Cold sores in nose: symptoms, treatment and prevention

Hello, dear friends! Did you know that herpes may appear in your nose? No? In fact, the herpes in nose is not uncommon. Why is he there arise and how to deal with it? Read the article and find out.

Why herpes may attack the nose and nasal cavity?

Герпес в носу: симптомы, методы лечения и профилактикиThe appearance of cold sores near the nose, or rather on the lips, no surprise, but the rash directly in the nose can be puzzling. Why is it there?

This happens because the herpes virus at the first defeat or during a relapse, the most actively multiply in the epithelium in the skin and mucous membranes.

There is a perception that the symptoms occur in the place through which an infection has taken place.

Therefore, if you do not have herpes, you contracted it through the nose, and then airborne.

If you already had herpes, for example, on the lips, then the occurrence of symptoms on the wings of the nose or in the nasal cavity due to the ability of the virus to migrate.

In the human body viruses provocateurs move with the flow and limfatica. After the outbreak of the disease they are deposited in the nerves. If another outbreak affected the nose, then the virus settled in the trigeminal nerve.

How is airborne infection erisipela?

It’s very simple: let’s say you (the person who is not sick with herpes) spoke with the media infection of something, for example, about the weather, but at this point he was coughing and sneezing. He was actively identified phlegm from the respiratory system, tiny particles which you inhale.

The herpes virus is found in all human biological fluids, and hence in the sputum. Therefore, inhaling infected particles of sputum you become infected with the same illnesses.

Why is there exacerbation of herpes?

Герпес в носу: симптомы, методы лечения и профилактикиOften the recurrence of girisindeki are located on the same spot where occurred the previous one.

The normal number of relapses for a person with a standard immune system — not more than 3 per year. If they happen often, then you have a weakened immune system.

Under certain circumstances, such as when the immune system is weakened greatly, virus-provocateur infection may begin to migrate and to cover new territory.

So cold on the lip suddenly turns into a cold sores inside the nose or on it. The human immune system can be weakened because of:

  • of vitamin deficiency;
  • old;
  • immaturity;
  • SARS;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • infections that affect immunity, such as HIV infection;
  • pregnancy (in pregnancy, the immune system is compromised in order not to harm the child);
  • the stress and depression.

You see how common are the reasons of recurrence of the above infections? Agree to avoid all of the above is impossible, therefore, each carrier of infection is regularly confronted by her relapses.

Symptoms: how to understand, what on the nose there is a herpes?

You can quickly and easily distinguish it from other diseases, if you know the features of the development of this infection. The main symptom are rashes (as in the photo), which are as follows:

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Герпес в носу: симптомы, методы лечения и профилактикиFirst, the affected place, which will soon be a rash begins to itch, swell and disturb.

Mucous inside the nasal cavity extremely sensitive and so itching and discomfort be stronger than in normal cold sores, such as on the lips.

Ill will experience the feeling that I want to sneeze, and also a burning sensation after sneezing. If the rash is going to appear under the nose or on the nose, the affected skin will turn red or turn white, and a little nabuhnet.

The next day or a couple of days after the discomfort in the affected area appear tiny blisters. In the nose you will not see them, though, if you look inside the nasal passages, you notice these defects, which will be white or transparent.

The rash is very itchy, but if her comb, begins to burn. Gradually it develops, becomes cloudy and bursts.

Once the blisters burst on their place there will be a crust of a brownish or reddish color. If the rash will be located in the nose, the crust will not appear, as mucous, this never happens.

After 1-2 weeks the symptoms completely disappear, and at the location of the rash does not remain any traces.

Recurrence of girisindeki limited to these signs. The primary outbreak may be accompanied by additional, such as: fever, fever, upset stomach, dizziness, a constant feeling of weakness.

The most difficult herpes carry children, as the child is almost always a weakened immune system due to its immaturity. The child will experience all symptoms, and relapses may occur more often than 3 times a year.

Possible complications of girisindeki nose?

Герпес в носу: симптомы, методы лечения и профилактикиComplications usually do not occur, but in people with immune deficiency they may be. Such people are sometimes the rash becomes generalized — apply to wide areas of the body, and can also affect internal organs that are dangerous.

The average person risk of erisipela in the nose is that it can transfer the virus to other parts of the body independently. How is this done?

Quite simply: rubbing the nose with your hands, you will collect on the fingers of infected fluid from the blisters, and then rubs the same finger the eyes or lips.

By the way, the infection of the eyes is considered to be one of the most dangerous variants, as it often leads to a decrease and even complete loss of vision.

Another possible complication is the addition of a secondary bacterial infection. If this happens, herpes pimples fester, and will heal much longer. Bacteria can get into wounds if not ill will take care of them.

What to do with erisipela nose: how to treat it?

Unfortunately, cure herpes completely is impossible, as there is no medication that can completely destroy it.

