Celandine Allergy: the rules of use and effectiveness

Чистотел от аллергии: правила применения и эффективностьHello, dear guests and regular readers! Traditional medicine is popular far more than a decade. It is based on competent use of natural resources.

The folk medicines consist of herbs, roots, flowers and other such components that can be easily found in any forest, field and even in the Park.

For example, celandine Allergy — blockbuster drug growing in every yard. Using it correctly, can quickly cure the local symptoms on the skin such as rashes, swelling, dermatitis, redness, itching.

After reading the article, you will learn how to correctly use anti-allergic properties of celandine in the home.

Why celandine is considered to be anti-allergic.

In folk medicine, used all the components of the above plants. Particularly useful is the juice, which contains alkaloids — substances that can enter into various chemical. response. Antiallergic effect produced the following alkaloids in the composition of celandine:

  • chelidonine lowers the permeability of blood vessels;
  • sanguinarin — prevents inflammation;
  • berberine — has a choleretic effect;
  • homochelidonine — serves as a local analgesic and protivozudnam.

Knowing all of the utility plants, the question arises.

How it correctly to prepare?

Green parts of the plant should be collected in dry weather in may-August. The roots of the plants going a little later — in late autumn.

Чистотел от аллергии: правила применения и эффективностьChoose to be undamaged, green, succulent plant with lush foliage. To cut celandine should be cautious, trying to avoid getting juice on the skin, as in the pure concentrated form it is capable of producing a chemical burn.

To dry the plant should not in the sun, and dark place, in a room that is well blown. Perfect for these purposes, an attic or a balcony. Degree of dryness is determined by the brittleness of the stems.

If the stems break easily, so the plant is ready to use. How to use anti-allergic properties of the plant for the treatment of symptoms of intolerance? This will be discussed further.

Healing bath with celandine — recovery from allergic rashes

Чистотел от аллергии: правила применения и эффективностьRashes on the body intolerance can be quickly cured with the help of properly prepared trays on the basis of celandine.

For them pre-prepared litre of decoction of dry leaves pour boiling water and boil a few minutes, then insist to cool. The filtered liquid can be poured into a full bath.

This recipe helps to relieve itch, disinfect wounds, heal Valderice. It has no contraindications and side effects. This is the main advantage of traditional medicine.

Ointment dermatitis

Чистотел от аллергии: правила применения и эффективностьThe remedy for topical use is prepared from the root part. It must finely grate or chop in a blender, and then add fatty cream in the proportion of 50×50.

To use the recipe you need on a daily basis — once a day massage into problem areas. A course of anti-allergic therapy would last a week or two. During this time, any dermatitis heal.

Tincture of juice and alcohol against the sores on the skin and mucous membranes

Juice should be extracted from fresh leaves and stems. After gathering juice it is necessary to give to stand in the refrigerator for a day or two. Then it is decanted through cheesecloth so that the precipitate remained intact. The juice should be mixed with alcohol or vodka in a ratio of 1 l juice/0.5 liters of alcohol.

Alcohol tincture is often applied topically for rubbing rashes. Once a week (a teaspoon) should be taken orally with water or tea. This treatment will strengthen the immune system, allowing the hypersensitivity quickly retreat.

Celandine against complications allergic the soil, in particular sinusitis

Чистотел от аллергии: правила применения и эффективностьThe above medicinal plant helps to cure even allergic sinusitis, which is known to be not infrequently occurs as a complication in children.

Nose recommend drip undiluted juice of celandine one drop in each nasal canal three times a day. Young children are better treated watered down juice, because it has the ability to sting and a little burn.


Specific contraindications have folk above are no recipes, but they should not be used by pregnant women and women during breastfeeding. Celandine and national funds from his safe for the body in adults and children, but only if you do not abuse this treatment.

Tinctures and medicines for oral administration should be drunk in recommended quantities, not more. Otherwise, you may experience side effects, provoked by the poisoning:

  • nausea;
  • dizziness;
  • weakness;
  • slow pulse;
  • increase in blood pressure;
  • thirst;
  • painful spasms in the intestine.

Celandine is not recommended to give children up to three years (we are talking about ointments and tinctures, but the bath is not contraindicated). If after the above treatment, she developed signs of poisoning, it is necessary to wash out the stomach, drink plenty of water and call an ambulance.


Many Allergy leave positive reviews about folk medicine celandine. I present to you the most common ones.

Victoria writes:

Чистотел от аллергии: правила применения и эффективностьRubbing skin rashes alcohol tincture. After a couple of days the itching stopped altogether. The skin has stopped itching after every treatment, but gradually returned.


Complete recovery from the allergic rash has occurred through the week. Me this treatment like affordability, simplicity and efficiency.

Maria writes:

Чистотел от аллергии: правила применения и эффективностьDo not trust people’s recipes until, until you have tried chitatelya bath. After eating a tiny piece of salmon I sprinkled so much that the house could not get out because of the constant itching and red dots all over my body.


Decided to smear it all piecemeal would be too long, so I made a bath with a decoction. In addition, once a week, did a steam bath for face on the basis of celandine. After two weeks the skin became pure, and was not only allergic rash, but pimples that were present to allergies.

That’s all the information about the healing antiallergic abilities celandine. Try the recipes listed in the article, and make sure that they really work.

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Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)

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