Chronic hives: causes and treatment of the disease

Хроническая крапивница: причины и лечение заболеванияHello, dear readers. Often on our skin rash, redness and itching.

Most often it is an allergic reaction to a particular product or exposure.

Almost every third person in the planet has a diagnosis of chronic urticaria, which is, even in the presence of multiple drugs, it is very difficult to treat.

Let’s understand why the disease occurs, and what tools help fight this disease.

How to recognize hives?

Хроническая крапивница: причины и лечение заболеванияMain symptoms is a rash with the appearance of blisters are pink or white color different diameter and shape. Periodically they grow and merge into one big blur. View the following photo, which shows what it looks like hives.

In some cases, chronic urticaria is characterized by the presence of papules, slightly raised above the skin surface, and this manifestation is observed in this disease.

There are cases of change propagation to the subcutaneous fat layer. This usually causes angioedema (angioneurotic edema).

Most often it is localized on the genitals, face, neck, tongue, lips, although sometimes generalized. In this case, the patient difficult to breathe and swallow.

If the disease process involved the sheath of the gastrointestinal tract can cause vomiting, nausea, diarrhea.

The rash in this case is accompanied by burning sensation, itching in the place of manifestation of the elements. Both children and adults experience irritability and sleep disturbance.

Classification and causes of disease

Хроническая крапивница: причины и лечение заболеванияChronic urticaria lasts more than six weeks, and periodically recur. It is often spontaneous, caused by the influence of factors. There are several classification of the presented disease.

Depending on the course of urticaria distinguish severe, moderate and mild process. On the localization of the disease can be generalized or focal. Classification by causal factors, the following:

  • Physical (sunlight, temperature, contact, mechanical, cholinergic, vibratory);
  • Anaphylactoid;
  • Immunological;
  • Other types (pigment, psychedelic, infectious, hereditary).
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Also the causes that trigger the disease are divided into internal (for example, chronic infections) or external (exposure to environmental factors).

After passing all the necessary tests, inspection of the lesion, the patient can be diagnosed with chronic idiopathic urticaria (placed in 90 % of cases).

60 % have an autoimmune disease, which was confirmed after administration of autologous serum. Despite this, most of the causes of disease manifestations remain unknown.

How to treat the disease?

Хроническая крапивница: причины и лечение заболеванияIf you suspect this disease, you should consult an allergist-immunologist.

Such a specialist is able to identify the disease and cure it. In the process of diagnosing the patient can be assigned to an additional examination by a neurologist, gastroenterologist, and Laura.

First and foremost, the patient will be assigned to take antihistamines such as claritin, loratadine.

If the disease is diagnosed in a child after 1 year, you will be discharged the latest generation product – Zyrtec and other.

All the above drugs have no adverse effects on internal organs and rarely have side effects.

In acute or severe manifestations of the disease, and with strong itching shown immunomodulators (cyclosporine, prednisolone).

Хроническая крапивница: причины и лечение заболеванияThese drugs are rarely used during pregnancy because they have a hormonal origin and can harm the unborn baby.

They have a wide range of contraindications and side effects, resulting are prescribed these medications by a doctor and without a prescription are not released.

Externally appointed funds relieves itching: lotions with a solution of menthol, salicylic acid, calendula. If the disease is recurrent, caused by various drugs and food allergens, it is necessary to clean the intestines from toxins.

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To do this, it is possible to use chelators, laxatives or cleansing enemas.

For more quickly get rid of the symptoms of urticaria, the doctor may prescribe the patient physiotherapy: PUVA therapy, ultraviolet irradiation, ultrasonic treatment.

In addition, an important role plays compliance hypoallergenic diet and some diet modifications.

Diet for chronic urticaria

Хроническая крапивница: причины и лечение заболеванияIf you have non-allergic disease (caused, for example, cold, heat, chemicals), then you are allowed to eat all foods. Only exclude the sources of negative impact.

In case of allergic urticaria, the patient is allowed to eat: dairy products, cereals, low-fat cottage cheese, corn bread, stewed, boiled, roasted vegetables (except tomatoes, pumpkins, beets).

Also you can eat lean meats, leafy salads, greens, vegetable oil.

If you daily include in your diet products, it is possible to reduce the risk of recurrent urticaria and improve overall health. After acute symptoms subside, you are allowed to consume other foods.

What products should be discontinued in chronic urticaria? First from red fruits and berries, citrus fruits, chocolate, nuts, mushrooms. If you have active limit your intake of flour products and sweets.

Also excluded fatty meats, rich broth, canned food, fatty fish and anything that contains dyes, preservatives.

In addition, the diet is prohibited smoked, salted, pickled, spicy foods, carbonated beverages. Consume more liquid, cook a few meals in, eat fractional and small portions.

How to get rid of the disease by using folk remedies?

Хроническая крапивница: причины и лечение заболеванияYou can relieve symptoms of urticaria with the help of folk medicine. It is recommended to make compresses and baths with the use of decoctions of medicinal herbs such as nettle, elecampane, yarrow, rose hips, St. John’s wort, celery.

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Thanks to such extracts calms the skin, eliminates irritation and itching.

Reviews about these methods of treatment are positive, however, without the use of antihistamines and pharmaceutical drugs are often not effective.

Take the army with urticaria?

Хроническая крапивница: причины и лечение заболеванияThe recruit receive an exemption from military service if he has in the history of the disease level on chronic urticaria, as well as on the occurrence of angioedema. Thus it should be not less than 6 months.

With this diagnosis the recruit gets the category best before «In», that is partially fit; it shall be transferred to the reserve and shall be issued a military ID.


Summarizing all the above, it should be said that chronic urticaria appears suddenly after ingestion of certain foods or exposure to negative factors that cause rash and itching.

The disease lasts for a long time (sometimes for life) in the form of relapse, thus difficult to treat. Be healthy!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)