Color shingles: folk remedies that really helped people to cure the disease

Цветной лишай: народные средства, которые действительно помогли людям вылечить болезньGood day, dear readers! Whitish spots on the body with peeling did not speak about anything good. I hasten to disappoint you: this is a color deprive.

Synonyms for this name: pityriasis, Sunny and colorful, and the disease is quite complex infectious nature.

Characteristics of the disease

Let’s start with the fact that the disease poses no threat to life and threat is only a high percentage of relapse. Unfortunately, the treatment of lichen can take years.

Pathology is infectious and caused by a fungus of the genus Malassezia. It often occurs in hot countries, and in our lane in the summer.

Men tend to get sick more often deprive women and the child it does not happen at all.


Цветной лишай: народные средства, которые действительно помогли людям вылечить болезньSpots with colorful leaves little flakes, there is little itching and they can be both white and dark colors.

There is no any redness, inflammation and wounds. Symptoms, in fact, appears only growing plaques, which then merge together, affecting an increasing area of the skin. Localization is usually on the chest, stomach and back, as seen in the photo.

Why is the body covered with spots?

The fact that the fungus affects the top layers of the epidermis, there are melanocytes – the cells responsible for the pigmentation process.

White, or Vice versa, darkish spots speak about failure skin reaction to ultraviolet radiation, namely the fact that melanocytes are not working correctly and its function do not perform.

Why is there disease?

Цветной лишай: народные средства, которые действительно помогли людям вылечить болезньCauses of colored lichen is a fungus that multiplies on the skin, which is nourished melanocytes.

And that is why in a particular period, they suddenly caught on with the patient (because they may be each of us in a passive state), we will describe below:

  • stress;
  • infectious disease in remission;
  • long stay under the sun;
  • excessive sweating;
  • the abuse of a Solarium;
  • hard body wash with antimicrobial soap;
  • reduced immunity and others.
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Classical treatment

Цветной лишай: народные средства, которые действительно помогли людям вылечить болезньWhat is the standard regimen we already know: it’s anti-fungal tablets and ointment which is applied on almost the whole body twice a day.

To get rid of this form of lichen is easy and it is not long, the main difficulty here consists in the constant relapses. So, doctors use the following medications:

  • the remedy containing selenium sulfide;
  • derivatives of imidazole;
  • triazolone drugs;
  • boric acid;
  • Cycloserine;
  • Mecasermin;
  • Termikon and other pharmacy medicines.

Цветной лишай: народные средства, которые действительно помогли людям вылечить болезньIt is important to apply the means, never missing a day and time to change them exactly according to the scheme drawn up.

Whatever the means of the following us drugs you use, don’t forget to read the instructions to the drug, to compare all contraindications and side effects that can occur in humans.

And wondering how to cure to forever be mindful of weekly tests, be sure to assign a dermatologist to control the dynamics of the disease.

Only after negative results, it is possible to reduce the dose but do not stop taking the medication. The complete abolition of drugs you will also tell your doctor.

Natural methods

Цветной лишай: народные средства, которые действительно помогли людям вылечить болезньAt home pityriasis versicolor is also perfectly possible to cure. We picked up a few recipes that have the most positive reviews online:

  • A decoction of celandine. You need to take a handful of dried herbs and pour a glass of boiling water. Infuse for half an hour. Can be used on both body and face.
  • Lotion of onion juice, applied two or three times a day has proven to be good for a quick escape.
  • The pulp of freeze-dried cranberry mix with the same amount of water. Apply for half an hour morning and evening.
  • Inside appoint beet juice mixed with water and a small portion of lemon juice.
  • Also offer to your attention video of folk remedies against the disease:

    For prevention, once the tests show the absence of fungal microflora you can wipe the whole body with Apple cider vinegar or diluted lemon juice for about two weeks.

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    But remember that even the treatment of folk remedies should be done under strict supervision of your doctor.

    If the affected scalp

    Цветной лишай: народные средства, которые действительно помогли людям вылечить болезньHow to get rid of lichen on the head has a separate article, it detailed information. The article itself you can read here.

    Shampoo should be chosen in such a way that it not only had antifungal component in the composition, but also left after washing the protective film also prevents the growth of parasites.


    General rules on how to speed up recovery and reduce the risk of recurrence to zero is always very similar.

    First, being under the open sun it is necessary to minimize, but not eliminate altogether.

    Secondly, you should not lie in the tub for an hour, just to take a shower twice a day. By the way, the purity of the body in this period is very important because excessive sweating is a great breeding ground for fungus.

    Third – clothes. You need to choose it in such a way that synthetics is not irritated lesions, and therefore, choose only natural fabrics.

    The body’s resistance

    Цветной лишай: народные средства, которые действительно помогли людям вылечить болезньImmunity in the treatment of any form of dermatosis is always allocated a separate place. There are many instances when the proper condition of the body problems with skin passed themselves without a trace.

    To strengthen the immune system scientists have written whole volumes, but to be brief – it’s a healthy sleep, proper nutrition, adherence to diet, treatments of quenching and exercise, consisting of basic exercises.

    It should be noted that once the immune system returns to normal, the disease will begin to recede, and repeat it simply will not occur.

    How not to get infected?

    I must say that the disease has the properties of security, albeit infrequently. Whatever it was, and if someone got sick from home, you should follow some rules.

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    Especially his clothes and linen to be washed at least once a week, using high temperature and ironed.

    Not change with the patient’s personal items such as towel, comb, utensils. What you use is all subject to regular disinfection.


    Цветной лишай: народные средства, которые действительно помогли людям вылечить болезньSo, the coloured shingles is a contagious disease arising from the reproduction of fungi in the upper layers of the skin.

    Pathology is not inflammation and looks like a normal peeling with a slight change of skin color.

    Manageable easy, but there is a high probability of the repeated recurrence, so in addition to the main therapy you should not forget about prevention and respect for your body.

    In itself, the conventional treatment is an antifungal ointment and pills. The results show good and traditional methods of treatment.

    However, whichever way you prefer, the important weekly supervision of a physician. There are also General recommendations, by which we should adjust life.

    With all described above, pay attention to the General condition of the body, namely its resistance.

    In these circumstances, it is important to boost immunity naturally and with the help of vitamin b complex. Bless you and take care!

    Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)

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