Chicken pox on the tongue: how to treat rashes and itching how to remove?

Ветрянка на языке: чем лечить сыпь и как снять зуд?Good day, dear readers! Did you know that vetryanaya rash appears not only in the epidermis, but also in mucous membranes in the mouth, throat and on the genitals? Chicken pox on the tongue is a very unpleasant phenomenon.

If the skin can be treated protivozudnam medicine, mucosa, they are not suitable. And sores on the mucous membranes itching no less than on the skin.

What to do if vetryanye pimples sprang up on the language? How to safely eliminate itching and how to treat such a rash?

If you are interested in these issues, read the article. Happy reading!

Chicken pox on the tongue — is this normal?

Ветрянка на языке: чем лечить сыпь и как снять зуд?For more viral disease characterized by the appearance of rashes on the epidermis. By the way, the disease in English is called «Chickenpox». Watery Valderice language appear frequently in severe smallpox.

But sometimes the appearance of the rash on the mucous membranes and accompanied by a mild course of the disease. This can happen in a child with a weakened immune system.

Based on the foregoing, it should be noted that the chicken pox on tongue is a symptom of complications of viral disease or severe immune deficiency.

Look like pimples in the mouth?

Ветрянка на языке: чем лечить сыпь и как снять зуд?Rash on mucous membranes are practically no different from the rash on the skin. She’s small, with watery contents, itchy.

But after the blisters spontaneously opened in their place is formed crusts erosions that heal slowly and can serve as passages for harmful bacteria if not properly care for the oral cavity.

The main symptoms of chicken pox lesions of mucous membranes, including language, are as follows:

  • pain (aching tongue, palate, inner surface of cheeks);
  • burning and itching, and strong enough;
  • difficulties when eating;
  • difficulties in intake of water (which is why ill children often refuse food and water).
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Consider vatrenooooo rash on the tongue and mucous membranes, you can photo. Agree, not a pleasant sight. Do you think it’s a pox on mucous? Than it threatens human health?

Dangerous chicken pox on the tongue?

Through erosion created by watery rash in the blood and soft tissue can penetrate pathogenic microorganisms. This creates the possibility of joining a secondary infection. Especially dangerous is chicken pox on the tongue for people with:

  • teeth with caries;
  • chronic tonsillitis and similar disease;
  • adenoiditis;
  • other hotbeds of infectious diseases of a chronic nature.

Another danger of smallpox on the tongue and mucous membranes in the mouth is that it can go to the upper respiratory tract and internal organs. It is fraught with disorders of the respiratory functions, pain in the abdomen, exacerbation of chronic diseases.

How to treat rash on vatrenooooo language?

If you have read to this point, considering all the danger of chicken pox in the mouth, you probably want to know how to handle and what to do with watery pimples on mucous membranes. Treatment of chickenpox in your mouth should be comprehensive.

Adhere to the following guidelines that will help to cure pimples on the tongue and on the mucous membranes quickly and safely:

  • The oral cavity several times throughout the day, rinse with a weak solution of manganese.

Ветрянка на языке: чем лечить сыпь и как снять зуд?Its color should be pale pink. To prepare such a solution will need a bit of the above substance in 0.5 liter of water. By the way, to buy potassium permanganate in modern times in pharmacies without a prescription almost impossible.

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If you are not able to find it, you can use salt or soda solution (salt + water or baking soda + water). This solution caress the mouth four or five times a day. It will not only disinfect, but also to remove the white plaque from the tongue surface.

  • The mouth should be thoroughly rinse decoction of chamomile.

Dry buds are sold for pennies in any pharmacy. If you have immunity chamomile, you can replace it Romazulan. This drug is soluble in water and is used for rinsing.

It disinfects, reduces inflammation, reduces itching, accelerates healing. The more often you rinse your mouth, the better.

  • To remove inflammation help natural sea buckthorn oil.

They should treat sores on the tongue and in the sky point. The procedure is best to repeat regularly every few hours.

  • If itching is hard to tolerate, then reduce it by using ordinary ice.

Frozen water relieves irritation, inflammation, soothes mucous membranes and is not harmful to human health. This is the easiest and safe method with which you can temporarily alleviate the condition of the sick. Unfortunately, he acts long.

  • A decoction of parsley will contribute to strengthening the immune system.

To make it simple — 2 tablespoons of dry spices, mix in a Cup of boiling water, to insist hour (approx.) and drain. The decoction to drink a tablespoon three times a day.

  • The food should be liquid and soft.

The patient cannot eat solid and can cause allergies fruits/vegetables (these foods can be replaced with fresh juices). In addition, from the diet will have to exclude fat, flour and flavored with spices, as it is irritating.

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Read more about how to eat when chicken pox, read on this site.

Ветрянка на языке: чем лечить сыпь и как снять зуд?What else can you smear pimples on the tongue and mucous membranes to eliminate itching and pain? For small children the oral mucosa is treated with a special gel with a cooling and analgesic effects (e.g., Kalgel gel, which is prescribed for the appearance of the first tooth of a newborn).

Are there any drugs that can protect mucous membranes from harmful bacteria? There are, one of these medications is a paste Solcoseryl — dental adhesive drug.

Paste promotes healing of erosions, on the mucous creates an invisible medical-protective layer, which lasts three to five hours.

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The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)