Celebrities with vitiligo: TOP 10 most famous people in the world

Знаменитости с витилиго: ТОП-10 самых известных людей мираDear friends, welcome to the website about dermatology! Vitiligo is a rare and very bad disease of the skin, it lighten the spots, which gradually increase and coalesce.

This disease affects absolutely everyone, regardless of age, gender, income. Article will tell you about which celebrities with vitiligo is known to date.

The most popular winner of depigmentation Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson — king of pop, in fact, was African American. The vitiligo disease he had suffered for nearly the entire life. Gradually, the disease turned his skin white. Jackson told the audience about the problem in the 1990-ies.

To even out uneven skin, he had to wear makeup almost on the entire body. In the press there were rumors that Jackson specifically whitens the skin. This greatly upset the musician.

Знаменитости с витилиго: ТОП-10 самых известных людей мираIt got to the point that in 1993, Michael has said publicly: «Look, I don’t bleach the skin specifically, I have a serious skin disease. I can’t control the color change of my body.

When you discuss me, think of gossip, I was very painful and mentally hard.»

Examples of skin depigmentation. Spots actually grow uncontrollably, gradually increase and coalesce, forming on the human body kind of maps.

Ill very difficult to accept himself as he is. To blame others, who ridiculed his problem, don’t take his feature and don’t want to get in his position.

Russian celebrities with vitiligo

In Russia, too, there are celebrities living with depigmentation of the skin. This, for example, Roman Abramovich and Gennady Vetrov. On light skin vitiligo significantly not as much as dark. Therefore, the presence of the disease from the above mentioned famous people you might not know.

Depigmented spots can appear anywhere on the body except palms and foot. Many patients of vitiligo successfully camouflage skin imperfections with makeup, tanning and non-traditional means. Read more about how to camouflage vitiligo read in a separate article.

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Who else of the celebrities living with depigmentation?

There are not many people who are faced with this disease. It is only 2% (around that) from all the world’s population. Below are the list of TOP 10 famous personalities with depigmentation skin disease:

Знаменитости с витилиго: ТОП-10 самых известных людей мира

  • Thomas Lennon. Its the depigmented spots are rarely noticed because they are located on the arms and thighs. Defects on the face of the actor-comedian was successfully masked.
  • Rasheed Abdul Wallace. This American basketball player always had an inferiority complex because of vitiligo, although suffered from them since childhood. Disease had chronic.
  • Holly Marie Combs. A famous actress and a charming woman suffering from vitiligo on hands. Despite the fact that she carefully conceals skin defects, they are visible in some photos.
  • FEZ Whatley. Fans of the show «Todd Hilliard» probably know who it is. This comedian and radio host. In 2005 he suffered a mild heart attack, after which he was diagnosed with diabetes and skin depigmentation. Discolored spots on the Fes located on the face.
  • Sisko, whose real name is mark Andrews. This popular R&B singer and actor, performing with the group Dru Hill. In the latest project «Snow Dogs», he appeared in white gloves because of the disease, which affected the upper limb and body.
  • Lee Thomas. Broadcaster, playwright and journalist always looks happy, but actually suffers from a skin disease which brings him psychological discomfort. To cope with this load, he began to share his physical and moral progress in the fight against vitiligo with the public.
  • Jonathan Morris Henson. Comedian from the United States has a rare form of depigmentation is a chronic disease of the scalp. Because of this, on the right side of the head it has a plot with gray hair. Henson is absolutely no secret.
  • Yvette Fielding. British TV presenter and actress is suffering from disorders of pigmentation of the epidermis on the face. The spots are situated on the most visible areas — on the lips, around the mouth.
  • Richard Mark Hammond. TV host of show «Top Gear» got the nickname «the Hamster» due to his physique and small stature. In 2006, he was seriously injured during filming. At the same time, he was diagnosed with vitiligo. Spots inconspicuous, as are the extremities.
  • Joe Rogan. It is a strong spirit of American comedian and actor also faced with vitiligo. He does not hide his sickness and even boasts such a feature.
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    Depigmentation is not a reason to despair

    If you or a loved one was diagnosed with the depigmentation, you should not despair. It is not a sentence and not a reason to put his life on the cross. On the contrary, this feature can be advantageously used. It did so 19-year-old model Chantelle Brung Yang.

    Знаменитости с витилиго: ТОП-10 самых известных людей мираChantelle has a very noticeable vitiligo on the face, body and limbs. Her skin is by nature dark, so the white spots clearly visible, to hide them does not work.

    The first symptoms appeared of the girl at the age of three. The model says that as a teenager, she was constantly subjected to harassment. It was called a cow, a Zebra, an alien, etc.

    Once Chantelle gave myself an «I’m going to convince myself that beautiful, until, until will not be».

    At the moment the model is popular and is the face of many world famous brands.

    People admire her appearance, and she was glad that I was able to get the public to look at patients with vitiligo on the other hand.

    Now you know who of celebrities is a violation of pigmentation of the skin. Read be sure to share with your friends from social networks and also don’t forget to subscribe to the updates of the site. All the best and see you soon!

    Author: Ksenia Borisova (dermatologist)