Modern treatment is aimed at control of symptoms and complications, as well as strengthening the immune system and improving its resilience. How to treat herpes rash inside the nose or on it, to quickly get rid of it?

Treatment of people with normal immunity is carried out at home. Patients with immunodeficiency and complicated erisipela treated in a hospital (infectious).

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Герпес в носу: симптомы, методы лечения и профилактикиTherapy this people choose individually, but if you do not belong to him, then follow the guidance in this article.

Herpes blisters should be treated with ointments: antiviral — if they are only going to appear; tetracycline or zinc — if they are already there.

Antiviral ointments can prevent a relapse if you start to use them in time — before the appearance of blisters. Apply this ointment need 5 times a day a thin layer directly to the disturbing spot.

At the present time the maximum popular such medicines against herpes for external application:

  • Zovirax;
  • Acyclovir;
  • Fenistil-Penciler;
  • Devirs;
  • Panavir;
  • Hectare.

Children these antiviral ointments cannot be used (up to 12 years of age). The child’s body needs to cope with the infection and develop immune to it, otherwise in the future he will not be able to resist, and the child will constantly and frequent relapses.

Герпес в носу: симптомы, методы лечения и профилактикиOintment: tetracycline and zinc are completely safe, so use them for children of various ages and pregnant women.

With these drugs you will accelerate the healing process of the rash and protect it from secondary infection with bacteria. Apply these ointment 3-4 times a day thin layer.

If ointments don’t help, you should go on the pill with antiviral effect. Among all these drugs deserve special attention:

  • Acyclovir is a popular and quite powerful medication that is taken one tablet five times a day;
  • The he needs therapy with valtrex — the modern equivalent of the previous drug that you need to take one pill three times a day;
  • Famvir is also effective drug that is taken one tablet a day;
  • Valacyclovir is another analogue of Acyclovir that is also drink one pill three times a day.

Oral antiviral drugs are taken for five days (sometimes a week). People with weakened immune systems need to take immunomodulators based on interferon.

Others will not prevent various vitamin complexes, which, by the way, you can drink for the prevention of relapse, namely in autumn and winter.

Folk remedies against herpetic rash on the nose and inside of it

Герпес в носу: симптомы, методы лечения и профилактикиFolk therapy is also great with a viral infection, but it is not recommended to use as main.

Treatment should be Pro — traditional and folk remedies to Supplement to speed up recovery.

How to cure girisindeki nose with popular folk medicine? For this you can use these simple tools:

  • Camphor alcohol — treat elements of the rash daily until complete healing. People who’ve tried this remedy claim that it helps not worse than antiviral ointment. It can be used to quickly heal any rash on the skin and mucous membranes.
  • Film from chicken eggs — boil a regular chicken egg, and carefully remove the shell and separate it from the film (it is rough, muddy and very thin, so do everything carefully). The resulting film is put on the rash (it is more convenient if it is located on the nose) and hold until then, until you get bored. Do this every day.
  • Sulfur from matches — macerate the upper part of the matches in the water and collect the sulfur. This sulfur apply on rashes, even if they are located inside the nose. Will be unpleasant, but tolerable. Repeat the procedure 3 times a day, and then the rash disappears in 3-4 days.
  • Sulfur from the ears — this tool is always with you, so to use it you can at any time. Collect some sulfur with a cotton swab and apply it on the rash. If you have time to process the gray disturbing the place where the rash is still there, the symptoms of herpes may not appear at all.
  • Any conifer essential oil such as oil all coniferous trees possess antiviral action. Apply oil on the affected area instead of cream several times a day (the more the better). You can use fir, juniper, cedar or pine essential oil.
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    Now you know how to overcome herpes infection. Look carefully at the pictures herpes rash and remember what she looks like. Agree, looks ugly. Is it possible to prevent girisindeki?

    Preventive measures against girisindeki in the nose and on other parts of the body

    To prevent infection is almost impossible, since erisipela distributed in various ways, and you can’t protect yourself from everything. Some doctors say that herpes does not hurt only a complete hermit who never has contact with people.

    Perhaps this has some truth, because, according to statistics, the infection has 80% of the adult population after the age of 40 years.

    It is possible to prevent frequent relapses of the infection. For this I recommend you to protect yourself from hypothermia and colds, strengthen your immune system regularly, follow the rules of hygiene and to use during sex the condom (so as not to get infected with HIV and similar STDs).

    In addition, drink rosehip tea or tincture of Echinacea every winter and autumn. These seasons are considered the most dangerous, since they increase the number of ill. Echinacea and rose hips have potent strengthening the immune system action.

    That’s all, dear readers. I hope I answered all your questions about girisindeki nose. Now you know what to do with this disease, as it is quickly and effectively treated.

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    Author: Victoria Omelchenko (dermatologist)