Clotrimazole from warts: why the drug will not help you cure the disease?

Клотримазол от кондилом: почему препарат не поможет вам вылечить недуг?Hello, dear readers! Warts, and other skin problems bring significant discomfort to the patient.

In addition, any pimples, rashes, warts and papillomas are easily injured, leading to bleeding and risk of infection.

Before we begin to understand the causes of disease, I recommend you to pay attention to the book «the Treatment of warts using folk remedies,» written about how to properly treat warts and what to use for the complete elimination of the virus and how to avoid the recurrence of the disease.

Our today’s article devoted to the treatment of formations in the epidermis, namely, how effective is the use of drugs, which include clotrimazole from warts.

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Клотримазол от кондилом: почему препарат не поможет вам вылечить недуг?To begin with, we with you should understand what is an ointment and what are its pharmacological properties.

It should be noted that the drug has several analogs, which include the same main component.

The main advantage of this ointment is its resistance to fungi. It is capable to destroy almost all types of similar conditions that damage the skin.

Clotrimazole interferes directly in the cell of the fungus and thus does not allow him to breed. This leads to gradual loss of fungal microflora and recovery.

What types of fungus clotrimazole is having a devastating effect:

  • simple;
  • dimorphic;
  • dermatophytes;
  • yeast and others.

The substance is stable only very rare species of flora, and only those that suffered a chemical mutation.

Thus, according to the instructions, which is attached to the tube, clotrimazole is widely used for the following skin ailments:

  • fungal infections of any part of the body, including the feet, hands, folds and nails;
  • Candida fungi genitals;
  • infection of the outer ear caused by spread of the fungus;
  • multi-colored and ringworm.
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Based on the above, we can just say that this medicine will not help in the treatment of warts, papillomas and other entities.

The fact that the drug causes a devastating impact on the cell which has the structure of the argument, and warts of such cells has not.

What is condyloma?

Клотримазол от кондилом: почему препарат не поможет вам вылечить недуг?A little education on the body in the form of a small pyramid-like on a raised mole, but without the color changes – this is the warts.

There are several varieties of lesions depending on their number and localization on the body.

What unites them is the fact that in such formations lies the human papillomavirus, sexually transmitted.

Contracted from your partner one day, not the fact that it can be detected immediately. The virus for a long time in the organism in a latent state and, by the way, with good immunity may never be felt.

Otherwise, the appearance of formations may result as stress and infection. In principle, a precipitating factor can be anything that leads to deterioration and weakening of the immune system.

How dangerous virus for humans?

Probably each of us have heard about the fact that HPV leads to cancer of the genitourinary system.

It should be noted that the human papillomavirus is not a single strain and not all of them are malignant in nature.

However,the appearance of warts on the genitals should not only to cure, but also remain attentive to your body.

Therapy disease

Клотримазол от кондилом: почему препарат не поможет вам вылечить недуг?We would like to draw your attention to the fact that not only clotrimazole, and any ointment in principle, has a small efficiency, if we compare such treatment with removal.

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By the way, is deleting all formations on the body and there is adequate treatment of the disease. Of course, if absolutely no opportunity to visit the clinic for accurate diagnosis and undergo a one-time procedure of liquidation of papillomas, we can offer you to smear the affected area oxolinic ointment several times a day, but such treatment may take months.

In the end, gradually disappearing in one place, a rash may appear in another.

Of the external methods, given the reviews, it is possible to recommend fresh juice of celandine. It must be applied on each point several times a day.

Poisons that make up the juice, kill erroneously enlarged cells and the warts disappears. At the time, such therapy takes a week or more until all of education is not lost.

Modern medicine uses moxibustion warts laser or liquid nitrogen. This method has several advantages:

  • the relative rapidity of procedure;
  • cheap price;
  • to spend it it is possible practically in any clinic dealing with skin problems;
  • almost zero percent of possible relapse.

Wounds after the elimination of warts heal in about five days.

An important fact is that the procedure makes the expert and if we can not all be noticeable, then the health worker will see without exception the point that you need to work the camera.

Get well and use only proven methods of treatment.

The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)