Chickenpox in pregnancy: how dangerous and how to treat it?

Ветрянка при беременности: насколько опасна и как ее лечить?Good day, dear visitors of the site! Chickenpox in pregnancy — the disease is extremely dangerous and unpleasant. It is fraught with serious complications, so pregnant women should be especially careful to fear.

How to identify chicken pox, if you are «in position»? How to get rid of it and what results you can expect? Suggest to read the article to the end, if you want to know the answers.

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Now back to the chicken pox or varicella (full name). How to understand that you got chicken pox? Is it possible to get sick from this disease during pregnancy?

Symptoms of chickenpox in pregnant women

Chicken pox women who are preparing to become mothers, proceeds in the same way as ordinary people. After infection the first symptoms appear after 10-20 days (depends on the body and immune system). The first symptoms include:

  • the head is extremely strong and even permanent pain;
  • General malaise — weakness, body aches, excessive passivity;
  • lack of appetite;
  • a significant temperature increase.

Ветрянка при беременности: насколько опасна и как ее лечить?Chickenpox is a serious risk for carrying a baby. There are many forums where those who were ill with this malady in a position to share a personal experience.

They describe in detail the symptoms and suggest how not to confuse it with the usual condition of women in the state. I suggest you study these forums, especially if you not had chicken pox in childhood.

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Typical Valderice appear 2-3 days after the first symptoms. First, the body formed of a single pimples with watery contents. Every day their number increases. New Valderice appear for 2-7 days.

Unfortunately, as the period of gestation of the baby’s immune system from mom’s functioning a bit differently, the disease quickly takes hold of the body and develops into a medium or from a severe form. That is why ill with smallpox varicella pregnant so desirable. The consequences can be very serious and even fatal.

The most common effect of chickenpox in pregnant women is the development of herpes pneumonia. The longer the gestation, the higher the risk to make the aforementioned disease. Let’s define what is dangerous chicken pox at different stages of the carrying a child.

Varicella — first trimester

Ветрянка при беременности: насколько опасна и как ее лечить?In the 1st trimester any infection is extremely undesirable. That is in the early stages of pregnancy begin to form the organs and tissues of the child. The placenta still has time to get stronger so to protect the fetus from infections.

Chicken pox from mother to child in the 1st trimester goes very rarely. But if it happens and the fetus develops smallpox in utero of nature, without consequences is not complete.

The most dire consequences

  • the death of a baby;
  • unexpected spontaneous miscarriage;
  • different types of deformities of the internal organs and tissues;
  • CNS.

Chicken pox — the second trimester

If the mother contracted the disease in 2 trimester, then it can not particularly worry about the health of the baby. By the beginning of this trimester, the placenta is already strong enough and can protect the baby from infection.

Even if the disease from the mother to proceed in the heavy form, in the fruit of it go not able to.

Varicella — third trimester

Chicken pox in 3 trimester is extremely dangerous, but only if the expectant mother became infected after 36 weeks.

Ветрянка при беременности: насколько опасна и как ее лечить?Infectious diseases in the late stages of childbearing is dangerous because the immunity woman does not have time to develop protection to chickenpox the baby, because of what he can get as in-utero and during childbirth.

In this case, the newborn appears chickenpox congenital type, which occurs and is treated extremely difficult.

Such in varicella in a child affects not only the skin, but also mucous membranes and the walls of the internal organs.

In addition, the disease severely affected the Central nervous system. Such children later in life always catch chicken pox again.

If the mother contracted the illness 4 days before birth, intrauterine get it 10-20% of children. Of them do not survive 20-30%. But if watery pimples on the body of the mother appeared more than 5 days before delivery, the baby will carry the chicken pox is much easier if, of course, it can get infected.

Treatment of chickenpox in pregnant women

If you have contracted the above disease from someone of the family members, for example, from the eldest child, then immediately consult a local gynecologist who is watching.

If the disease will occur in the standard form, then you will find a classic symptomatic treatment. Simply put, you will smear the bubbles-pimples green paint or other anti-inflammatory antiseptic.

Rash in no event it is impossible to crush, tear and comb! If you do it, the pimples will turn into deep wounds that will be a very long time to heal, and on the body after them will certainly be scars.

Ветрянка при беременности: насколько опасна и как ее лечить?Open watery pimples are the most simple way for new infections.

If the expectant mother became infected during the period in excess of twenty weeks, she prescribed an injection of immunoglobulin. A similar treatment is recommended and in that case, if the disease is detected in a few (less than 7) days before delivery.

If symptoms of chickenpox appear before birth (2-4 days), the doctors to artificially delay the appearance of the baby born. Due to this, the risk of infection decreases significantly. After birth the baby will be prescribe a specific immunoglobulin, which contains antibodies to varicella.

Dear pregnant! Protect yourself and your kids! If you liked the article, then share it with their friends through social networks, and subscribe to site updates. All the best to you!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)