Complications of chickenpox: what are and how to avoid them?

Осложнения после ветрянки: какие бывают и как их избежать?Greetings, dear readers! It is believed that chicken pox is not a serious children’s disease in which there is nothing wrong. Nothing of the sort! Complications of chickenpox can be very insidious, dangerous and even life-threatening.

They occur in 5-7 % (approximately) of cases. That is why it is very important during illness and after recovery carefully observe the status and well-being are suffering.

If the symptoms appear complications, which are the subject of this article, then you should immediately contact the honey. institution.

Why develop and what could be the complications of the smallpox in children and adults?

To provoke different types of complication is simple. To do this:

  • not to adhere to hygiene;
  • to scratch and injure the pimples;
  • do not process the elements of the rash antiseptics;
  • not to support and not to strengthen the immune system;
  • not to drink antiviral drugs.

What can be complications of varicella in children and in adults? They are divided into two types:

  • Bacterial;
  • Virus.
  • Осложнения после ветрянки: какие бывают и как их избежать?In the first embodiment, malicious micro-bacteria penetrate the human body through open sores (former Valderice). Usually this occurs because of scratching and injuries like blisters.

    You probably know that under the nail plastics from a person accumulates a huge number of microscopic «dirt», including pathogens.

    Combing pimples, cases tolerate all this «dirt» under the nails in the wound. Consequently, there is an infection of the wound, after which it gets inflamed and gives complications.

    In the second embodiment is the virus infection. These microorganisms are in the human body in the same way as the previous one. Then they begin to multiply, and merge with the blood and reach the internal organs. Now let’s take a closer look at the features of the complications.

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    Осложнения после ветрянки: какие бывают и как их избежать?Due to bacteria of the wound after the pimple starts to swell. It is possible suppuration and the development of diverse dermatological diseases. On the spot inflamed wounds scars and scars.

    The child they heal quickly and become almost invisible, but on the body of an adult man or adult women, these scars are long and look hideous.

    In some cases after infection, the contents vetranary folderico begins to thicken, change color (yellow or red), to change the consistency. These changes depend on what the microorganisms penetrated into the wound. If abscesses start, you can develop necrosis.

    Cases a patient will fare worse if the bacteria penetrate the blood and along with it will circulate. The worst thing that can happen in this case, it is a defeat of internal organs.

    The most common complication of smallpox vetrennay resulting from harmful microorganisms, is pneumonia. It evolves into a super-heavy form.

    Her symptoms:

    • the sharp increase in the temperature;
    • dry cough becoming wet.

    What bacterial disease is a complication is considered the most dangerous?

    It is an inflammation of the brain encephalitis on the basis of meningitis. How to recognize this disease? Very simply by the following features:

    • nausea and vomiting urges;
    • the disorder;
    • tremor of the hands;
    • convulsions;
    • muscle weakness.

    Treatment of diseases of bacterial character, have arisen on the basis of chickenpox

    Осложнения после ветрянки: какие бывают и как их избежать?The above outcomes of chickenpox are treated with antibiotics, and very serious. Assign them yourself, I strongly recommend it. Such treatment should be under the strict supervision of a specialist.

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    In addition to antibiotics, the patient will need drugs symptomatic actions. The purpose of these drugs is to relief suffering.


    As mentioned earlier, in viral complications of smallpox micro virus enters the body and begins to attack internal organs, together with all kinds of vital systems.

    However, he is able to affect various functions: vision, hormonal teen, digestion, etc. Such diseases on the basis of chickenpox is considered extremely serious. The most dangerous among them encephalitis and pancreatitis.

    Осложнения после ветрянки: какие бывают и как их избежать?Diseases provoked by viruses, occur not as sharp and bright as the previous one. In this lies their danger and insidious.

    While the person does not suspect anything, the virus quietly and smoothly spread throughout the body via the bloodstream and cover new territory.

    The symptoms appear when the disease is actively beginning to develop, and then they are greased. And oiled the grounds is difficult to determine the disease.

    In addition, viral complications very difficult to distinguish from bacterial. And treatment can only be effective if the doctor will know the cause of the disease.

    The treatment of the ailments appeared on the soil virus

    Additional diseases of this type are treated with modern antiviral medicines. In rare situations ill need specific treatment. Preparations for the reception determined by the attending physician.

    If he wants to hospitalize the patient, should not be discarded. Hospital treatment is more efficient as there is gender constant supervision of doctors.


    Осложнения после ветрянки: какие бывают и как их избежать?Based on what you read, it can be concluded that complications of chickenpox can be very dangerous and diverse. Therefore, carefully follow the course of the above viral diseases have their girl or boy.

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    If vetryanye pimples begin to inflame, or acquire a morbid appearance as in the photo, then immediately contact the hospital to a specialist.

    That’s all the information about the complications of chickenpox. I hope you do not let them develop in yourself or your baby. Read information I advise you to share with your friends in social networks.

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    Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)