Chicken pox on the palms: differences from other diseases and treatments

Ветрянка на ладонях: отличия от других заболеваний и методы леченияGood day, dear visitors of the site! Finding pimples on the palms of your child, parents are starting to panic and rightly so, because this rash may be a symptom of viral diseases.

For example, the chicken pox on the palms is manifested in the form folderico that itch and burst, and then become covered with crusts.

What if the child jumped vetryanye pimples on the inner or outer side of the palms? Can chickenpox be on the feet? The answers lie in the article I suggest to read to everyone!

Symptoms or how to recognize chicken pox if the rash appeared on the palms?

Chicken pox the child is often held in the form of light. It starts sharply with increasing temperature to 38-39 degrees.. Almost simultaneously with this first pimples appear. These rashes develop in a particular way:

  • first, there are small pink spots;
  • during the day they become papular — turn in the bumps;
  • then turn into vezikulezny — filled with a clear liquid;
  • constantly itching rash;
  • new items up for 3-5 days (the appearance of folderico is accompanied by an irregular temperature);
  • in the end Valderice burst, and then become covered with crusts.

The first rash in children varicella appears on the shag of the head, stomach, mouth.

Ветрянка на ладонях: отличия от других заболеваний и методы леченияGradually she begins to spread throughout the body. Whether it happens on the palms and soles? Sometimes, but rarely. Therefore, if your child appeared Valderice in these places, it must be shown to the doctor.

Why? The fact that not only the chicken pox manifests itself in the watery eruptions. There are a huge number of other viral diseases, which are characterized by the same symptom. Let’s define, what diseases can be confused with chickenpox and how to prevent it.

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Rash on the palms is a symptom of other viral diseases

What other viral diseases begin with rashes on the palms and feet? Here is a small list of them:

  • Rubella small red spots that appear primarily on the hands. Often the first to jump on the folds of the arms and legs, as well as on the outer side of the palms.
  • Measles — the symptoms are almost the same as the chickenpox, but the rash is different. Appearing on the hands, it turns into a large red spot, which gradually merge into one big sore.
  • Scarlet fever — rash is the smallest point type appearing first on the hands, especially in skin folds. This symptom is accompanied by symptoms of angina. The rash does not become watery after a couple of days, as in chickenpox.
  • The hives are bright red raised, tender rashes that itch. They appear after contact with substance-the allergen or taking it in. Allergen can be anything — animal dander, dairy products, fruits and vegetables etc.
  • Enterovirus infection — multiple small red spots that occur mainly on the outer side of the palm. Other symptoms are very similar to chickenpox. This infection is accompanied by diarrhea and abdominal pain and vesicular rash in the mouth and throat.
  • Viral pemphigus — flabby Valderice with clear content that is easy to lose integrity, after which turn into long time passing erosion. Erosion crack and bleed.
  • If the hands or feet had pimples like in the photo, it is chickenpox. Than to treat this viral disease?

    Treatment of viral pox on hands and feet

    Ветрянка на ладонях: отличия от других заболеваний и методы леченияThe treatment of children occurs in the home. The special therapy is required. The most unpleasant pimples on the palms and soles because these parts of the human body almost always with something in contact.

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    Vatrenooooo rash to injure you can not, as it increases the risk of infection with additional viral or bacterial infection.

    Necessary ill in bed with a duration of 6-7 days. Rash, when they appear, should be disinfected with green paint. Instead, you can use a liquid pink — Fukortsin. Think what you like: green or red dots on the body, and choose.

    Bed linen and clothing must be changed frequently. Upon detection of a rash on the hands for a short cut nails, as they can unintentionally injure Valderice.

    Ветрянка на ладонях: отличия от других заболеваний и методы леченияThe patient should drink plenty of fluids: juices, to which he had no allergies, teas, water. Upon detection of complications, the doctor may prescribe antiviral therapy.

    If temperatures are high for too long, it is advisable to be taking fever reducing medicine.

    Hygiene is also very important. The skin should be left clean, otherwise it will intensify the itching and it will infection of the ruptured pimples.

    Legs and arms upon detection of a rash they can not wash with soap and water. Useful for the patient chickenpox are baths with manganese or pharmacy decoction of herbs, such as chamomile.

    When the disease will end?

    Vetryanye pimples are observed in order to know when the disease ceases to be contagious and dangerous. This happens five days after the jump the last element vetrennay rash. It is easy to notice if the rest of the spots marked with green paint or pink its analogue, as discussed above.

    How is a rash on the palms and soles?

    The skin on the inner surface of the palms and soles heal quickly, so vetranary folderico nothing left (no scars, no spots). When the chickenpox Valderice on the above-mentioned parts of the body are faster than others, and appear in small numbers. Thanks to this specific treatment they require.

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    Traditional methods of alleviating the condition of the patient who has a rash on the palms

  • If the itching becomes unbearable, it is possible to handle hands too strong a solution of 3-6% vinegar. To dilute it 1:1 with boiled water.
  • To reduce the number of rashes will help sea salt. Bath with this unique substance soothes irritated skin. For hands sea salt is very useful. It not only soothes, but also relieves itching.
  • Hands can be washed out periodically by the infusion of medicinal plants. To prepare you will need special herbs: chamomile, sage, calendula, tysyacelistnik, a series. These herbs can be mixed and then pour boiling water and infuse until cool.
  • That’s all the information about chicken pox on the palms. Hope you liked the article and helped. Read be sure to share with acquaintances and friends in the social. networks. Subscribing to updates, you will receive notifications about new articles on this site. I wish you good health!

    The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)