Cold dermatitis: how to avoid mistakes when choosing the means to treatment?

Холодовой дерматит: как не ошибиться при выборе средств для лечения?Welcome, dear readers! Reaction to the cold, some people were always unpleasant «effects» of the long-awaited winter and snow.

With the first cold, the skin may noticeably dry and acquire an unpleasant shape. Our theme today is cold dermatitis.

First of all, look at the pictures and try to memorize what it looks like reaction to the cold, so if suddenly you will be faced with a similar rash you clearly knew how not to mix it with other types of skin pathologies.

The causes of disease

To date, the exact cause of the development of the reaction in the cold is not revealed, but assumptions can make the following:

  • reduced blood circulation in the outer layers of the epidermis;
  • low production of grease on the surface of the skin;
  • excessive evaporation of moisture;
  • on the background of various diseases, such as problems with the gastrointestinal tract, infection of chronic ailments and General low immunity.

How is this pathology?

Холодовой дерматит: как не ошибиться при выборе средств для лечения?In contact with the cold or wind the skin on the hands and face can be covered with patches that later flake and crack.

Symptoms can accompany the itching and burning. Also over time can form crust.

Localization of dermatitis may not stop in the open field, and appear on the elbows, hips, and other parts of the body.

The frosty treatment dermatitis

Холодовой дерматит: как не ошибиться при выборе средств для лечения?When your skin is so sensitive to the cold and the wind, first of all you need as less as possible to expose her to such influences.

That is, when going outside in cold season be sure to wear a hat, gloves and scarf. To prevent General hypothermia.

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It is also recommended not to eat cold food in winter and cold drinks. Hands should be washed only with warm water.

In General, the treatment here is more cosmetic, which consists of applying the means to care for the lesion.

But it is possible that when referring to the doctor, he will prescribe you antihistamines and vitamin complexes aimed at enhancing the condition of skin.

  • In order to allow the hands and face to the normal state after a frost try to acquire the means with hyaluronic acid in the composition. Pure emulsion under the same name also exists, but in drugstores it yet. In any case, whatever the tool you have selected, apply it morning and evening on the places that fall under the influence of cold. After a few uses you will notice a decrease exacerbation and the response to frost will not bring discomfort.
  • Moisturizer. You can use any that nourishes the skin and saturates it with vitamins. With regular use, the cover becomes more smooth and even color.
  • Funds that hold moisture close to the skin. They are available in emulsions and creams. Apply after washing, usually a few hours before going outside.
  • Холодовой дерматит: как не ошибиться при выборе средств для лечения?Please note that any effective means may be, in any case can not be used directly before going out.

    Haven’t absorbed the cream creates a film of moisture, which when exposed to frost and wind can provoke cold dermatitis even where it never was.

    Selecting cosmetics, you need to give preference to natural components and carefully examine the components.

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    Very important in this issue to beware of harmful chemicals in the composition, dyes and perfumes, as they can enhance the allergic reaction and can aggravate epidermis.

    If you are allergic to cold to hygiene should also be approached carefully. Abundant and frequent washing problem areas will desiccate the skin that will interfere with the healing of wounds and cracks. Try after each hand washing, use protective cream.


    Today we understand what cold dermatitis. It appears in situations when such prerequisites, such as reduced immunity, infection and structure of the epidermis.

    Treatment itself from him there, although the reception of anti-allergic drugs. To improve the condition of skin over affected cold areas need special methodical care.

    You must choose a quality hair definitely hypoallergenic and with natural composition.

    It is important in winter, warm clothes, covering the head, arms, and neck to reduce contact with wind on the epidermis.

    Cosmetic treatments should take place systematically, nor missing a single day, until complete disappearance of symptoms that usually takes one to two weeks.

    I recommend to watch an interesting video about the disease:

    Let the winter brings you joy and fun!