Claritin Allergy: the effectiveness and rules of admission

Кларитин от аллергии: эффективность и правила приемаDear readers, welcome to the pages of dermatological website! Lately especially popular claritin Allergy.

This medical remedy is available in pills and in syrup form, which the common people call «children’s Claritin».

The popularity of the drug due to the effectiveness against any allergic symptoms. Let’s study claritin read more in this article.

Allergy remedy claritin: efficiency

The drug has a wide range of antiallergic action:

  • eliminates itching;
  • blocks the H1-receptor, sensitive to histamine;
  • stops the development of intolerance.

Advantage of medication is security. It produces no sedative effect and does not cause a constant desire to sleep. It does not penetrate the blood-brain barrier, which affects the nervous system.

Its main counterpart is Suprastin. Sometimes doctors recommend taking the above medication together with Her to prevent addiction to the drug.

Кларитин от аллергии: эффективность и правила приемаClaritin it is advisable to take against all of allergies, such as food, reaction to sun, reaction to cats, and wool other animals. The price is the maximum packing of tablets, consisting of 30 pieces, equivalent to 600 RUB. (average), and the cost of syrup — 400 RUB.

After reviewing basic information about the medication, read the drug indications. Claritin is indicated for occurrence of certain Allergy symptoms. What? Below are a list of them.

Claritin is prescribed for symptoms such as:

  • seasonal rhinitis allergic nature;
  • year-round rhinitis on the basis of intolerance;
  • seasonal/year-round conjunctivitis;
  • urticaria and other allergic local reactions;
  • dermatologic disease, triggered by intolerance — eczema, dermatitis;
  • pseudoallergic reactions;
  • swelling of the epidermis and mucous membranes.

How to take and how much you can drink described in the article is the remedy? To find out, read the recommendations for use.

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Manual Claritin: how to use the syrup and tablet form?

Both forms of medicine are accepted at any time of day, regardless of food. They need to drink plenty of fluids, preferably normal water. The dosage is determined by age and severity of allergies.

The manual says that tablet claritin can you give children 12 years of age and adults: one tablet (10 milligrams) every 24 hours.

Кларитин от аллергии: эффективность и правила приемаThis dose corresponds to two dimensional spoons of syrup. But this liquid form of the drug most often prescribed to younger children, as they make the syrup easier.

For kids from 2 to 12, claritin-syrup is prescribed at individual dosages, which is determined by the allergist, given the body mass of allergic. If the weight does not exceed thirty pounds, then prescribed 5 milligrams (scoops) every 24 hours.

Why the syrup is better to give children? Because five milligrams is half a pill.

Кларитин от аллергии: эффективность и правила приемаCan you accurately split small pill in half? Of course, it can be done if desired, but very difficult. Therefore, children prefer to give the liquid form of medication.

If the weight of the young have allergies exceeds thirty pounds, he could drink 10 milligrams (adult dosage is one to two scoops of teaspoons) every 24 hours.

If you plan to pass Allergy tests for Claritin you need to stop for a couple of days before testing, otherwise the drug can adversely affect the accuracy of the result.

A course of anti-allergic therapy Claritin to last a couple of days to two weeks. It all depends on the speed of elimination of hypersensitivity. The duration of treatment is determined individually.

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Can claritin women carrying a baby?

Pregnant women can also suffer from allergic rhinitis or other signs of intolerance. The question arises: can safe claritin women in the position?

You can, but only if the benefits outweigh the potential risks. The experiments were carried out on animals in the state. During the reception, Claritin pregnant animals side effects on the fetus were observed.

Possible side effects of Claritin?

Possible, but only if exceed daily dosage, as it is to drink at least 40 mg at a time. At the same time will experience the following health issues:

  • dizziness;
  • weakness;
  • nervousness;
  • nausea;
  • lethargy.

Due to the minor side effects of contraindications have described in the article there is no cure. The only contraindication is individual swervedriver to components of the medication.


To understand does claritin from bouts of intolerance, let’s take a look at the reviews of this drug. Listed below are the most common.

Victoria writes:

Кларитин от аллергии: эффективность и правила приемаMy child is helped only this drug! Used to Suprastin, but the effect was too weak. So I decided to go for a syrup. For three days all the symptoms (runny nose, inflamed eyes, etc.) disappeared. The only thing I disliked is the price which I thought too high.

Anna writes:

Regularly drink this medicine to prevent seasonal attacks. Thanks to him I have two years don’t know what Allergy. Very satisfied and recommend it to all!

Maxim writes:

Кларитин от аллергии: эффективность и правила приемаI also really liked claritin. The drug is relatively new, does not affect the normal rhythm of life, as it does not cause constant drowsiness. Helps you quickly and has no negative effects. Even the kiddies can, as it really safe.


What more can you ask from a modern antiallergic drugs? I claritin had helped to overcome allergies. Now I drink it periodically to prevent. The price is fully justified by the quality and efficiency. In General, all happy.

I hope I have fully satisfied your curiosity. If you liked it, tell us about what they read on social networks to their friends. If you subscribe to the updates site, then do not miss new posts that appear here daily. All the best to you!

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The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)