Chicken pox vaccine: what is and where is?

Прививка от ветрянки: какая бывает и где проводится?Hello, dear visitors of this dermatological website. In various European countries chicken pox vaccine is from early seventies. Thanks to vaccination was able to significantly reduce the frequency of the disease in children and adults.

Furthermore, even if after the people were sick, they did not appear complications, such as pneumonia, meningitis, encephalitis, etc.

So I can safely say that prevention you need to do. After reading the article, you will learn all the subtleties of this procedure. An enjoyable read.

The vaccination

Vaccination is administered to children from twelve months and adults. The patient is weakened, specially treated virus-the causative agent of chickenpox (Varicella Zoster). After that, the human body begins to develop immunity to the virus.

Прививка от ветрянки: какая бывает и где проводится?After the procedure, immune to disease become 98% of children up to five years. Teenagers on drugs are not so much (percent resistance to the virus is 78 %), therefore, is the booster (increases the percentage to 99 %).

Developed after vaccination immune defense work for several years. In some cases, active ten to twenty years or more.

Basically, when people vacciniavirus in the eighties, tests for antibodies, most of them the results are positive. Therefore, the efficacy of vaccination for prevention of smallpox virus challenge is not necessary.

Prevention of Varicella Zoster virus to adults

Прививка от ветрянки: какая бывает и где проводится?Adults this prevention can be done at any age. It is especially necessary to those who are regularly in contact with sick chicken pox: educators, teachers in Universities, teachers, doctors, public transport drivers, etc.

Women planning pregnancy, also must put such a vaccine, as the smallpox while carrying the baby can cause miscarriage or to develop an innate shape and be transmitted to the baby.

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Adults do not require to be vaccinated against smallpox. But it is better to be vaccinated, as it will guarantee security. Vaccination against Varicella Zoster virus is especially necessary to such groups of people:

  • having diseases of chronic nature occurring in severe form (these people have a weakened immune system);
  • ill chronic leukemia;
  • treated with drugs that reduce the protective functions of the immune system;
  • treated radiation therapy;
  • podgotavlivaya to complex operations such as organ transplants.

If a person is not sick and in contact with a virus carrier, he is assigned to emergency prevention. To hold it within three days from the moment of contacting media Varicella Zoster. If you pass the procedure time, the probability of infection is reduced to almost 0 %.

Vaccination of children

In Russia the introduction of Varicella Zoster vaccine is recommended for children from twelve months. Vaccination is done only at the request of parents and in any case not mandatory.

But the children from two years of traveling to diverse Wellness institutions or to the resorts required to be vaccinated against smallpox, if before it did not been ill.

What vaccines are used by the virus Varicella Zoster in modern times?

There are 2 types of vaccines against Varicella Zoster. Are you curious about what is vaccination? The first has the name of Arawaks, and the second — Varilrix. These drugs originated at different times (the first is older by about 6 years).

Okawix is manufactured by «SANOFI PASTEUR» (France), and Varilrix — company «GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals» (Belgium). What do these drugs? Actually, almost everything:

  • both contain live weakened Varicella Zoster virus;
  • have the same effectiveness;
  • the same are held;
  • have almost the same value.
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By the way, the price Varilrix equates to 2500-3000 rubles Okawix can be purchased in Moscow around 1900-2500 RUB.

Where it is possible to make vaccination against chickenpox?

Прививка от ветрянки: какая бывает и где проводится?In order to complete the procedure, you need to go to any clinic where there is the above-described vaccine. Do prevention from chicken pox in small towns?

Doing, but the vaccine is delivered to the cities is not very often. If you find her in the clinic failed, you can order it via the Internet.

Choose the drug for vaccination can, as the difference between Varilrix and Kawacom virtually no.

Possible deterioration of health after vaccination

Often after vaccination deterioration of health is not observed, however, in extremely rare situations they can be. Some are developing local (skin) reactions:

  • redness of the skin in the area of immunizations;
  • swelling;
  • the hardness of the site of inoculation;
  • mild soreness.

Only 0.5-1 % of the people who made the injection of smallpox, there are more serious side effects, which include:

  • the increase in temperature;
  • a rash on the skin similar to vatrenooooo, but do not turn into blisters;
  • severe itching of the skin;
  • malaise;
  • the increase in lymph nodes.

Such phenomena can be observed in one to three weeks after the preventative treatment. Because of this, they are called «delayed reactions». They disappear quickly and do not need treatment.

The situations in which vaccination is not?

The procedure is not recommended for people with exacerbated chronic diseases. In such a situation, the vaccine can be put after recovery. In addition, vaccination is contraindicated in pregnant and breast feeding. That is why it needs to be done before the pregnancy.

It is absolutely contraindicated procedure is in severe immunodeficiency. Simply put, if too much weakened immune system.

The opinion of Dr. Komarovsky regarding vaccination against varicella

Прививка от ветрянки: какая бывает и где проводится?Are you interested to know the opinion of authoritative Ukrainian pediatrician Komorowski about whether to be vaccinated against Varicella Zoster virus?

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Komarovsky recommends to take preventive action because it believes that it is better than to have had chickenpox and can develop immunity naturally.

By the way, the reviews of the people who made the vaccine, always positive. It is done subcutaneously in the shoulder. The skin in the area the least sensitive, so the procedure is virtually painless.

That’s all the information about vaccination against chickenpox. I hope after reading this article, you will make the right decision and deliver the vaccine that will protect you from viral diseases over the years.

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The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)