach places require the right choice of method and the skill of the doctor to prevent damage to healthy tissues.

What methods are used to ablate

Wide application in medical practice has an available and inexpensive method of cryodestruction. Liquid nitrogen low temperature leads to tissue necrosis. Everything happens smoothly and quickly. Bleeding is virtually absent.

Drugs that have a chemical effect, used to treat formations on the skin and mucous membranes. Moxibustion solkovagin, condilion or solkodermom often used in the case of small warts. Immediately after that, a protective film is formed, which rejected a few days.

Laser treatment is carried out under local anesthesia. The formation of small scars after the procedure.

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Electrocoagulation involves the use of high temperature with current. After excision of electronicam nasty entities in their place remains the scab. A few weeks later he disappears.

What do you use to solve

The use of physical and chemical methods is quite effective in fighting warts.

In medical preparations the active substance is acid or extracts derived from plants. Than it is better to make burning decided by the doctor after a thorough examination of the papillomas.

Прижигание кондилом: почему идут выделения после него?When the choice is between using high and low temperature critical point is the General condition of the patient, accompanying diseases, and characteristics of the organism.

To work with laser and current requires special tools, which will help to remove papilloma more professional than at home.

Sensations during procedure

Many are wondering, does it hurt to get rid of these outgrowths on the skin like warts. It depends on the chosen method. Cryosurgery and chemical method does not require anesthesia. In other cases, ointments with anesthetics.

Since each person’s body individually reacts to external irritants, the pain threshold is different. Therefore the same procedure for removal of papillomas can cause different emotions, but the more negative reviews, the more unbearable it seems moxibustion.

How is the period after the removal of education

At small sizes of the growths, just one procedure. Dependent on the method chosen, the recovery period is several weeks. Ideally you don’t make any complaints, and lead the rhythm of life.

The norm think a slight sukrovichnye discharge with wounds. If you experience bleeding you must immediately consult a specialist. Perhaps the manifestation of individual reactions of the organism in the form of aching pain, tingling, weakness.

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All this should take place one week after the uninstallation, and at the same place from warts will be gone.

Why there is discharge

Прижигание кондилом: почему идут выделения после него?Immediately or within a few hours after getting rid of the unpleasant growths can be bleeding.

This is because the damaged tissues under the action of high temperatures. Thrombi formed not so fast.

A slight discharge may last a few days after burned different kinds of warts.

In the process of healing is formed, the liquid and most of it consists of the lymph. In such cases, you should not worry, because this is proof of proper development of the wound healing process.

Personal hygiene during the healing period

Before doing the cauterization, the doctor informs the patient about the proper care in the period after getting rid of HPV. A protective layer which covers the wound surface must always be clean and dry. To do this you should follow some rules:

  • If carried out this procedure, the sex life must stop in order to minimize the re-formation of genital warts on the genitals.
  • If the removal was carried out on the body you need to regularly take a shower, it is better without the use of washcloths. Carefully to carry out hygienic procedures, so as not to damage anything.
  • To wash for the first time after treatment need careful, because the mucous membrane, which had dwelt warts need time to recover. You should not use soap or gels. You can use the decoction of herbs that have antiseptic properties. To health need no less than two times a day.
  • On prescription in some cases there is the necessity of using ointments.
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Who should not use the method

There are certain conditions under which the question of how best to remove the warts and whether or not to cauterize it is controversial. In cases of malignant transformation of the use of chemical drugs is contraindicated. Also it cannot be applied to pregnant women, lactating mothers, and children. There is an individual intolerance of the drug components.

To decide whether to make a cautery in each case decides only a doctor specializing in formations like papillomas. Cryotherapy can be called a universal method, practically no contraindications. But the approach should still be individual.

Sometimes it may seem that burning is not necessary, because HPV does not always cause pain, but is it worth risking your health? After all, to fight with complications is definitely worse. And no negative points that appear after the removal of warts, can not be compared with them.

In conclusion, the article for you an interesting video where a doctor talks about how cauterize papillomas and warts on the glans penis:

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)