Cheap warts: patient feedback and our opinion about the tool

Ферезол от бородавок: отзывы пациентов и наше мнение о средствеHello, dear readers. Those who at least once in their life encountered such a nuisance as warts, do you know how many negative feelings and discomfort they bring.

And growths can pop up in the most unexpected places – on the feet, between the toes, in the intimate area and in other parts of the body.

Warts are the reason for the activation of the body’s papilloma virus and some of its manifestations can even be contagious.

Of course, most warts appear from dirt and untidiness of their carrier, but each of them is to get rid of, and the sooner the better.

Before treatment you should visit a dermatologist who will prescribe suitable medication. Also permanently remove the growths in medical clinics, which are now a great many.

To do this, include procedures such as cryotherapy, radio wave and laser cauterization. Some of this can not afford treatment.

Fortunately, modern medicine has something to offer in this case – tested traditional methods. There is one effective remedy that fights well with warts. You can buy it in almost every pharmacy and it is Cheap.

What is this drug?

Ферезол от бородавок: отзывы пациентов и наше мнение о средствеCheap is the solution is only used topically. It has a mummifying and cauterizing effect, so growth is fast disappearing.

Moreover, it has on the root of the education antiseptic effect, whereby the likelihood of recurrence is minimized.

Part of the drug as the main active substance includes phenol and tricresol. With these components you can get almost all types of entities, including warts on the back and filamentous growths.

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How is the treatment?

Cheap warts is only used as an external tool. The peculiarities of its use depend on what type you have warts:

  • Warts filiform character, as well as small formations sufficiently lubricated 1-2 times. This is often enough for full recovery.
  • The larger growths should be handled for several days. And the procedure is repeated 3-4 times a day.
  • Plantar warts first steamed, cleaned of dead skin layer lubricated and keratolytic ointment (for example, salicylic). Next, the affected area is covered with a piece of plastic tabinoyado. After 20 minutes the headband is removed, and the limb is lowered into the hot water. Then rough the area removed with scissors, and the surface is lubricated with Cheap. The drug should be applied only spot 3-4 times in a row, after full drying of the liquid.
  • If you have many warts that are located close to each other, for the complete removal of the growths is beginning to get rid of warts home. Subsequently, other entities will disappear. If not, then it is necessary to apply the presented solution.
  • It should be noted that after using the Cheap, the skin does not remain scars.
  • And specially for this article, we have prepared an informational video, which is also explained in detail about this drug:

    Contraindications to the application of Cheap skin

    • Ферезол от бородавок: отзывы пациентов и наше мнение о средствеThe period of carrying a child. In very rare cases, the doctor may prescribe the patient Cheap. It is strictly forbidden to remove warts with this medicine alone.
    • During lactation. During feeding the baby a woman is forbidden to use the Cheap, especially for the removal of warts on the hands and around his chest. This medication enters the milk, which can have a negative effect on the child.
    • Children up to age 7 years.
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    What warts you can’t remove this drug

    • If the body formed too much build-up area of more than 20 mm;
    • At all formations on mucous membranes and genitals;
    • If the wart is bleeding or has visible damage.

    Cautions for use

  • Cheap and should be applied only point. It is impossible that he got on healthy skin. If this happens, immediately remove the solution (without friction) and process the shots in ethanol. Then all you need to wash off with soap and water.
  • If the drug came on mucous membranes or inside the body – immediately call an Ambulance, otherwise there is a risk of burns.
  • In any case, do not cover plastered the place with a bandage or band-aid. Presented the tool to air dry.
  • If you have a relapse of growth in the same place, then re-treatment should be carried out only 2 weeks after the previous one.
  • It is recommended to lubricate the skin around the area of potential impacts, protective cream, vaseline or zinc ointment.
  • Many will ask, how much is this wonder drug. In fact, the price of the drug solution may be different, depending on the country of origin (from 250 rubles).

    You should not pay, for example, for the brand or the brand. Russian counterparts have the same composition, but their cost is much lower.

    Adverse reactions from funds

    Ферезол от бородавок: отзывы пациентов и наше мнение о средствеThe use of this tool can trigger the development of allergies. It is possible, if the patient individual intolerance or hypersensitivity to components of the Cheap. Thus there is redness of skin, small rash and small swelling.

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    Most people that try it Cheap, convinced that he is a truly unique tool.

    Usually if the wart takes weeks, and sometimes months, and then presented a solution to cope with them for the 1st time.

    Of course, thanks to the reviews about it. If someone will tell you that the drug did not help him or his application has caused burns, most likely did not comply with the precautions and rules applying medication.

    And how do you fight warts? Have you tried this drug, and how quickly you came recovery? Write to us — let more people know about this wonderful drug like Cheap.

    The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)