Condylomata of the larynx: symptoms and treatment

Кондиломатоз гортани: симптомы и лечениеHello visitor of our website.

Today we try to consider what is dangerous is condylomata of the larynx, and what consequences may cause this insidious disease.

Warts of the larynx are the most common benign tumors of the body along with vascular pathology.

Develops a tumor of transitional and squamous epithelium of the mucous membrane, papillomas located in the larynx, protrude above the surface, resembling papillae.

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What are papillomas?

Frequent disease, especially in children. Condylomata of the larynx is the result of proliferative processes which occur in the epithelium and connective tissue elements of the mucous membrane of the body.

Unit of education are much less common than the plural. Moreover, the growths appear not only on the shell of the larynx and the neighboring organs: tonsils, palate, vocal folds, trachea, and the skin. Papillomatosis is very often recurs that can be associated with a particular predisposition of the epithelium.

The structure of warts on the larynx is simple: two layers (papillary and epithelial). Multiple elements, usually highly vascularized, they are dominated by connective tissue fibers.

In adults, the papillomas are composed mainly of surface epithelium and vascular layer of connective tissue less. Color papillomas are also different: the former have pink tint, the second gray-white.

The nature of the disease

Кондиломатоз гортани: симптомы и лечениеMost cases of condylomatosis associated with pathogenic effects of the virus the human papilloma virus. This virus type 6 and 10, containing DNA. Been many studies that have proven the main etiological cause by autoinoculation of the virus in the healthy tissue.

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Some time later, in the introduction of the pathogen occurred tumor.

Other reasons for the disease is considered to be a special form of the diathesis, which manifests itself only prone to this. Experts do not exclude the role of androgenic hormones, which explains the greater incidence in boys.


The incidence of different: from 16 to 57%. It can also be seen as children and in adulthood. Papilloma of the larynx in children, or so called juvenile papillomatosis, found approximately 87% of all cases.


The classification is based on several indicators. At the time of occurrence is juvenile condylomatous (occurs in childhood), recurrent respiratory.

Professionals actually use a convenient division of the disease according to the extent of the process:

  • Limited. Papillomas are localized on one side of the body can be placed on the commissure, cover the glottis is less than one-third;
  • Common. Localization on one or both sides, the glottis is closed by two-thirds;
  • Obliterating form. From the title it is clear that the process covers the lumen of the larynx completely or almost completely.
  • The recurrence rate can reach from once in 2 years (rarely recurrent condylomatous) 2-3 per year (frequent relapses).


    Warts on the mucous membrane of the larynx is developing very rapidly, reaching in a short period of time, a large size and occupying a large area. Relapses usually frequent, accompanied by stenosis of the larynx.

    The adult population papillomatosis usually occurs in 22-30 years of age or later.

    Special course of disease and frequent relapses force the doctors to constantly surgery, which adversely affects the structure of an organ: arise cicatricial deformities of the larynx, which is reflected in her voice.

    The papilloma formed on the throat in children leads to development of bronchopneumonia, with a frequency from 17% to 26%, the disease affects the mucosa of the trachea and the lungs and bronchi in 5%. Such a trend is considered adverse in terms of the development of a malignant tumor.

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    Condylomata of the larynx is accompanied by impaired immunity, both local and General, especially the humoral.

    How is the disease

    In the foreground in the clinical picture is hoarseness and disturbance of respiratory function.

    The symptoms of a disease such as papillomatosis of the larynx depend on the age of the patient, severity and location of tumors.

    Кондиломатоз гортани: симптомы и лечениеIn children are more common diffuse variants, while the adult population is localized. adult papilloma of the larynx are located the vocal cords are keratosis that is actinic.

    The symptoms in all patients are reduced to a hoarseness that is rapidly growing, there is aphonia. Children react with breathing problems, shortness of breath, poor exercise tolerance. They are showing all the symptoms of hypoxic hypoxia.

    In severe cases, death can occur a child, as a constantly growing stenosis, respiratory insufficiency becomes heavier.

    Intercurrent illness can cause a person’s throat and provoke an attack of stridor. The younger the child, the more severe the attack. Such attacks have no adult part of the patient, the only symptom becomes hoarseness.


    The goal of therapy is to eliminate seizures, stop the spread of the process, reducing the frequency of relapse, to restore voice function.

    Of non-pharmacological treatments such laryngeal papillomatosis is gaining popularity phototherapy.

    The main method is surgical. Remove growths under General anesthesia, sometimes local. Use microlaryngoscopy, removing with laser or ultrasound. Thorough removal of papillomas leads to low frequency of recurrence.

    After surgery, prescribed antibiotics, local anti-inflammatory effects, and sometimes cytotoxic agents, antiviral agents.

    Patients are subject to medical examination is mandatory. A visit to the doctor depends on the frequency of relapse, but not less than once in three months. With the development of complications in the form of cicatricial deformity of the larynx, the trachea, the patient is issued a disability.

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    For a sick set of dynamic observation mode is gentle on the vocal cords, completely eliminates occupational hazards, at the same time provide treatment of opportunistic diseases.

    Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)