Chickenpox in adults can lead to serious complications

Ветрянка у взрослых может привести к серьезным осложнениямGood day to you, dear readers! Chickenpox is considered a childhood disease because it infected mostly children. However, not all of us, adults, infected with the smallpox in childhood. The question arises: whether it happens in adults?

Of course, maybe, and catch it adults harder than children. Chickenpox in an adult can result in severe complications or even death. To protect yourself from such consequences, we strongly recommend to read the article.

Features virus-provocateur

I have to say that the older you are ill, the more dangerous it will chickenpox. Why? The reason for this are the features of Varicella zoster virus. It is a microorganism of the family «herpes».

Because of the minimal size, it easily penetrates into the body. The opportunity to transmitted by airborne droplets makes it very dangerous.

How is the infection?

Ветрянка у взрослых может привести к серьезным осложнениямThe viral body in the air can overcome meters distance. Therefore, it is easy to get infected.

The infection happens in the course of a trivial conversation with the ill or if a healthy person will walk with him along the corridor, ride the lift, public transport.

From third parties or everyday items infection impossible. The Varicella zoster virus in the environment for a long time will not last. The influence of different factors such as sunlight, temperature, dry air, it will weaken and eventually kill you.


After penetration into the body the virus need to pass the incubation path. This period will last for 7-14 days. The incubation of the disease occurs in adults as children. Therefore, the primary symptoms are not very common:

  • the rash will appear later;
  • ill will experience pronounced symptoms of intoxication;
  • intoxication is accompanied by fever.

Chickenpox in adulthood always starts suddenly and sharply. The temperature of the sick will rise simultaneously with the appearance of pimples and can grow up to 40-degrees, which is very dangerous.

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Rash that you see in the photo will appear in greater numbers than the children. Here are a few characteristics of the disease in adults:

  • acne long heal;
  • instead of transparent content in them is almost always formed pus;
  • brown, appearing in place of the bursting folderico, rejected longer;
  • after the pimples scars in the form of dimples (if you’re wondering how to deal with lumpy, then be sure to read the separate article on this website).

The rash begins to spread from the trunk:

  • abdomen;
  • of the thigh;
  • shoulders.

Then apply the pimples go up and then down on the neck, face, hands, feet. This happens not once, but in waves for the past 5-7 days.

Most worryingly, pimples can jump not only on the epidermis but also in the mouth, on the genitalia, internal organs (mucous membranes).

Ветрянка у взрослых может привести к серьезным осложнениямTo treat this chickenpox is difficult, since not all preparations antiseptics you can smear on mucous membranes. Valderice in such a situation not covered by the crusts, and when Mature, turn into ulcers.

Signs of chickenpox in an adult we have already studied, and found out how long the incubation of the virus. And how long the disease itself? On average, two to three weeks, but just in case, unless there are complications.

And complications often occur in adults and can be life-threatening. Let’s learn about them.

Possible complications of smallpox

The most common complication are the different types of skin infections bacterial and viral types. They occur due to scratching the rash with dirty hands. Other complications may include:

  • pneumonia — at least often the consequence, develops in adults with compromised or weakened immune system;
  • vision loss happens when the virus attacks the cornea (the pimples in this situation appear on the eyelids, temporal region and even eye proteins);
  • arthritis and other joint inflammation is a temporary complication is when the rash disappears completely vetryanaya;
  • meningitis and other inflammation of the brain happen if the virus spreads to nerve cells and the Dura (the person suffers severe headaches, nausea, convulsions, lack of coordination);
  • vetranary tracheitis or laryngitis may result from lesions in the throat;
  • acute stomatitis happens because vetranary ulcers on the mucous membranes of the mouth.
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To prevent the above complications, you need to treat chickenpox. By the way, the treatment of adults differs little from the baby. I propose to consider its basic principles.

Treatment of adults

Special treatment of the above diseases has not yet been invented. Therefore, patients can only try to alleviate their condition by eliminating the symptoms. Most importantly, avoid contact with other people and to secure a bed.

Ветрянка у взрослых может привести к серьезным осложнениямHigh temperature can bring down the antipyretic drugs, but not aspirin, as this drug with chickenpox inconsistent (gives unexpected complications and changes the course of the disease). A fever can Ibuprofen or Paracetamol.

Definitely need to process items vetranary rash zelenkoj. It is a powerful antiseptic that will not only disinfect, but also to celebrate the elements of the rash.

So ill will determine when will be the last zit. After it arrives you can begin to consider five days, after which the disease will become contagious, and fully recede.

To reduce the itching, which will appear along with pimples, helps antihistamine (anti-Allergy) drugs. They can be taken orally or topically. In addition, there are special ointments and creams with a cooling effect that will not only relieve itching but will also heal Valderice.

Prevention of the disease in adulthood

Fortunately, to recover from smallpox only once in a lifetime. Re-infection is extremely rare, and in detail you can read about it in a separate article. But if you don’t want to go through all the above torture, you better spend prevention. What prevention can be taken in adulthood? The most effective is vaccination.

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Ветрянка у взрослых может привести к серьезным осложнениямChicken pox vaccine is administered into the body a weakened virus particles.

The symptoms are virtually never develop or appear very mild, and the immune system still developing, and not less persistent, than we recover in a natural way.

Such prevention can be done urgently, if you are sure that contact with the patient.

Effective it will be, if after contact has passed not more than 72 hours. Smooth prevention is carried out in two stages. Put the second vaccine 4-8 weeks after the first.

That’s all the information about chickenpox in adults. I hope this article has helped you learn more about the contagious viral disease. Be sure to share the read with your friends from social networks.

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The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)