Cendol with the chicken pox: how to cure?

Циндол при ветрянке: как им лечиться?Good day, my beloved loyal readers! Recently very often Cendol when the chickenpox is assigned to both children and adults. What kind of medicine is this?

If you appointed him, then have fun reading the article from which you will learn how to apply Zindel the cases in which he is appointed and how it operates.

By the way, the main component of Chingola is zinc oxide. This substance has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect, as well as the ability to quickly dry and heal skin blemishes when applied topically.

Tindol prescribed for the treatment of various inflammatory lesions on the skin. It is particularly effective when the chickenpox.

The composition and characteristics of medication

Циндол при ветрянке: как им лечиться?Today in pharmacies are offered Cendol in suspension, which in the vernacular is called mash. Thus, the talker and the suspension Cendol is one and the same.

You can sometimes hear the term «ointment Cendol», but in this dosage form the drug is not available.

The suspension can be used in pure form or prepare from it ointment to apply topically. In the instructions for use this is not mentioned.

Despite this, dermatologists often recommend just a homemade ointment on the basis of the above medications. As she gets ready? Very simple:

  • leave the vial on a light warm place (e.g. on a windowsill) for a few hours;
  • gradually at the bottom of the vial will begin to form a precipitate;
  • drain from the bottle the liquid and leave only a residue of the foregoing;
  • mix the residue with baby cream (any) in the proportions 1:1;
  • the resulting tool is a zinc based ointment Chingola, which is easier to apply on the skin.
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In addition to the zinc oxide in the composition of Sindola present:

  • talc;
  • starch;
  • 70% ethyl alcohol;
  • glycerin;
  • distilled water.

The principle of operation when the chickenpox

Is it possible to smear Sindrom pimples triggered by chicken pox? Not possible, but necessary, and it has many causes.

The drug has the following actions:

  • anti-inflammatory (quickly relieves redness and swelling);
  • absorbent (pulls out dermis toxins and other harmful substances);
  • drying (thanks to the chicken pox disappears without a trace);
  • astringent (on the skin it forms an invisible protection against harmful external factors);
  • antiseptic (disinfects and destroys disease-causing bacteria).

Циндол при ветрянке: как им лечиться?The drug has an excellent effect on all layers of our skin and quickly relieves the inflamed and redness, reduces itching and other unpleasant feelings with the chicken pox.

Thanks wagamama effect suspension after contact with skin it forms an imperceptible protective film that prevents skin defects can become inflamed due to the penetration of these bacteria.


How to use Tindol? Information about this is in the instructions but it is very small. Therefore, in this article I decided to talk about applying the suspension more.

Циндол при ветрянке: как им лечиться?Before applying the medication you need to take a shower or bath. After a treatment the skin should not be wiped with a towel. Give maximum moisture to soak into the epidermis, which will take 10-15 minutes.

After that, take the bottle with the slurry and thoroughly stir it. Then apply suspension to the affected rash areas of the skin in a thin layer. Tindol you need to wash a couple of hours.

Skin treatment I recommend 4-6 times a day. When washing off the medication, do not use soap or shower gel, as this will further dry the skin.

If the number of pimples is too high, you can make a mask out of suspension. To do this, apply it on the skin liberally and cover with a cling film or gauze. Fix the bandage and go to sleep. In the morning, the drug should be washed off from the skin.

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When the chickenpox in children

Most notably, the slurry can be used to treat chickenpox in children and in pregnant women. If using Chingola to treat skin rash in adult, it is possible not to be afraid, as the drug side effects.

Important information! Cendol can be used for external use only!


An important advantage of the above medicines is the low price. In pharmacies Russia it does not exceed 110 RUB. (per 125 ml bottle of suspension). The minimum cost of Sindola equal to 70 rubles.


If you have individual intolerance to components of Chingola, then you may fit its counterparts. Remember to appoint only physician. The analogues of the above medications include:

  • Calamine lotion;
  • ointment Desitin;
  • Zinc ointment and toothpaste;
  • Zelenka.

Feedback on the suspension

Циндол при ветрянке: как им лечиться?The suspension gained an excellent reputation, thanks to the reviews about it mostly positive. Most tried the drug say its convenience and comfort.

Use of the slurry-mash to be really easy and pleasant.

In addition, people noted that the drug quickly eliminates the symptoms of chickenpox in the form of skin rashes.

While the pimples dry up in a few hours and disappear without a trace. So, I think the drug that was the subject of this article, worthy of attention.

That’s all the information about Tindale is a highly efficient and affordable remedy for skin diseases. I hope the article was informative and enlightening.

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Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)