Clotrimazole from depression: recommendations for use of the drug for better effect

Клотримазол от лишая: рекомендации по применению препарата для лучшего эффектаGood day, dear readers! On the background of the constantly evolving pharmaceutical industry, we would like to highlight Clotrimazole.

Is a drug aimed at antifungal action, is quite popular among dermatologists. Let us now consider how it affects the skin in different types of lichen and what are the negative sides of this tool.

Impact on the disease

Clotrimazole is enough this medication of the imidazole group. It is widely used because of its spectrum of activity which covers a lot of types of fungus:

  • blastomikoz;
  • fungi;
  • dermatophytes;
  • dimorphoteca parasites;
  • actinomycete family Nocardia.

Клотримазол от лишая: рекомендации по применению препарата для лучшего эффектаOn the pathogenic flora it has such an effect: the fungal Cell, as all known in nature, enclosed in a shell.

Clotrimazole acts on her and knocks her metabolism. As a result pathogenic flora which is unable to develop further.

Also, the drug suppresses the basic processes of development in the cell of the fungus, which is actually destroys pathogenic flora on the skin.

In addition, the ointment also copes with bacteria and has antiseptic properties heal.

Method of application

Клотримазол от лишая: рекомендации по применению препарата для лучшего эффектаMost often the drug is administered to the patient in the form of ointment, it is usually sufficient even in severe lesions.

But it is available in the form of vaginal tablets and liquid for spraying. Use the product two or three times a day for a month or more.

To treat lichen, caused by the fungus, ointment or solution is applied morning and evening, rubbing into all the lesions.

As we know, pityriasis versicolor caused by fungal attack the cells responsible for pigmentation. About it you can read in this article.

Thus, the often to cure it simply enough to treat the skin. It is important not to miss a single affected area, including on the head.

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Pityriasis versicolor it is important to diagnose carefully, using a wood lamp to examine the entire epidermis.

If you skip even one part, the disease will continue to be repeated and when, seemingly, she began to decline, it will begin to progress elsewhere. Clotrimazole is a classic, when the patient discovered colored shingles.

Клотримазол от лишая: рекомендации по применению препарата для лучшего эффектаRingworm – a disease very easily passed as from an infected person and from an infected animal.

Symptoms it is fundamentally different from pityriasis, but the essence remains the same – it is a fungal disease.

Clotrimazole really helps and shearers pathology, but it must alternate with the treatment of the wound with iodine and removal of all hairs on the lesion.

There is another form of the disease, against which can be prescribed antifungal drugs is pityriasis rosea.

But this is not true. The fact that the nature of occurrence of this pathology is quite different from any pathogenic organisms.

When pink lichen any microorganisms from the outside does not affect the skin. This disease occurs on the background of internal processes and treatment of antifungals will do nothing.

Moreover, professionals claim that pityriasis versicolor generally can be treated as two months later, he is alone.

Contraindications and side effects

Клотримазол от лишая: рекомендации по применению препарата для лучшего эффектаClotrimazole may cause allergies to its main component. During pregnancy the restriction to the reception only applies to the first trimester.

The important point is that not all other medications you take. So, it can suppress the action of antibiotics and some other drugs.

Before applying you should read the manual.


We studied the reviews available online. It should be noted that according to them not all the same helps this cream, although those who have a clearly defined diagnosis by a doctor based on the test results, the treatment was wholly positive effect.

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Thus, we must understand that success in the treatment of lichen, in all selected drugs or traditional methods depends only on diagnosis.

While any known form of lichen is always sounding sick special lamps and scraping of scales for later examination under a microscope.

You may want to spread the mushroom and a bit subcultured microflora, creating all the necessary conditions. The only way to accurately answer the question about the cause of the disease and its causative agent.

Make a video where the dermatologist tells in detail about this drug:

Recommendations in the treatment of

Клотримазол от лишая: рекомендации по применению препарата для лучшего эффектаAdditionally, when you began therapy for fungal diseases, you should not forget about the basic rules:

  • to support the immune system, take vitamin complexes;
  • to monitor the cleanliness of the skin and in sweat immediately shower;
  • while the disease has not receded you should not swim in ponds and to take a bath;
  • treatment of wounds must continue as long as microbiological study of scales will not be missing the exciter, plus two weeks;
  • in the recovery period and for some time after the need to wear only natural linen and cotton clothing;
  • to follow a proper diet without any allergens;
  • exclude alcohol.

Клотримазол от лишая: рекомендации по применению препарата для лучшего эффектаAlso, when strigosum and multi-colored lichen need to limit the contact of the patient with healthy people, and when it comes to children – do not attend children’s groups to completely get rid of the disease.

As a conclusion it can be noted that the treatment of lichen is not a simple matter. Clotrimazole has a broad spectrum of activity and is particularly good in situations where infection is superimposed.

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He has opposition on all the main types of the known fungi by destroying their cell membrane.

Prescribed drug not only depriving but also from many fungal diseases, including the mucous membrane.

It is important not to forget to study the manual before taking, as it has some «side effects» and suppresses the work of certain other drugs.

Used Clotrimazol about a month to complete disappearance of pathogenic microflora on the skin, which must be confirmed by the analysis.

Focus attention on the fact that smooth skin that with regular application of the ointment may be formed in a week is not an indicator of complete recovery.

The herpes and therefore have a high percentage of relapse, patients neglect to re-test.

Only after the absence of the parasite in scrapings of the scales it is possible to reduce the dose and to eliminate the drug should be not earlier than in two weeks. Health to you and stay with us!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)