Chicken pox boys: risk and complications of the disease

Ветрянка у мальчиков: опасность и осложнения болезниPleased to welcome you, my dear readers! Chickenpox is a serious sverhzaryadnogo viral disease which occurs due to a certain subspecies of the herpes virus — Varicella Zoster. It is better to recover at a young age (two to five years).

Chicken pox in boys can be accompanied by a rash on pisula, girls — large and small sex lips. When the virus infects mucous membranes, they appear typical of a zit-Valderice that are not covered with a crust in contrast to skin rash.

What to do with a rash on the genitals of boys? In this article we will talk about the symptoms and methods of struggle with verenicline Valderice, jumped in intimate places.

Vetryanye pimples on the genitals in boys — the main symptoms

After entering the body, the virus is incubation, which lasts from 7-21 days. Throughout this time the virus-provocateur does not make itself known.

The toxins that are released in the course of its development, gradually accumulate in the body. The virus spreads through the body into new territory. The first symptoms of smallpox virus in children look like this:

  • weakness and General malaise;
  • the increase in temperature (if the disease develops easily, minor);
  • headache.

These symptoms are accompanied by the appearance of single spots that you see in the photo. Pimples can jump not only on the epidermis but also upon mucous membranes. These soft tissue the virus also seem attractive and suitable for development. Symptoms the rash appears on the genitals are:

  • the anxiety of the child;
  • irritability;
  • refusal to eat;
  • hysteria when going to the toilet.

Sometimes kids are embarrassed to tell your parents about that intimate place sprinkled. Therefore, if a parent notices these symptoms, it is necessary carefully and nenastoychivost to ask their child. By the way, if vetryanaya rash that appeared on pisula the baby?

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The danger of chicken pox on the genitals

Ветрянка у мальчиков: опасность и осложнения болезниThe people there is a myth that smallpox occurred on the genitals can cause impotence and infertility. I want to reassure all the moms who have sons get chicken pox. This disease does not affect the male function, even in that case, if you are in puberty (13 years approximately).

The only thing that could trigger chickenpox, a complication of infectious and viral in nature. About the complications described in detail in a separate story, which you’ll find on this website. I can only say that after chicken pox they can be quite dangerous and difficult.

How to treat chicken pox on the genitals of boys?

If on skin we can apply any antiseptic on the sensitive mucous membranes of the genitals — no.

Vatrenooooo rash on the testicles can be processed in the standard way — with paint. But with the penis should be handled carefully. The question is: what smear the head pisyulyami if Zelenka can’t?

Great safe analogue of green fodder, which can be applied to the genitals, is Fukortsin. This is a pink liquid with antiseptic properties, the wash which is much easier than Zelenka.

On a question, than to smear vatrenooooo instead of rashes solution of brilliant green, I always say that Fukortsin.

If your boy is worried about itching, you can anoint the pimples or gel Fenistil ointment Acyclovir. However, many doctors believe that Valderice on mucous membranes, especially the genital organs, to process anything unnecessary.

This is because the crust they are not covered, as previously mentioned. The wound on the spot Valderice needs to dry out and heal, then she will not make the creams and ointments. If lesions appear on the penis, often better to wash and to keep the child «in that place» has always been dry and clean.

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Treatment of a rash on the penis in boys

Folk treatment is mainly because it is more natural and safe. At what age a child can be treated with folk medicine? Yes almost any. There are many folk remedies that can ease the condition of the sick chicken pox and speed up the healing process of the rash on the mucous membranes:

  • Sitz bath (a basin in which the child can sit up) with potassium permanganate

Swimming in a pinkish solution will disinfect and prevent the spread of the rash on pisula baby. Mucous membranes react to a weak solution of manganese absolutely fine. After this the sitz baths rash will stop itching and start to heal.

  • Bath with chamomile, celandine, calendula

Ветрянка у мальчиков: опасность и осложнения болезниThese medicinal plants are sold in pharmacies for pennies. Decoctions of them are preparing elementary — a small amount of dry plants, pour boiling water, put on fire and bring to a boil, remove from heat, infuse and strain.

Cups of broth is enough for a full sit-baths. Herbs reduce inflammation, reduce swelling and redness and accelerate the healing process of pimples.

After this procedure, your baby will feel instant relief, and rash with his genitals will disappear quickly.

  • Soda

It is possible to wash away the child, and this must be done often. Soda will kill harmful bacteria and disinfects the mucous membranes of the genitals.

  • Sea buckthorn oil

Ветрянка у мальчиков: опасность и осложнения болезниThe unique properties of this substance repeatedly described in articles on this site. Oil can be processed not only pisula, but the oral cavity (palate, cheeks, tongue).

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With the pimples on the mucous it works wonders — relieves itching, reduces redness and inflamed, disinfect, creates an invisible film that will provide protection from infections and bacteria.

The consequences of incorrect treatment vetranary pimples on genitals can cause children to be deplorable. In this case, foldericon remain unsightly scars in the form of dimples. To avoid this from happening, not prijavite elements of the rash on mucous medications containing alcohol.

That’s all the information about chicken pox boys on the genitals. Now you know how to handle the affected pimples «gentle place.»

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Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)