Chickenpox in men: dangerous or not?

Ветрянка у мужчин: опасна или нет?Hello, dear visitors of the dermatological website! There is a perception that I have been ill with chicken pox adult male may be deprived of sex life.

Does this disease typically male functions, actually? How is and how to treat chickenpox in men. You will find the answers in this article.

Dangerous viral disease

Getting the chicken pox man in 30 years is really very dangerous. Why? Because in adults the disease develops in severe stage. Children tolerate it easier, but unfortunately, not everyone is «lucky» to have been ill at a young age.

Ветрянка у мужчин: опасна или нет?Chickenpox is one of the most rapidly spreading viral diseases of acute nature. You can become infected at any time during a simple conversation with a carrier of the virus.

Chickenpox is transmitted by airborne droplets (classical) method, as well as through contact with affected watery pimples skin (much less likely).

Even if you are healthy and strong man, no need to think that this disease will pass away. From it nobody is insured, except those who are already ill.

The peculiarities of viral diseases in men

How dangerous is chicken pox for the male body? First, the complications that adults appear very often. Second, the impact of the virus on the body of an adult is much more difficult.

If you have children in the primary symptom of chicken pox is only a slight deterioration of health, adult men the symptoms are more varied and unpleasant:

  • sudden frequent or continuous temperature increase to the maximum limit;
  • pronounced intoxication, General malaise, fever;
  • the frequent appearance of new watery rash that you see in the photo;
  • strong inflammation of the epidermis in places of localization of pimples;
  • over a long period of illness.
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Ветрянка у мужчин: опасна или нет?Children’s skin pimples with liquid contents completely heal. The only small pink spots, which quickly become natural color. The epidermis in adult market is not recovering as quickly, especially in men.

Because of this place folderico often left spots of dark color and different types of scars — deep pits, scars and the like.

Now you know why you can’t get chicken pox adult male. Actually, not impossible, and highly undesirable. By the way, the complications of this viral diseases can be:

  • osteomyelitis;
  • pneumonia;
  • otitis;
  • orchitis;
  • reactive hepatitis;
  • meningitis;
  • vetranary encephalitis;
  • arthritis;
  • serous purulent bursitis.
  • Agree, it’s very unpleasant consequences. And what about men’s health? Let’s finally face it, chicken pox affects the potency or not?

    The impact of viral diseases on «manhood»

    For any man the worst is sexual dysfunction. People often say that chicken pox can give such a complication. And many believe, not even trying to figure out if this is actually.

    Ветрянка у мужчин: опасна или нет?I want to reassure all representatives of a strong half of mankind, read this article. Chickenpox does not affect men’s health.

    The myth that after chickenpox in men can cause problems with sexual function have arisen by chance. It is directly linked with walking in people opinion about the negative effects of paratyphoid fever (pigs) on men’s health.

    Paratyphoid fever, really can reduce fertility (fertility, ability to reproduce) and cause epididymitis in the gonads.

    But when the chickenpox this can not happen in any way. At least, not yet observed. So do not believe the gossip about what the chickenpox causes infertility and other disorders of male sexual function.

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    The treatment of chickenpox in men

    Treatment for chickenpox can be only symptomatic, and follows the same pattern as in children. First and foremost, you need to regularly lubricate the new emerging pimples with green paint, which is not only antiseptic, but also an indicator of completion of activity of the virus.

    Ветрянка у мужчин: опасна или нет?Watery rash will continuously itch. If the itching becomes unbearable, I recommend to take antihistamines, for example, diazolin. In addition, you can use creams with cooling effect.

    What ointment to use when the chickenpox? Find out about it by reading a separate article on the website.

    To increase the effectiveness of treatment is possible through diet. Ill have to give up fatty, salty, sweet, carbonated drinks and anything else that can irritate mucous membranes.

    An adult sick with the Varicella Zoster virus the rash be sure to attack not only the skin, but also mucous membranes in the mouth, genital region, etc.

    The sooner the sick will notice the symptoms of the disease and begin treatment watery rash, the better. So, dear men, we strongly recommend you to carefully listen to your body and stay healthy. If you doubt that had chicken pox in childhood, or simply do not remember, it is better reinsurance and slide prevention.

    What is prevention of smallpox Varicella Zoster in adult men?

    Ветрянка у мужчин: опасна или нет?With the aim of prevention should be tested for antibodies to the Varicella Zoster virus. This procedure will help determine if you have immunity, which is produced from all recover and remains for life.

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    If the result is negative (antibodies are not), you will appoint the first special vaccinated with the antibodies in the composition. Second, you will conduct a mandatory one month after the first.

    Emergency prevention is held in the case, if you know what you are in contact with the patient. This introduces an injection of immunoglobulin. Effective such prevention will only be provided that from the time of contact with the virus carrier was no more than three days.

    That’s about it. I hope the post was interesting and informative. Read share information with your friends on social networks and also don’t forget to subscribe to the updates of the site. All the best to you!

    Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)