Cold sores after lip tattoo is possible and can lead to complications

Good day, dear readers! Tattoo done, and then encountered unusual erisipela? Don’t panic, as it is quite a common phenomenon.

I myself faced it, so I know what to do in such a situation. Want and they will tell you? Let’s see.

My experience

Герпес после татуажа губ возможен и может привести к осложнениямA month ago I decided to make this fashionable procedure, as in spring we all want to flourish. Went to a good salon, warned about the fact that they have herpes lips, but the master said «don’t worry, you have the same now he’s gone» and started the procedure.

The day after the tattoo, I felt a strange discomfort, and a few days later, x got the rash. Not only that it ached and itched, and my lips were healed for a very long time.

The enemy does not want this to go through! Of course, I immediately rushed to the hospital and they explained to me what to do now.

Reason: why the sickness had a relapse after cosmetic procedures?

As it turned out, this is quite normal and you know why? But because the procedure injured the smallest nerve fibers in the border of the lips.

This injury is more annoying to large nerves, including the trigeminal, which often settles herpes virus.

You didn’t know that he can settle in the body? Then I will shock you even more – this infection is incurable, can give a relapse at any moment, forever remain in the human body. To provoke a relapse may be any factors-stimuli:

  • injuries of the skin and other;
  • overcooling or overheating;
  • infection (for example, if the tool that did the tattoo, was not disinfected);
  • decreased immunity, etc.
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In my case, I triggered a relapse that literally traumatized lips. Due to irritation of the herpes woke up and began again to multiply in the epithelium.

The disease developed standard, so at first I thought that nothing terrible happened, but my doctor said that I shouldn’t rejoice.

It turns out that the infection after a cosmetic procedure, can produce unexpected complications.

What complications can be?

Герпес после татуажа губ возможен и может привести к осложнениямThe most common adverse effect is infection of the epithelium. The fact that after tattoo lips covered with a thin crust, which in any case can not tear off, since it protects against pathogenic bacteria.

Herpes rash breaks this crust, does not allow it to properly form and, therefore, injured lips remain without any protection.

And yet the sore may spoil the result of the procedure. Her paint will be uneven (spots) or even will do. I turned – on the site where the rash was, there was an unpainted spot.

Now I have to re-do the procedure at your own risk, as to go with a spot you do not want.

How to cure?

So, how to treat the above negative consequences of cosmetic procedures? Treatment standard is the same as any other herpes. If you also have rashes after tattooing of the lips, then keep the following recommendations:

  • Take antiviral drugs based on Acyclovir, Valacyclovir, Famciclovir. It can be pills or ointments-gels for external use. I advise the Zovirax, so I use only them – I applied it three times a day for a rash. Helps do it quickly removes the symptoms of the infection in just 5 days.
  • You can still use tetracycline ointment, which are dried and disinfected by the herpetic rash. It has no antiviral activity, so use it as the primary therapeutic agent is impractical. Apply it at night so in the morning, your rash has become less noticeable.
  • A very popular remedy for mouth disease has now become Cost-Percibir. If you are prescribed, be sure to try, because it affects not only the virus but also on the skin – accelerates the regeneration, prevents scarring.
  • Additionally moisturize the lips, treat them with antiseptics and wound healing medicines. You can use oils such as coconut or sea buckthorn and children’s light cream.
  • In some cases, appointed immunomodulatory drugs.
  • Protect lips from harmful environmental factors – hypothermia, harmful bacteria, sunlight, etc.
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    I was able to cope with their sore for a week. Fortunately, no serious complications I had, but the result, the tattoo is still corrupted and I decided to make a correction.

    To repeat the mistakes of not going, so you first learned about how to prepare lips for the procedure, if there is a tendency for such infections.

    Prevention: what to do before the procedure?

    Герпес после татуажа губ возможен и может привести к осложнениямIf you want to make lips beautiful and bright, but have girisindeki, then be sure to prepare for the procedure beforehand. For one or two days before the procedure start taking antiviral pills. What?

    Well, for example, Acyclovir (by the way, the most reliable drug) in a standard dosage that you will find in the manual or in articles on this site.

    Antiviral medication can weaken the virus even more, so he just can’t act, even if they wanted to.

    This prevention does not always work, as evidenced by the reviews on different forums, unfortunately. So what to do if the sore is still there?

    In this case, go to a dermatologist, who will prescribe treatment, and pass a thorough examination by an immunologist.

    Erisipela can give relapses only in a weakened body. Until you strengthen the immune system, will face re-eruptions.

    That’s all, dear friends. Now you know why a cosmetic procedure can cause the disease and then what to do with it.

    I hope my experience will help you if you find yourself in a similar situation. Subscribe to our updates, share articles on social networks with your friends and visit us often. All the while!

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    Author: Victoria Omelchenko (dermatologist)