Cold urticaria: symptoms and treatment of disease

Hello, dear readers. Some people in frost are trying not to go outside and it’s not that they don’t like winter and allergies in the cold.

Doctors diagnose such diseases as cold urticaria. How to be in this situation? Is there any way to cure the disease? Let us look at this problem.

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Холодовая крапивница: симптомы и лечение недугаCold urticaria appears a few minutes later, after exposure to low temperature. In the open areas of the body begin to form a rash and blisters of white or pinkish color. They may be accompanied by itching, hold for a few hours and then disappear.

There are several types of this disease and each has its own characteristics.

Chronic and acute allergic to the cold. It starts dramatically with itching of the skin (hands, face, sometimes of the whole body).

Soon formed swelling of the skin that looks like a blister. After a few minutes the skin begins to redden, you may receive General malaise, increased heart rate, chills, and marked weakness.

The aggravation can continue for some weeks and even months throughout the cold period of the year.

Reflex cold urticaria. It is a local or General reaction to the cold. Sometimes it appears only after exposure of the whole body.

The symptoms of the reflexive forms are: rash only occurs around chilled places on the skin and do the skin that had contact with cold, can not amazed.

Recurrent form. She is characterized by seasonality: early spring, fall, winter. There may also be deterioration when in contact with cold water.

Family cold urticaria. This is a very rare disease that is inherited in an autosomal dominant pattern.

The signs of Allergy – burning, maculopapular rash that occurs a few hours after exposure to the cold on the skin. It is also possible fever, joint pains, chills, leukocytosis.

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Doctors often confuse this disease with chronic idiopathic urticaria. In the photo you can see below, you can see the skin of a person with this type of disease.

The causes of the disease

Холодовая крапивница: симптомы и лечение недугаDoctors say that cold urticaria is not an independent disease, but a symptom. Most often disease complain people with weakened organism, and also with hidden or chronic disease.

It argued that the intensification of histamine is affected by the production of specific proteins cryoglobulins. They cause a reaction in the cold.

Factors that contribute to the emergence of symptoms is parasitic and respiratory diseases, reduced immunity, tooth decay, inflammation in the female part.

With cold urticaria often sick people with malfunctions of the gastrointestinal tract (ulcer, cholecystitis, chronic gastritis). In children the disease is associated with the continuation of food Allergy.

As you can see, the real cause of the allergic reaction to cold does not exist.

How to treat disease of this kind?

The principle of treatment of cold urticaria is similar to conventional therapy for allergies.

First you need to remove the source of allergen. In our case it’s cold. Winter allergies should dress only in clothes (including underwear) made of natural fabrics, not to SuperCool.

Холодовая крапивница: симптомы и лечение недугаAll the degree of sensitivity of the individual. Some people notice the first signs of urticaria in -10, and someone only after -25 degrees or in contact with cold water. If you still get too cold, then come home to immediately take a warm bath or shower.

You should also take antihistamines. The most effective and popular today are considered drugs such as Tavegil, Suprastin, claritin, Zyrtec and others.

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Note that some of them cause drowsiness, slow reactions and dizzy. Therefore, before applying you should consult with your doctor.

To eliminate itching and swelling on the hands, face and other parts of the body you can apply antiallergic ointment or gel: Fenistil, Akriderm, La-Cree.

If you have acute symptoms, for example, bronchospasm, you should use bronchodilatory. In severe course of the disease physicians may prescribe plasmapheresis, which is able to clean the blood from cryoglobulins and corticosteroids (hormonal drugs).

If cold urticaria is a consequence of a disease of the internal organs, it is necessary to treat them first.

Traditional methods of treatment

Холодовая крапивница: симптомы и лечение недугаCold hives can also cure people’s means. Here are some of them.

The crimson broth. Raspberry has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and boosts immunity effect. A decoction of these berries should start to drink for a couple of months before the cold weather.

Celery juice. So the Allergy does not manifest itself, take three times a day half a small spoon of freshly squeezed celery juice.

Beets and sunflower seeds. Just often in the winter eat beets in any form and gnaw seeds.

Emulsion on the basis of burdock, calendula, peppermint and celandine. Take all the herbs in the amount of 10 grams and pour sunflower oil.

Insist the mixture of the day, sterilize them in a water bath and lubricates the skin with it. This tool perfectly removes puffiness, itching and dryness of the skin.

Tincture of walnut also has anti-allergic, bactericidal action. Take the leaves and green pericarp of the nut and pour alcohol or vodka (50 grams in 100 ml).

Insist on a composition for weeks, and then taking 25 drops diluted in a quarter Cup of water three times a day 20 minutes before meals.

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Prevention of the disease

Холодовая крапивница: симптомы и лечение недугаFor prophylaxis of cold urticaria can you drink birch juice, lemongrass juice, decoction of flowers of cornflower and to make the bath from the needles.

Before going out in the winter on street grease open sites of a body with special creams that will protect you from the wind and cold. Don’t ignore hats and gloves.

Do some hardening. Just want to start doing this since the summer, gradually reducing the temperature of the water.

Don’t over-dry the skin. Try to use less soap in the winter because it takes the skin a protective film. For washing use special tonics and lotions.

For prevention of Allergy be careful what you eat. Include in your diet vegetable oils, marine fish, foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

If you notice symptoms of cold hives, you have to first consult a doctor or dermatologist who will be able to make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe the correct and effective treatment. Be healthy!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)