Cendol for dermatitis: how to put on the skin?

Циндол при дерматите: как правильно наносить на кожу?Welcome to our website! Our article will be devoted to the tool that is used to deal with skin diseases. This Cendol, or mash, which often serves for the treatment of acne.

A little bit about the drug

Tindol relates to a drying and anti-inflammatory drugs due to the content of zinc oxide.

This allows you to use it in different lesions, accompanied by inflammation phenomena.

Scope large: dermatitis, eczema, acne, scrapes, cuts, and bedsores, diaper rash.

Циндол при дерматите: как правильно наносить на кожу?Release form — suspension, but at home you can prepare the ointment.

This vial put on the shelf for a time, to form a precipitate.

The supernatant was discarded and from the remaining thick mass make ointment.

For example, in children it just needs to be mixed with chamomile, it is easier to apply, is absorbed.

One active ingredient-zinc oxide. Of the additional ingredients in the composition of the suspension contains: talc, glycerin, ethyl alcohol, starch and distilled water.

Cendol for dermatitis is used due to such properties:

  • Drying effect;
  • Binder;
  • Anti-inflammatory;
  • Adsorbent;
  • Antiseptic.
  • Such properties allow us to classify Tindal to dermotropic funds, it has a high affinity to the skin, rendering a positive effect (reduces inflammation).

    What happens after applying?

    Циндол при дерматите: как правильно наносить на кожу?In atopic dermatitis, the clinical picture is expressed by dryness, peeling, scabs, oozing, bleeding, and accession of infection.

    Most of the molecules involved in the inflammatory process, have a protein structure.

    Components Chingola active form salts of the protein albumin denatures the remaining proteins.

    Externally we can see astringent and drying effect, removing soak. Markedly reduced the secretion of lymph, and inflammatory symptoms are reduced.

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    As Tindal protects against a secondary infection?

    When the disease violated the protective properties of the skin, the epidermis becomes «gateway» for bacterial infections that aggravate the disease and slows recovery.

    Under the influence of drugs on the skin surface formed a layer of denatured proteins that form a protective layer or barrier, protecting the wound surface from infection.

    The use of Chingola in atopic and diaper dermatitis helps protect the skin from the aggressive effects of urine, sweat, effusion of lymph, to eliminate the dryness and flaking important astringent effect.

    How to use for treatment?

    Циндол при дерматите: как правильно наносить на кожу?Where there are signs of inflammation, wash with soap and water a neutral pH, then gently blot with a towel (inflamed skin can not RUB), leave for 15 minutes in air.

    Be sure the suspension is shaken before use to a homogeneous consistency.

    If the lesions on the skin is small, the drug is applied with a cotton swab if the lesion occupies a significant area, the medicine is applied in a thin layer on the entire surface.

    So leave the drug for a few hours, then rinse with warm water. Processing costs 4-6 times a day.

    The course of treatment is different, it all depends on the degree of activity of the process, the amount of damage, reaction of the organism to applied therapy.

    In children with the purpose of prevention of diaper dermatitis is recommended to apply Cendol on the affected places. When using reusable nappies this process should be conducted three times a day.

    Supense applies only externally, avoid contact with mucous membranes of the mouth and eyes.

    Do not apply it on infected areas of the skin (e.g., in the presence of pustules), as it was not designed to treat them.

    Tindol used for the treatment of seborrheic dermatitis. The main goal of this therapy is to reduce inflammation.

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    When seborrheic dermatitis, localized on the face, Tindal suitable as one of the best remedies, because its effect is gentle.

    I recommend to watch an interesting review women about this drug:

    Side effects

    In most cases, the medication causes side effects, reviews about it are positive, both for the treatment of dermatitis and other skin diseases.

    The main manifestations of intolerance of the drug local. The lesions may be burning, itching, increased redness, items will appear rash. When such symptoms medicine cancel and will not use funds from zinc oxide.

    How can I replace Cendol? The same drug, but there are similar that contain zinc:

  • Diaderm;
  • Desitin;
  • External use liniment zinc oxide;
  • Pasta and a zinc ointment for external use only.
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