Chinese remedy nail fungus: what is best?

Китайское средство от грибка ногтей: какое лучше всего? Hello, dear readers! The nail fungus is susceptible to each of us, regardless of gender and age. Catching this disease in any public place: in the pool, bath, sauna etc., as well as at home, if, for example, your Slippers will wear ill guest.

Particularly unpleasant is a fungus of the nail plates as they deform, are exhausted, begin to crumble and break.

Fortunately, there is a miraculous Chinese remedy for nail fungus that will help to cope with the disease in the shortest possible time.

Moreover, this tool is not one. In this article we will discuss two of the most popular and effective means of Chinese medicine with powerful anti-fungal effect.

How to recognize fungus?

To start the treatment of nail fungus simply because you won’t. For this you need to verify the authenticity of his diagnosis. To recognize the disease on legs will help the following symptoms:

  • the appearance of white patches and white streaks on the nail plate;
  • Valderice to the interdigital space;
  • intense itching of feet and interdigital spaces;
  • changing the shape of the nail plate;
  • the crumbling and cracks on the nail plate;
  • color change to yellowish or grayish;
  • when pressed on the nail feeling pain;
  • thickening of the nails;
  • flaking on the sides or completely;
  • unpleasant smell of feet, arising even without heavy sweating.

Китайское средство от грибка ногтей: какое лучше всего? All of the above symptoms indicate the presence of a microscopic parasite under the nail plate.

If you notice on their nails these changes, contact your dermatologist or mycologist who will perform the tests and determine the exact cause, namely, the provocateur of your illness.

Treatment Chinese remedies and preparations: General rules

Using the Chinese treatment with antifungal activity, follow these rules:

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  • Before applying the drugs definitely asprivate limbs affected by the fungus.
  • Try to promptly remove keratinized epidermis and regrowth of the affected nail.
  • Apply not only to the nail plate, but also on the areas around them.
  • Before and after the procedure, wash your hands thoroughly.
  • Often, change your socks, wash the shoes.
  • Apply the products with extreme care, so they do not fall on mucous membranes or eyes.
  • Chinese remedy Snazii — quick relief from nail fungal infection

    Китайское средство от грибка ногтей: какое лучше всего? Chinese medicine Snazii is popular for its absence of contraindications and side effects. Health effect occurs within a month of application. Agree, not all the pharmacy drugs can give such a quick result.

    In order to fully get rid of the disease and prevent recurrence, recommend taking two packages which you must use the fully.

    Snazii should be used:

    The first option — apply the preparation on the prepared nails and under them morning and evening (full freedom from athlete’s foot will come in 8-10 months, and a noticeable improvement in a couple of weeks);

    Китайское средство от грибка ногтей: какое лучше всего? The second option is before applying the product presented in the pictures, clean feet and nails with hydrogen peroxide (to get rid of the disease within 2-3 months, and noticeable results in a month maximum).

    Snazii combining with other anti-fungal medications, you will speed up the healing process. Use of the drug is recommended to complete regrowth of a new clean nail plate.

    Drops Snazii absolutely harmless due to its natural composition, does not cause allergies and is easily accepted by the body. Active substances in their composition is detrimental to most species of fungi. Read more about Chinese tools you can read in the instructions.

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    Varisi Restore Problem Nails — miracle Chinese antifungal ointment

    Ointment Varisi (Varese) simple and easy to use. It is completely organic, Hypo-allergenic, making it no less secure than the previous vehicle. People who have tested it, I leave only positive feedback. Many praise the high efficiency of the drug.

    Why Varisi so popular? She has an extensive list of useful actions:

    • kills not only fungus, but also bacteria, mold, infection;
    • to cope with all fungal species, even with Candida albicans;
    • protects from infection areas of the epidermis around the nail plate;
    • ensures complete recovery without relapses.

    The course of treatment with this Chinese remedy for foot fungus lasts for 8-10 months. During this time, the nail plate is completely restored. In place of the deformed plates grow new, perfectly healthy.

    Methods of using Varisi

    Китайское средство от грибка ногтей: какое лучше всего? Morning and evening lubricate the prepared legs (feet, interdigital space and nails). Treatment this simple technique will last approximately 8 months.

    To combine an ointment with hydrogen peroxide. In the morning to lubricate the affected areas only ointment, and in the evening pre-wipe with peroxide. In this case, the treatment will last 2-3 months.

    How to buy the above drugs?

    Most importantly, do not buy a fake and not to buy it instead of the original. For this buy Chinese medicines from reliable supplier having a positive reputation.

    Buy Varisi and Snazii possible at a reasonable price, so decide soon and get rid of fungal nails.

    Prevention after recovery

    After recovering from fungus drops or cream, described in this article, in the future, try not to get infected again. Rules of prevention of athlete’s foot are as follows:

    • never wear someone else’s clothes, especially the shoes;
    • remove the space in the housing with antiseptics periodically;
    • take a change of shoes, which can quickly and easy to wash, in public institutions;
    • not in stores try on shoes with bare feet;
    • after a bath, wipe the feet dry;
    • wear full shoes and socks;
    • get a personal pedicure kit.
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    That’s about it. Now you know how to cure nail fungus popular in Chinese media. Chinese medicine is one of the most powerful, safe and effective. Try it and see for yourself.

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    The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)