Chicken pox vaccine, Varilrix: the scheme of implementation and feedback

Прививка от ветрянки Варилрикс: схема проведения и отзывыGood day, regular readers and who have come to us for the first time. In some cases, from chicken pox vaccination administered drug, Varilrix. Chicken pox vaccine, Varilrix used for over twenty years.

During this time, doctors and patients realized that it is useful and effective. Varilrix — what is it? A question I often hear doctors involved in the treatment of smallpox. I propose to examine in detail the above drug. Happy reading!

What is Varilrix

Прививка от ветрянки Варилрикс: схема проведения и отзывыIs a highly effective drug for injection against chickenpox, which produces the company «GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals», located in Belgium.

Varilrix is a live attenuated (mild) vaccine containing attenuated Varicella zoster. The manual says that the drug should be administered to children and adults for the prevention of viral disease. What other indications have Varilrix?

Indications for use

  • Prevention of chickenpox in children from twelve months of age;
  • Emergency (urgent) prevention in adults without a history of childhood and not vaccinated in the past. Held in the first 96 hours after contact with a carrier of the disease.
  • Prophylaxis women planning pregnancy. To prevent this situation no later than three months before the pregnancy.
  • What doses of taking the drug?

    This is very important, as an overdose of Varilrix can be hazardous to health. Overdose detail, we consider later, but for now take a look at the dosage. The dose for single use is equivalent to 0,5 ml of the Vaccine is produced in two parts:

    • containers with dried in a special way by the drug;
    • syringe with solvent.

    The injection should be performed necessarily by a syringe from the kit, as the needle is made in a special way so as to minimize discomfort during the administration of the vaccine. In addition, the use of the syringe eliminates the overdose.

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    How much does Varilrix and where to get it?

    Прививка от ветрянки Варилрикс: схема проведения и отзывыTo the question: where to get vaccinated against smallpox, there is a simple answer that will satisfy all. Vaccination is carried out in any clinic, which deliver the vaccine. This can be a private or public hospital, to get to where you from home or from work you easiest.

    If there is no clinic in the above the drug, it can you buy over the Internet, but I have to say, the price it high. For example, in Russia the price in the range of 2500-3000 rubles. In Ukraine, particularly in Kiev, the cost of the drug is equal to 300-400 UAH.

    Method of vaccine application, Varilrix

    Прививка от ветрянки Варилрикс: схема проведения и отзывыBefore applying the drug you need to prepare. For this dry component is diluted with solvent in the vial. Then, the resulting liquid is typed into the syringe and injected back to the patient.

    It is important to ensure that the drug is prepared for injection directly before the procedure. In dilute state, its shelf life decreases significantly. The drug vylivaetsya under the skin in the shoulder area.

    The course is administered one dose Varilrix and re-vaccination, which must be done within six to eight weeks. To repeat the shot must! Otherwise, the body cannot develop immunity to the virus.

    The scheme of the emergency prevention Varilrix

    Such prevention may be required in case if a person knows that had contact with the sick and I was not ill wind in the past. To get the maximum benefits from such preventive maintenance must be completed within 96 hours after contact with a carrier of the disease.

    Reviews of urgent prevention mostly positive. This is not surprising, as the drug described in the article, works quickly and always correct.

    However, if wishing to carry out prevention will be late and won’t go to the hospital in time, vaccination will be useless.

    Urgent prophylaxis is carried out with a single dose of the drug. If even after this chickenpox will develop, it is revaccination after six to eight weeks.

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    The efficiency and effect of the drug

    High efficiency the above-described drug proving clinical research. They showed that after Varilrix immune to chickenpox develop in 98% of patients of different ages. This immunity persisted for a long time (in some cases for 7 years or more).

    As tolerated vaccination against chickenpox?

    Reviews about how tolerated vaccination against the varicella virus chickenpox is very different. Reaction to the drug can be divided into two types: cutaneous (external) and total. Skin (outer) reactions occur on the epidermal cover and can be:

    • at the site of inoculation there is a redness and light swelling;
    • this place will be slightly sore for 2-3 days.

    Common reactions, in turn, can be the following:

    • the temperature rises to 40 degrees;
    • lymphadenopathy occurs;
    • there is a common malaise, weakness, dizziness, drowsiness.

    In extremely rare cases after vaccination appears small isolated rash similar to chicken pox. Fortunately, these pimples do not develop until folderico and speed.

    The above «side effects» do not require treatment. Agree, they are completely harmless. By the way, Varilrix a powerful analog — Okawix. So which of these medicines is better?

    Varilrix, or analogue — what to choose and is there a difference?

    Прививка от ветрянки Варилрикс: схема проведения и отзывыVarilrix, or Arawaks? Choose at your own discretion, because these drugs on the effects, price and principle of operation are the same. Distinguishes them only the fact that the latter appeared earlier than the first six years (approximately).

    It may be noted that the composition of Arawaks no protein albumin. Other components of these medicines are the same.

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    Is it possible to apply Varilrix in the process of carrying a child and lactation?

    Pregnancy and breast-feeding are the main contraindications to the use of the above drug. Vaccination can be done in three months before pregnancy, as already mentioned above.


    Прививка от ветрянки Варилрикс: схема проведения и отзывыAre you curious about what people are saying about these vaccinations? By the way, there are different opinions, both positive and negative. Many say that after vaccination was not feeling very well.

    The site of inoculation were puffy and red. But after a day or two these symptoms disappeared and health improved.

    The majority of people praise, Varilrix and for good reason. Such inoculation is the simplest way to develop immunity to chickenpox without getting sick with this viral disease.

    This concludes my article on preventive vaccination against varicella. Read information if it has helped you, you can share with friends via social. network. Subscribe and stay tuned. Up to new meetings!

    The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)